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Acknowledgements & Disclaimer

Meaning Of The Name

Origins of the Family

Matthew NECK (1737-1801)

John NECK (1763-1834)

John Finney NECK (1785-1855)

William Pinhay NECK (1789-1852)

Charles NECK (1794-1871)

Richard Lear Pinhey NECK (1798-1855)

James NECK (1809-1880)

Charles NECK (1813-1896)

John NECK (1818-1877)

Alfred NECK (1827-1896)

Charles Lloyd John NECK (1828-1887)

Charles Henry NECK (1839-1871)

George William NECK (1844-1919)

Mary Jane NECK (1847-1930)

John Edward NECK (1852-1917)

Arthur Thomas NECK (1878-1959)


The NECK family has proven to be one of the most complicated families to unravel, and there are still many puzzles left to solve. They were a family of mariners, and prior to their arrival in Bristol in the 1840s, they appear to have spent very little time in any one place. Lambeth, Newport, Plymouth, Bridgwater, Cardiff and Swansea are amongst the many places in England and Wales that were graced by their presence. The NECKs were a family of sail-makers and sailors, and their story begins with Matthew NECK from Totnes in Devon ...

Acknowledgements & Disclaimer

This webpage would not have been possible without the assistance of my third cousin once removed, ANGIE GREENHALGH, who has been able to dig up a considerable amount of information about our NECK ancestors, despite living in far off Auckland, New Zealand. I would also like to thank my third cousin once removed JOAN DIMOND for providing me with information about the descendants of George William NECK and Clara WOODBURY, my sixth cousin Helen ROWE for passing on her exhaustive notes about the Australian branch of the NECK family, my cousin BEV ORBELL for providing info about the family of Ann PANES, my cousin Graham MINTER for his information about the DAMEN and WOOD families, and IVAN FARMER, the husband of my fifth cousin once removed, for providing details about the LAKE family. I am also grateful to my other cousins DAVID PREECE, ARTHUR NECK, VICTOR NECK, ROGER NECK, DOROTHY CLEVELY, JOHN WEYMAN and SIMON MASTERS for helping me piece together the more recent history of the NECK family. I would also like to thank YVONNE SCRIVENER for information about the DYER family, STUART BROWNING for providing me with his exhaustive information about the NICHOLSON family, and ROY LAPIDGE for informing me that the first wife of Charles NECK was a LAPIDGE and not a THOMPSON! I am also grateful to PHIL RODERICK for giving me some information about port pilots in Bristol and DEREK NETHERCOTE for sending me the old sketch of King Street by S. LOXTON from "Bristol As It Was and As It Is" by G.F. STONE (1909). Some of the details about the Llandoger Trow pub were taken from "Bristol Times", printed in the Bristol Evening Post of 7th March 2000. I would also like to thank PAUL VIVASH for providing extracts from various sources with regard to the derivation of the name "NECK". I am also indebted to the members of the Gloucester, Bristol & Somerset and Wessex Genealogy Mailing Lists, as well as the Bristol Register Office, the Plymouth Register Office, the Sedgemoor Register Office,  and the General Register Office. The photograph of Highweek Parish Church was kindly donated by WYN TURNER; the picture of Totnes Parish Church was kindly provided by BARRINGTON WEEKES of the Totnes Image Bank; the pictures of George William NECK (b. 1844) and his son George William (b. 1872) were provided by JOAN DIMOND, and the photograph of Ernest, Dorothy and Ethel NECK was donated by my third cousin DAVID PREECE. All other photographs on this page come from my own family album. Much of the information on this page has no primary source and while I believe that it is accurate, I cannot take responsibility for any errors or omissions. I will be updating this page regularly as new information comes to light.

Meaning Of The Name

According to "The Oxford Dictionary of Surnames" by P.H. REANEY, "The Penguin Dictionary of Surnames" by Dr BASIL COTTLE and "The Oxford Dictionary of Family Names in Britain and Ireland" by PATRICK HANKS, RICHARD COATES and PETER McCLURE, the surname NECK originated as a nickname for someone with a peculiarity of the neck. The word "neck" derives from the Middle English "necke" and Old English "hnecca. Early examples include Henry NEKKE (Hundred Rolls, Cambridgeshire, 1279), Richard NECKE (Subsidy Rolls, Cambridgeshire 1327) and Thomas NECKE (Poll Tax, Devizes, Wiltshire, 1379).

Origins of the Family

My NECK ancestors were descended from a family who lived in Paignton, Devon. I have yet to find conclusive proof as to exactly how the families were connected, but other evidence makes it clear that they were related. My current theory is that my ancestor Matthew NECK, who married Rebecca HOYLE in Totnes in 1734, was the Matthew, son of Clement NECK and Mary VENES, who was baptised in Marldon near Paignton in 1709. Clement NECK was probably baptised in Paignton in 1678, son of David NECK and Jane COWLE. David appears to have been the son of John NECK and Joan MATHEW, the latter possibly being the source of my ancestor's first name. Joan was also the granddaughter of an Elizabeth CLEMENT, which explains why this was used as a first name by later generations of the NECK family. It appears that Matthew was orphaned when he was very young; his mother Mary was buried a few months after he was baptised, and his father Clement was buried in Paignton in 1711.

In 1723 Matthew NECK, son of Clement, was apprenticed to Edward SMITH of Galmpton, woolcomber, but who was supporting him? If he was my ancestor a possible clue exists in the middle name given to my great-great-great-great-grandfather John Finney NECK. Clement NECK's first cousin Jane married Protodorus FINNEY in 1699, and they had children called John, Matthew, Jane and Eleanor. The will of Eleanor FINNEY, who died in 1784, mentions "my kinsman" Matthew NECK, his wife Elizabeth and children John, Elizabeth and Ann, which proves that my family were somehow related to the Paignton NECKs. Given that Jane left property and money to my NECK ancestors, and that the name 'Finney' was passed down through my family tree, is it possible that the orphaned Matthew was taken in by his FINNEY cousins? Tragically Matthew himself died shortly after the birth of his own son, also called Matthew, and perhaps the FINNEYs supported him too. The Paignton NECKs appear to have been reasonably prosperous; they appear in manorial court rolls, and when Clement's uncle Matthew died in 1709 he left £4 to be divided at Christmas between twenty poor people in Paignton.

The FINNEYs also had some interesting connections: Protodorus' first cousin Jaquet married John BELFIELD and their descendants included Samuel BELFIELD, who was rector at Paignton from 1732-1792; Finney BELFIELD, who succeeded his father as rector of Paignton and who was also mentioned extensively in Jane FINNEY's will, and Jaquete BELFIELD, whose husband Thomas LOUIS served with NELSON at the Battle of the Nile and rose to the rank of Rear Admiral.

Matthew NECK (1737-1801)

Totnes Parish Church
(click image to enlarge)

Matthew NECK was baptised in Totnes, Devon on 11th November 1737. He was the second son of Matthew NECK and Rebecca HOYLE, who married in Totnes on 9th July 1734. Matthew's brother John died in 1736 aged no more than two, and by the time Matthew celebrated his first birthday he had also lost both his parents. His mother Rebecca died in 1737, possibly during Matthew's birth, and his father died in 1738. As yet we don't know who raised the orphan, but we do know that Matthew survived and prospered.

Jane FINNEY (nee NECK) died in 1750 and in her will she left £5 "towards placing Mathew NECKE an apprentice" with a further £5 to be given to him at the end of his apprenticeship. In 1757 Matthew was apprenticed to William PINHEY of Totnes, glazier, and on 13th April 1762 he married Elizabeth PINHEY in Totnes church. Elizabeth was the daughter of William PINHEY, presumably Matthew's former master, and Elizabeth LEAR and was baptised in Totnes on 16th January 1738. Elizabeth was the sister of Richard Lear PINHEY, who was baptised in Totnes on 20th March 1740. Richard was a skilled clock-maker and an example of his work can be found on ALLAN SMITH's Antique Clocks website.

Matthew and Elizabeth had three children together, all baptised in Totnes - John, baptised 3rd March 1763; Elizabeth, baptised 23rd May 1764, and Ann, baptised 30th August 1771. Matthew continued to work as a glazier and took on apprentices at least four times between 1770 and 1789. By the late 18th century the family were living in Plymouth Dock, Stoke Damerel, Devon, where Elizabeth worked as a milliner.

When Eleanor FINNEY, the daughter of Protodorus and Jane, died in 1784 she bequeathed a moiety of lands in Blagdon in the parish of Paignton to her sister Jane with "remainder to such person as my said sister shall by will appoint, and failing such appointment to my kinsman Matthew Neck of Totnes, Yeoman." She also gave both Matthew and his son John £20, though the latter would only receive the money when he reached the age of 21. Jane FINNEY died in 1794 and she gave both her own and her sister's share of the lands in Blagdon to "my kinsman Matthew Neck and his heirs for ever". The extent of the land that Matthew inherited isn't known, but in 1805 his son John put up for sale an estate in Blagdon which included 64 acres of land and a farm house, and it's possible that this was the property bequeathed by Jane FINNEY. The 1798 land tax redemption records show Matthew paying tax on three properties in Paignton which may also have been the former FINNEY land. Jane also gave three silver castors, silver spoons and a pair of silver tea tongs to Matthew's wife Elizabeth, while Matthew's daughters Elizabeth and Ann both inherited £20 each.  

Matthew NECK died in 1801 and was buried back in Totnes on 9th May of that year. His widow Elizabeth continued to live in Plymouth Dock until her death on 2nd May 1816. The signatories on Elizabeth's will were her daughter Elizabeth, Richard Lear PINHAY and William LANCASTER. Amongst the items that she bequeathed to her son John was a gold mourning ring which she wore for her husband while her daughter Ann inherited six silver tea spoons marked "M.E."; perhaps the same spoons bequeathed to Elizabeth by Jane FINNEY? Elizabeth was buried in Totnes on 7th May 1816.

Elizabeth NECK (b. 1764) followed in her mother's footsteps and worked as a milliner. She never married, and was living at 58 Queen Street, Plymouth Dock, Stoke Damerel when her mother's will was proved in 1816. She was still living in Queen Street when she died and was buried in Stoke Damerel on 8th January 1836.

Ann NECK (b. 1771) married Benjamin NICHOLSON on 29th April 1800 in Totnes. The witnesses to the marriage were Ann's father and grandfather, John and Matthew NECK. Benjamin was a grocer and tea dealer and was born on 27th July 1776, the son of Joseph NICHOLSON and Mary DUNSFORD. Benjamin and Ann had eight children together, all born in Plymouth Dock, Stoke Damerel - Samuel, born 28th April 1801; Thomas, born 14th March 1803; Benjamin, born 10th December 1804, died 1805; Felix, born 27th May 1807; Elizabeth, born 2nd February 1809; Benjamin, born 28th November 1810; Emma, born 1st August 1812, and Mary Ann, born 29th August 1814. All the children apart from Mary Ann were baptised in the Liberty Street Baptist Church, Plymouth Dock.

Benjamin NICHOLSON (b. 1776) died before 1841. This is how his widow Ann appears in the 1841 and 1851 censuses:

Back Lane, St Stephen by Saltash, Cornwall (1841)

Ann NICHOLSON aged 70 Independent Not born in County
Mary Ann NICHOLSON aged 25 Governess Not born in County
Anna NICHOLSON aged 11 Not born in County
Emma TUCKER aged 7 Not born in County
Jane ADAMS aged 8 Not born in County

34 Portland Square, Charles Martyr, Plymouth, Devon (1851)

Ann NICHOLSON widow aged 79 Householder born Totnes, Devon
Mary A. NICHOLSON daughter 36 English Teacher born Devonport, Devon
Ellen TUCKER visitor 13 Scholar born Plymouth, Devon
Emma DREW servant 28 born Charlton, Devon

Ann and her daughter Mary Ann ran a school from their home in Portland Square. Ann NICHOLSON (nee NECK) died in Plymouth in 1857.

John NECK (1763-1834)

John NECK was baptised in Totnes, Devon on 3rd March 1763. He was the only son of Matthew NECK and Elizabeth PINHEY. In 1778 John became an apprentice to Benjamin MANNING, sail-maker of West Teignmouth, Devon, and after serving out his apprenticeship he set himself up as a sail-maker in the town. John married Sarah HOCOMBE on 15th April 1784 in Highweek, Newton Abbot, Devon. She was the daughter of James HOCOMBE and Elizabeth BISHOP and was born in about 1763. John and Sarah's first child, John Finney, was born in Newton Abbot in about 1784 and was baptised on 24th April 1785 in Highweek.

Highweek Parish Church
(click image to enlarge)

The family then moved back to West Teignmouth where John and Sarah's other twelve children were born - Sarah, baptised, 8th May 1787; James Hocombe, baptised 1st December 1788; William Pinhay, baptised 15th December 1789; Elizabeth, baptised 21st July 1791; Charles, born 24th February 1794; George Matthews, born 15th December 1795; Richard Lear Pinhey, born 16th February 1798; Hubert, born 8th April 1800; Jane, born 5th July 1801; Eleanor, born 28th May 1803; Mary Ann, born 6th June 1804, and James Hocombe, born 25th November 1805.

In 1784 John became the tenant of a cellar in the cliff at Teignmouth owned by John GOSS for the term for seven years. GOSS was a former merchant and had previously used the cellar for storing cargo unloaded from his ships, but it isn't known what John NECK used it for. Between 1788 and 1792 John took on apprentice sail-makers on at least three occasions and he is also mentioned in the 1842 settlement examination of Eliza Langdon MANN where she testified that her husband William was apprenticed to Mr. John NECK, sail-maker of West Teignmouth. The 1798 land tax redemption records show John NECK as the occupier of a property in West Teignmouth owned by William BOWDEN.

John inherited £50 under the will of Jane FINNEY and presumably succeeded to the property bequeathed to his father Matthew upon his death in 1801. The following advertisement appeared in the Exeter Flying Post on 25th April 1805: "To be sold by private contract, the fee-simple and inheritance of all that estate called Higher Blagdon, situate in and near the village of Blagdon, in the parish of Paignton; consisting of a good farm-house, with every necessary attached office, and sixty-four acres of arable, meadow, orchard, and pasture land. The said premises are 2 miles from Paignton, 3 from Totnes, and 6 from Newton-bushel, and now in the possession of Mrs. Eliz. Sparke, whose term expires at lady-day next. For viewing the same apply to the tenant, and for particulars to the proprietor, Mr J. Neck, Teignmouth." Whether John successfully sold the estate is as yet unknown, though in 1806 he leased two fields in Blagdon called Thornhill and Thornhill Meadow to Jacob Bickford BARTLETT for one year, perhaps suggesting that he hadn't sold all the land inherited from the FINNEYs.  

In 1830 John and his family were living in Old Market Street, Teignmouth (now Teign Street). John died on 28th April 1834 and was buried in West Teignmouth on 1st May. In 1841 his widow Sarah was living with her daughter and son-in-law Sarah and William LANCASTER in Stoke Damerel, Devon:

George Street, Stoke Damerel, Devonport, Devon

William LANCASTER aged 50 Organist & Professor of Music born Devon
LANCASTER aged 50 born Devon
LANCASTER aged 20 Printer born Devon
LANCASTER aged 15 Organist born Devon
LANCASTER aged 15 born Devon
Hamnett P. 
LANCASTER aged 12  born Devon
Sarah NECK aged 75 Independent born Devon
Fanny RUNDLE aged 15 Female Servant Not Born in Couunty
Mary Ann WOOD aged 35 born Devon
Eliza WOOD aged 4 months Not Born in County

Sarah NECK (nee HOCOMBE) died on 27th June 1848 at 23 George Street, Devonport aged 85.

Sarah NECK (b. 1787) married William LANCASTER on 2nd July 1812 in West Teignmouth, Devon. William was baptised in Stoke Damerel on 1st August 1787 and was the son of William LANCASTER, a clock-maker, and Mary PINHEY. William's mother Mary was the younger sister of Sarah's grandmother Elizabeth so they were in fact first cousins once removed. At the time of their marriage William was the organist at St John's Chapel in Duke Street, Plymouth Dock, which sadly no longer exists, and he later also described himself as a "professor of music". William and Sarah had at least nine children together, all baptised in Stoke Damerel - William, baptised 3rd August 1814; John, baptised 19th October 1815; Thomas, baptised 26th May 1817; Alfred, baptised 28th October 1818; Hubert, baptised 12th October 1820; George, baptised 23rd August 1822; Ellen Eliza, baptised 6th May 1824; Charlotte, baptised 2nd May 1826, and Hamnett Pinhey, baptised 22 June 1829. In 1841 the family was living in George Street, Stoke Damerel (see above). In 1851 they were living in Ker Street, Stoke Damerel, as seen here in the census for that year:

Ker Street, Stoke Damerel, Devon

William LANCASTER aged 63 Professor Of Music born Stoke Damerel, Devon
Sarah LANCASTER wife 63 born Teignmouth, Devon
Ellen E. LANCASTER daughter 26 Daily Governess born Stoke Damerel, Devon
Charlotte LANCASTER daughter 24 Drapers Assistant born Stoke Damerel, Devon
Evelyne LANCASTER granddaughter 8 Scholar born Stoke Damerel, Devon

Sarah LANCASTER died in Stoke Damerel on 12th January 1854. In 1861 her widowed husband was living in George Street with his daughter Ellen:

25 George Street, Stoke Damerel, Devon

William LANCASTER widow aged 73 Professor of Music born Devonport, Devon
Ellen E. LANCASTER daughter 36 Schoolmistress born Devonport, Devon
Grace CORCORAN servant 29 Servant born Altarnun, Cornwall
Joseph PARSONS boarder 32 Foreman of Ropemakers born Portsmouth, Hampshire

William LANCASTER died in Stoke Damerel on 11th July 1869 aged 82.

Elizabeth NECK (b. 1791) married William BANKS in West Teignmouth on 26th May 1814. William was born in Broadwinsor, Dorset in about 1786. At the time of their marrige William was working as a sail-maker. William and Eliza had at least six children together - Sarah Ellen, baptised 11th August 1815 in Broadwinsor; Mary Emily, baptised 17th May 1818 in Broadwinsor, buried 23rd November 1818 in Highweek, Devon; Eliza Emily, baptised 18th September 1819 in Highweek; Rhoda, baptised 3rd December 1822 in St Olave, Exeter; Frederick William, baptised 14th August 1824 in St Paul, Exeter, and Alfred Eugene, baptised 10th May 1827 in All Hallows On The Walls, Exeter, Devon. In 1841 and 1851 the family was living in Bristol, as seen here in the censuses for those year:

Easton Terrace, St Philip & Jacob, Bristol (1841)

William BANKS aged 55 Accountant Not born in County
Elizabeth BANKS aged 45 Not Born in County
Sarah BANKS aged 25 Not Born in County
Eliza BANKS aged 20 Not Born in County
Rhoda BANKS aged 15 Not Born in County
Frederick BANKS aged 15 Not Born in County
Alfred BANKS aged 10 Not Born in County

142 Kennelworth Terrace, St Philip & Jacob, Bristol (1851)

William BANKS aged 65 Warehouseman born Dorset
Elizabeth BANKS wife 56 Landed Proprietor born Devon
Alfred BANKS son 24 Solicitors Clerk born Exeter, Devon
Sarah LANCASTER daughter 35 Governess born Dorset
Hubert LANCASTER grandson 5 Scholar at Home born Bristol
Mary LANCASTER granddaughter 2 Scholar at Home born Bristol

William BANKS died in Bristol in 1853 and his widow Elizabeth (nee NECK) died on 28th May 1856 at 35 Adam Street, Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales.

Jane NECK (b. 1801) married William DAMEN on 23rd August 1817 in West Teignmouth, Devon. The witnesses to the marriage were Jane's father John and brother William Pinhay. William was born on 3rd February 1793 in Broadwindsor, Dorset and was the son of John DAMEN and Ann HALLET. William and Jane had at least seven children together - Sarah Ann, baptised 9th April 1818 in Broadwindsor; George, baptised 8th October 1819 in Broadwindsor; Jean and Mary Ann, both baptised 15th February 1823 in Broadwindsor; William, baptised 14th April 1825 in Broadwindsor; Eliza, baptised 18th February 1827 in Broadwindsor, and Ellen, born 1st December 1831 and baptised 27th March 1836 in St Leonard, Shoreditch, Middlesex. Parish records show William's occupation as a sail cloth maker or linman, the latter being a dealer in flax or hemp.

It appears that Jane DAMEN (nee NECK) died shortly after Ellen's birth. William may have then married Ann BROWN on 11th February 1833 in St Leonard, Shoreditch. William enrolled in the Metropolitan Police on 1st February 1830 where he served for sixteen years, retiring on 29th July 1846. Ann appears to have died before 1851 as in the census for that year William was visiting his brother Angel at Bushfurlong Farm in Isle Brewers, Somerset and was described as a widower. The 1861 census shows William as a lodger at the Coach and Horses in High Road, Tottenham, London. William died on 4th July 1861 in the Red Lion, High Street, Edmonton, Middlesex.

Mary Ann NECK (b. 1804) had an illegitimate daughter, Mary Ann Hayman NECK, who was baptised on 10th May 1827 in West Teignmouth. Mary Ann subsequently married John Valentine WOOD on 19th June 1831 in West Teignmouth. John was baptised in East Teignmouth on 24th May 1810 and was the son of Richard WOOD and Mary VALENTINE. John and Mary had at least seven children together - Hubert Henry, baptised 18th October 1832 in West Teignmouth; John Neck, baptised 2nd November 1834 in St Sidwell, Exeter; Sarah Ellen, baptised 2nd October 1836 in St Sidwell; Louisa, born 25th December 1838 at 9 Little Coram Street, Bloomsbury, London, died 6th October 1840 at 4 Queen Charlotte Court, Southwark, London; Eliza Charlotte Lancaster, born 29th January 1841 at Joseph's Place, Lambeth, London; Caroline, born 9th June 1843 at 3 Margaret Street, Clerkenwell, London, and Emily Neck, born 6th December 1845 at 3 Margaret Place, Clerkenwell.

In 1841 John WOOD was living with three of his children in Lambeth while Mary was visiting her sister Sarah LANCASTER in Stoke Damerel (see above census extract):

Joseph's Place, Lambeth, London

John WOOD aged 32 Joiner Not Born in County
Hubert WOOD aged 8 Not Born in County
John WOOD aged 6 Not Born in County
Sarah WOOD aged 4 Not Born in County

In 1851 the family were living in Leopard's Court off Baldwin's Gardens in Holborn (John was incorrectly recorded as 'George'):

Leopard's Court, Holborn, London

George WOOD aged 42 Journeyman Carpenter born Teignmouth, Devonshire
Mary Ann WOOD wife 47 Carpenter's Wife
born Teignmouth, Devonshire
Hubert WOOD son 19 Carman born Devonshire
Caroline WOOD Daughter 7 born London
Emily WOOD daughter 5 born London

John Valentine WOOD died of delirium tremens on 11th November 1864 at 5 Hertford Place, Haggerstone, Shoreditch, London. Mary Ann WOOD (nee NECK) may have died on 31st March 1865 at St Luke's Workhouse, Hoxton New Town, London.

Mary Ann Hayman NECK (b. 1827) married her first cousin William DAMEN on 17th October 1848 in St Martin-in-the-Fields, London.

James Hocombe NECK (b. 1805) worked as an accountant. He died of delirium tremens on 15th December 1848 at Looe Street, St Andrew, Plymouth, Devon.

John Finney NECK (1784-1855)

John Finney NECK was born in Newton Abbot, Devon in about 1785 and baptised on 24th April in Highweek. He was the eldest son of John NECK and Sarah HOCOMBE. John Finney took after his father and worked as a sail-maker, a trade that he followed until the day he died. He married Elizabeth Mary PERRY on 19th May 1808 in Wolborough, near Newton Abbot. The marriage was reported in the Hamphire Telegraph & Naval Chronicle on 5th September 1808: "Married, a few days since, at Newton-Abbott, Devon, Mr. John Neck, of Teignmouth, to Miss Perry, daughter of Mr. Perry, Proprietor of one of the western coaches." Elizabeth was born in Kenton, Devon in about 1782 and may have been the daughter of James and Elizabeth PERRY. John and Elizabeth's eldest child, James, was born in Exeter on 4th June 1809, but shortly after this they moved to London, and it was here that James was baptised on 3rd May 1811 in St John Horseleydown, Bermondsey. They went on to have six children in London - John, born 14th March 1811, baptised in St John Horseleydown on 3rd May 1811, and buried 23rd July 1815 in St Mary, Lambeth; Charles, born on 10th December 1813 in Lambeth; Henry, b. c. 1816; John, b. c. 1818 in Chelsea; Ellen, born c. 1821 and Eliza, born c. 1824.

In 1814, the NECK family was living in Little Canterbury Place, Lambeth, which is now buried beneath the China Walk estate on Lambeth Road. Unfortunately it appears that by this time John was struggling to make ends meet and on 23rd May 1818 he was imprisoned in Marshalsea prison in Southwark, Surrey. Though Marshalsea housed a variety of prisoners over the centuries, it became notorious for its incarceration of London's poorest debtors. It appears that John was taken into custody because he owed £12 6s 8d to William SAUNDERS, and while he was eventually able to pay off this debt he wasn't discharged until 16th October, having spent nearly six months in Marshalsea. Sadly the family's circumstances don't appear to have improved, as John was again imprisoned in Marshalsea on 30th March 1821, this time owing £26 1s to Jemima SEARLE. Fortunately on this occasion he only spent a month in the prison and was discharged on 30th April.

Shortly after Eliza's birth the family moved to Newport, Monmouthshire; perhaps John was trying to find somewhere where his skills were in demand, or perhaps they were simply trying to escape the difficult conditions in London. Three of the children born in London - John, Ellen and Eliza - were all baptised in St Woolos, Newport on 4th November 1827. John and Elizabeth had another child while they were living in Newport - Alfred, born c. 1827 and also baptised in St Woolos on 4th November 1827. It appears that by the early 1830s the family had returned to Devon as the Royal Navy allotment declaration for John's son Charles dated 1st July 1831 shows his mother Elizabeth, the recipient of the allotment, as living in Russell Street, Plymouth. However they were soon on the move again, this time to Padstow in Cornwall. John was one of the witnesses at his eldest son James's wedding in the parish church of St Petroc on 6th March 1834. On 8th June 1836 The Times published a petition from "the Mariners, Ship-owners and inhabitants of the Town of Padstow" calling for the abandonment of a bill for building a harbour, breakwater and railway link at Tremoutha Haven near Crackington Haven. The petitioners described in great detail the unsuitably of Tremoutha and added that "the whole of the said coast has been frequently surveyed, and considered with a view to the construction of a safe harbour for vessels, and no situation has been found so well adapted for the purpose as Padstow". The names John Finney NECK and Henry NECK appeared in the list of petitioners. It seems that the proposed development at Tremoutha never went ahead, though Padstow itself did not get a railway link until 1899.

It wasn't long before the family was on the move yet again; by the 1840s they were living in Bridgwater, Somerset which would be John's home for the remainder of his life. This is how the family appears in the 1841 and 1851 censuses:

Monmouth Street, Bridgwater, Somerset (1841)

John NECK aged 50 Sailmaker Not born in County
Elizabeth NECK 50 Not born in County
Henry NECK 20 Sailmaker Not born in County
Ellen NECK 15 Not born in County
Eliza NECK 15 Not born in County
Alfred NECK 13 Not born in County

Russell Place, Bridgwater, Somerset (1851)

John Finney NECK aged 65 Sail Maker born Newton Abbott, Devon
Elizabeth Mary NECK wife 68 born Kenton, Devon
Frederick William BANKS son in law 26 Solicitors Clerk born Exeter, Devon
Eliza BANKS daughter 27 born London, Middlesex
Ellen HARPER daughter 30 born London, Middlesex
Thomas John HARPER grandson 5 born Plymouth, Devon
William James HARPER grandson 4 born Plymouth, Devon
Alfred HARPER grandson 2 born Bridgwater, Somerset
Charlotte HARPER granddaughter 1 born Bridgwater, Somerset
Mary WARREN 17 Servant born Huish, Devon

Russell Place
(click image to enlarge)

John Finney NECK died "by the visitation of God" on 19th November 1855 at Valetta Place, Bridgwater. He was buried on 23rd November in the Dissenters' Section of Wembdon Road Cemetery, Bridgwater; his burial was also recorded in the register of Christ Church Unitarian Chapel, Dampiet Street. The burial register notes that he "died suddenly". After her husband's death, the widowed Elizabeth NECK (nee PERRY) moved to Swansea in Wales where she lived with her eldest son James. She died on 11th January 1866 at 11 Clifton Street, Swansea.

Valetta Place
(click image to enlarge)

Henry NECK (b. c. 1816) was living with his father in Monmouth Street, Bridgwater in 1841. He followed in his father's footsteps and worked as a sail-maker, but he died on 12th September 1845 in Quay, Bridgwater, aged just 29.

Ellen NECK (b. c. 1821) married Thomas HARPER on 5th January 1842 in St Marys, Bridgwater. They were both living in Eastover near Bridgwater at the time. Thomas was born in Plymstock, Devon on 4th January 1821 and was the son of John HARPER, a mariner, and Ann. Thomas and Ellen had at least seven children together - Samuel Henry, born 26th January 1843 in Bridgwater, died c. 1848; Thomas John, born 28th June 1844 in Plymouth, Devon; William James, born 31st August 1846 in Plymouth; Alfred, born c. 1849 in Bridgwater; Charlotte, born 13th April 1850 in Bridgwater; Eugene, born c. 1852 in Bridgwater, died 5th May 1853, and Henry, born 9th August 1853 in Bridgwater.

Thomas HARPER followed in his father's footsteps and served in the merchant navy, joining the General Wolfe in July 1830 when he was less than ten years old. Over the following years he served aboard various boats based at Plymouth, Bridgwater, Fowey and Nova Scotia, travelling to North America and East India. By May 1841 he was serving as a mate aboard the Cosmopolitan, and in June 1849 he became the master of the Elizabeth. He was awarded his Master's Certificate of Service on 23rd January 1851. He was presumably at sea at the time of the 1851 census as his wife Ellen was living with her father in Bridgwater. When the Wells Journal reported on Henry HARPER's birth on 13th August 1853 his father was referred to as "Capt. Thomas Harper of the barque Ailsa".

Thomas was shown as the master of the Ailsa in the 1854-1855 edition of Lloyd's Register of British and Foreign Shipping, but the barque had a different captain by the time the 1855-1856 edition was published. While Thomas may have become the master of a different vessel, it does appear that he died around this time. Nothing is yet known about how or where Thomas died, but it is probable that he perished either at sea or in a foreign port. His widow Ellen died of phthisis on 24th June 1859 at 3 King Street, Bristol aged just 39. The informant was her sister Eliza.

Eliza NECK (b. c. 1824) married Frederick William BANKS on 22nd September 1850 in Trinity Church, Bridgwater. Frederick was the son of William BANKS and Elizabeth NECK, Eliza's aunt. So Frederick and Eliza were in fact first cousins. Frederick was an attorney's clerk and was baptised in St Paul, Exeter on 14th August 1824. In 1851 Frederick and Eliza were also living with John Finney NECK in Russell Place, Bridgwater (see above). Frederick and Eliza had at least six children together - Frederick William, born 2nd July 1851 in Valetta Place, Bridgwater; Eliza, born c. 1852 in Bridgwater; Alice, born c. 1854 in Bridgwater; Emily, born c. 1856 in Bridgwater; Mary, born c. 1857 in Bristol, and John Finney, born 12th December 1859 at 4 The Butts, St Augustine, Bristol.

In 1859 Frederick appeared in court charged with being drunk and disorderly, as reported here in the Western Daily Press on 28th January: "Frederick William Banks, a gentlemanly man, was charged with having been drunk and disorderly in the shop of Mr Cotterell, Wine Street, yesterday. It appears the defendant went to the shop of the complainant (his brother-in-law) in a state of intoxication, and endeavoured to go up stairs, where Mrs Cotterell was lying ill. His disorderly conduct in the shop caused a large mob to assemble, and the aid of the police was sought to eject him. Defendant said it was a family matter in connection with money. Complainant stated that the defendant had on previous occasions been very disorderly, and on a recent occasion he would have had him summoned but, upon his promising not to repeat the misconduct, proceedings were withdrawn. The bench ordered the defendant to be bound in his own recognisance of £20, and to find one surety in £10, to keep the peace for three months. He was then removed."

Frederick appears to have died shortly after the birth of his youngest child, though as yet no record of his death has been found. In 1861 his widow Eliza was living in Bristol with her son John:

6 Trinity Street, St Augustine, Bristol

Maria LOVERING widow aged 55 Lodging House Keeper born Barnstaple, Devon
Mary MULLER widow lodger 57 Monthly Nurse born Bristol
Eliza BANKS widow lodger 38 born London
John BANKS lodger 1 born Bristol
Ann DAVIS lodger 23 General Servant born Cowbridge, Wales
Betsey PARKER lodger 22 General Servant born Ilfracombe, Devon

Eliza's son Frederick was living with his uncle John NECK in Burnham in 1861, while it appears her daughters Eliza, Alice and Emily were at a boarding school in Brislington near Bristol.

Eliza subsequently married William ELLIS on 18th September 1864 in Bethesda Chapel, Swansea, Glamorgan. William was born in about 1826 in Cilybebyll, Pontardawe, Glamorgan and was the son of Thomas ELLIS, a spinner. Eliza and William had at least one son together - Isaac William, born 6th November 1865 in 34 William Street, Swansea. This is how the family appears in 1871 and 1881:

92 Brecon Road, Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan, Wales (1871)

William L. ELLIS aged 47 Spinner born Cilybebyll, Pontardawe, Glamorgan
Eliza ELLIS wife 48 Spinner's Wife born London
Isaac W. ELLIS son 8 Spinner's Son born Swansea, Glamorgan
Eliza BANKS daughter 18 Spinner's Wife's Daughter born Bridgwater, Somerset
John Finney BANKS son 11 Spinner's Wife's Son born Bristol

15 Singleton Street, Swansea Town, Glamorgan, Wales (1881)

William ELLIS aged 55 Wool Spinner born Pontardawe, Glamorgan
Eliza ELLIS wife 58 born London, Middlesex
Isaac ELLIS son 15 born Swansea, Glamorgan

Eliza ELLIS (nee NECK) died on 1st August 1900 at 79 Fleet Street, Swansea, Wales.

William Pinhay NECK (1789-1852)

William Pinhay NECK was baptised on 15th December 1789 in West Teignmouth, Devon. He was the fourth child of John NECK and Sarah HOCOMBE. In 1804 William was apprenticed to his great-uncle William LANCASTER of Plymouth Dock, watch maker, but it isn't known whether he ever worked in this trade. William later moved to Exeter, Devon where he became a grocer and tea dealer. He married Louisa WILKINS on 13th January 1838 in St Sidwell, Exeter. Louisa was born in Bath, Somerset in about 1806 and was the daughter of Henry WILKINS, a stonemason. William and Louisa had at least two children together, both born in Exeter - Emily Wilkins, died c. 1843, and Ellen, born 20th July 1847 in 9 Paris Street, St Sidwell. The following advertisement appeared in the Exeter and Plymouth Gazette on 6th March 1847:

"WILLIAM NECK, of Paris-street, Exeter, is the sole agent for the celebrated STOGUMBER ALES, which, notwithstanding the high value of Malt, have not advanced in price. W.N., by the desire of the Proprietor of the Brewery, begs to inform the numerous families in and around Exeter, (now upwards of 100, including several Medical Gentlemen of eminence,) who patronize the Ales and Beer, that no sugar will never be used in the Brewery, and that, by a recent improvement in the process of fermentation, the possibility of the Ales turning off in warm weather will be effectually prevented. The peculiar medicinal goodness of the Water used in the Brewing, (as proved by the number of persons who send to the spring from great distances), is a strong recommendation for delicate persons to give trial to the STOGUMBER BITTER ALE, and any families wishing to drink the Water can be supplied free of any charge; and it will be found that all those complaints which arise from a vitiated state of the stomach and derangement of the digestive organs, will be removed or greatly lessened by drinking the Water, which is the softest yet discovered in England, and most delicious to the taste. Paris-street, 23rd February, 1847."

In 1851 the family was living at 10 Paris Street, Exeter, as seen here in the census for that year:

10 Paris Street, St Sidwell, Exeter, Devon

William NECK aged 63 Grocer & Tea Dealer born Teignmouth, Devon
Louisa NECK wife 45 born Bath, Somerset
Ellen NECK daughter 4 Scholar born St Sidwell, Exeter, Devon
Maria SERCOMBE servant 16 born Churchstone, Devon

William NECK died of chronic bronchitis on 6th November 1852 at 10 Paris Street. His death was reported in the Exeter Flying Post on  11th November: "Deaths. November 6, at his residence, Paris Street, after a short illness, Mr. William Neck, aged 63, beloved and respected by all who knew him; he was a kind husband and an indulgent parent, and his loss will be severely felt by an afflicted widow and family." His widow Louisa died on 1st May 1879 in Mount Dinham, Exeter.

Ellen NECK (b. 1847) married John Hinton LAKE on 3rd April 1869 in St Sidwell, Exeter. John was born in Exeter in about 1845 and was the son of William Caperon LAKE, a tailor, and Jane HINTON. John and Ellen had at seven children together, all born in Exeter - Mary Ellen, born 31st January 1870, died 20th May 1870; Helen, born 13th January 1871; John William, born 13th December 1871; Jane Louisa, born 11th June 1873; Lucy Edith, born 18th May 1876; George Hinton, born 25th February 1878, and Dorothy Gladys, born 6th October 1891. John LAKE worked as a pharmaceutical chemist at 41 High Street, Exeter having taken over the business from Charles HAM in 1868. This is how the family appears in the 1871, 1881, 1891 and 1901 censuses:

41 High Street, St Martin, Exeter, Devon (1871)

John H. LAKE aged 25 Chemist born Exeter, Devon
Ellen LAKE wife 23 born Exeter, Devon
Helen LAKE daughter 2 months born Exeter Devon
Jane TAVERNER mother 66 Farmer's Widow born Exeter, Devon
John M. BIBBINS apprentice 18 Chemist's Apprentice born Newton Abbot, Devon
Frances WHITTON servant 15 General Servant born Stoke Canon, Devon
Bessie J. COLES servant 14 Nurse born Heavitree, Devon

High Street, St Martin, Exeter, Devon (1881)

Jno. H. LAKE aged 35 Chemist born Exeter, Devon
Ellen LAKE wife 33 born Exeter, Devon
Helen LAKE daughter 10 born Exeter, Devon
Jno. W. LAKE son 9 born Exeter, Devon
Jane L. LAKE daughter 7 born Exeter, Devon
Lucy E. LAKE daughter 5 born Exeter, Devon
Geo. H. LAKE son 3 born Exeter, Devon
Laura H. B. WOLCOMBE servant 19 General Servant born Exeter, Devon

41 High Street, St Martin, Exeter, Devon (1891)

John Hinton LAKE aged 45 Pharmaceutical Chemist born St James, Exeter, Devon
Ellen LAKE wife 43 born St Sidwell, Exeter, Devon
John W. LAKE son 19 Chemist Assistant born St Martin, Exeter, Devon
Jane L. LAKE daughter 17 born St Martin, Exeter, Devon
George H. LAKE son 13 born St Martin, Exeter, Devon
Tom W. ROBSON assistant 24 Pharmaceutical Chemist born Consett, Durham
Fred H. TULLY apprentice 17 Chemist Apprentice born Torbryan, Devon
Gertrude WILLIAMS servant 21 General Servant (Domestic) born London

41 High Street, St Stephen with St Martin, Exeter, Devon (1901)

John H. LAKE aged 55 Pharmacutical Chemist born Exeter, Devon
Ellen LAKE wife 53 born Exeter, Devon
Jane L. LAKE daughter 27 born Exeter, Devon
Dorothy G. LAKE daughter 9 Exeter, Devon
Harold KELHAM boarder 22 Chemist's Assistant born Stamford, Lincs
Alice BUBEAR servant 23 General Servant (Domestic) born Crediton, Devon

John and Ellen celebrated their golden wedding anniversary on 3rd April 1919 and the occasion was noted in the Western Times on 4th April:

"Golden wedding celebration at Exeter. Mr. and Mrs. J. Hinton Lake have been the recipients of hearty congratulations and good wishes from a wide circle of their friends among Exeter citizens on the celebration of their golden wedding anniversary. Mr. Hinton Lake is the second son of the late William Capron Lake, and was married on April 3rd 1869, to Ellen, only child of William Pinhey Neck, at St. Sidwell's Church, Exeter, by Rev. F. K. Galton. He succeeded to the pharmacy at 41 High-street, Exeter (for many years previously carried on by the late Mr. Thomas Knott) in 1867, after passing a qualifying examination of the Pharmaceutical Association. The following year he passed the major, or honours, examination of the Pharmaceutical Society, and was elected a member of that body. Mr. Hinton Lake is a well-known figure in the city, and is one of our most respected business men. He has taken an active part in public life, having been for several years representative of St. Petrock's Ward on the Board of Guardians, of which body he has filled the post of Deputy-Governor during the past year. He has been on the Committee of the Exeter Literary Society for upwards of 20 years, and is Chairman of Lady Anne Clifford's Charity and of the Wootton and Glass Trust."

Ellen LAKE (nee NECK) died in 1937. Her husband John passed away on 1st June 1938 and his funeral was described in the Western Times on 10th June:

"Late Mr. John Hinton Lake. Largely-attended funeral at Exeter. For seventy years identified with the business life of Exeter, of which he was a well-known citizen, Mr. John Hinton Lake, of Bakhatla, 46, Magdalen-road, was interred at the Higher Cemetery, Exeter, on Saturday, and many of the organisations with which he was connected over a long span of years were represented at the funeral service, which took place in St. Leonard's Church. Mr. Hinton Lake, in his 93rd year, died suddenly on June 1st, and his passing came as a shock to a large circle of friends. A native of Exeter be became a qualified pharmacist in 1867, and in the following year took over the business formerly conducted by Mr. Thomas Nott. This business he carried on personally until 1911, when it was formed into a private limited company with himself as managing director. He was one of the founders of the Exeter Information Bureau and served for a period on the Exeter Board of Guardians."

As well as 41 High Street in Exeter, John Hinton LAKE also owned pharmacies in Tiverton and Sidmouth. The shops remained in the family until 1971 when they were sold to Holman, Ham & Co by John's grandson, Roland Hinton LAKE, upon his retirement. More information about the LAKE family can be found on the Exeter Memories website.

Charles NECK (1794-1871)

Charles NECK was born on 24th February 1794 in West Teignmouth, Devon and was the sixth child of John NECK and Sarah HOCOMBE. Like his older brother John Finney, Charles moved to London in the early 19th century where he appears to have married four times, though it is possible that the records relate to more than one Charles NECK. His first wife was probably Mary Ann SAY, who he married on 21st November 1819 at St Saviour, Southwark. At the time of their marriage Charles and Mary Ann had already had a daughter, also called Mary Ann, born 5th June 1819 but not baptised until 4th January 1828 at St Luke, Chelsea. What became of Charles' first wife is not known for certain, though a Mary NECK was buried on 29th March 1823 aged 22 at St Martin in the Fields Cemetery, Camden Town.

In June 1821 Charles began working as an assistant to the Rev. Richard ROBERTS at his house in Whitehead's Grove, Chelsea at an annual salary of £50. According to the book "Chelsea, in the Olden Times and Present" published in 1869, Rev. ROBERTS "gave instruction to a limited number of gentlemen who resided with him". Charles married his second wife Sarah DIBDIN in St Martin in the Fields, Westminster on 21st June 1824. Confusingly the banns of marriage show Charles as a batchelor rather than a widower. Charles and Sarah's first child, Charles Lloyd John, was born on 28th August 1827 and baptised on 4th January 1828 in St Luke, Chelsea. The baptism record shows Charles' occupation at the time as "tutor", though whether this was an accurate description of his role at Whitehead's Grove isn't known.

Unfortunately by this time Charles was clearly struggling to make ends meet and on 31st March 1828 he was imprisoned in Marshalsea owing money to Edward MOTT. At the time he was living at 7 South Street, King's Road, Chelsea. Charles spent six weeks in Marshalsea and was discharged on 20th May having paid £22. This spell in the debtors' prison coincided with Charles leaving the employ of Rev. ROBERTS. The house in Whitehead's Grove later became the main entrance to Brompton County Court.

Charles and Sarah appear to have had two further children together - Sarah Elizabeth, baptised 14th July 1830 at St John the Evangelist, Lambeth, and William, baptised 8th March 1831 also at St John the Evangelist. Their baptism records describe Charles as a "school master". William may have been buried on 11th March 1831 and Sarah on 1st April 1831, both at St Mary, Lambeth.

In May 1831 Sarah NECK underwent a settlement examination having moved to the parish of St Leonard, Shoreditch, during which she claimed that her husband had "deserted her". The examination ruled that Sarah's place of last legal settlement was St Luke, Chelsea and that she should be removed there. It would seem that Charles then bigamously married Hephzibah Lucy JACK on 9th November 1831 at St George, Tower Hamlets. Hephzibah was baptised on 12th January 1800 in Christ Church, Spitalfields and was the daughter of Henry and Ann JACK. She had previously been married to James BERRY. Charles once again described himself as a batchelor. This is how Charles and Hephzibah appear in the 1841 census:

Philpot Street, Mile End Old Town, Stepney, Middlesex

Charles NECK aged 40 Schoolmaster Not born in County
Hephzibah NECK aged 40 Born in County
Emma BERRY aged 20 Born in County

Hephzibah NECK (nee JACK) died on 25th December 1841 at 4 Philpot Street and was buried on 31st December at Wycliffe Congregational Church, Stepney. This church was located at 44 Philpot Street and appears to have run a boys' sunday school which may have been where Charles taught, though no evidence has been found for this. Charles acted as a witness at the marriage of his step-daughter Emma Louisa Ann BERRY on 9th June 1842 at St George in the East. Electoral registers show him living at 4 Philpot Street up until 1845. The 1851 census appears to show Charles once again living with his second wife Sarah. While it is possible that his "wife" was another lady of the same name, the census shows Sarah's birthplace as Camberwell, and a Sarah DIBDIN was baptised on 22nd March 1797 in St Giles, Camberwell, daughter of Joseph and Sarah. This is how they appear in 1851:

18 Bridge Street, St Saviour, Southwark, Surrey

Charles NECK aged 57 Clerk born Teignmouth, Devon
Sarah NECK wife 54 born Camberwell, Surrey

Sarah NECK (nee DIBDIN) died on 6th September 1856 at 39 Lombard Street, London and Charles, now aged 65, subsequently married Maria WALFORD on 30th July 1859 in St Leonard, Shoreditch, Middlesex. Maria was born in Great Easton, Essex in about 1832 and was the daughter of Joseph WALFORD, a farm servant. At the time of their marriage, Charles was working as a merchant's clerk and Maria as a barmaid, and they were both living at 5 York Street. Curiously, the 1861 census shows Charles still as a widower with his wife Maria listed as a servant, which perhaps suggests that they were keeping their marriage secret:

39 Lombard Street, All Hallows, London

Charles NECK widow aged 67 Clerk In Charge Of Premises born Teignmouth, Devon
Eliza WALFORD servant 27 General Servant born Great Easton, Essex
Maria WALFORD servant 29 General Servant born Great Easton, Essex

Charles died at 16 Haggerstone Road, Haggerstone, Shoreditch, Middlesex on 4th February 1871. This is how his widow Maria appears in the 1881 and 1891 censuses:

101-103 Strand, St Clement Danes, London (1881)

Walter William LORD aged 35 Secretary & Assistant Manager born Lambeth, Surrey
Henry Russell GROVER 27 Deputy Assistant Manager born Lambeth, Surrey
William Wilfred POLLARD 24 Clerk born Holloway, Middlesex
Nathaniel Charles WHEELER 21 Clerk born Oxford, Oxfordshire
Harry BOYDE 21 Shopman born Islington, Middlesex
Maria NECK widow 49 Housekeeper (D) born Great Easton, Essex
Sarah Ann HOROBIN servant 41 Barmaid born Ipswich, Suffolk
Catherine MAJORS servant 26 Barmaid born Liverpool, Lancashire
Mary Ann Barrett SMITH servant 31 Linenmaid born Southwark, Surrey
Bertha HEWSON servant 17 Barmaid born Lambeth, Surrey
Ellen NORGRAVE servant 25 Housemaid born Lambeth, Surrey
Elizabeth DIGHT servant 19 Housemaid born Southwark, Surrey

113 Fenchurch Street, St Katherine Coleman, London (1891)

Maria NECK widow aged 59 Housekeeper Carer born Great Easton, Essex
Susan BUMBLE serveant 14 Domestic born Chingford, Essex

Maria NECK (nee WALFORD) died in London in 1892.

Richard Lear Pinhey NECK (1798-1855)

Richard Lear Pinhey NECK was born on 16th February 1798 in Teignmouth, Devon and was the eighth child of John NECK and Sarah HOCOMBE. He married Loveday JACKMAN on 29th August 1819 in East Teignmouth, Devon. She was born on 7th November 1797 in West Teignmouth and was the daughter of William JACKMAN, a blacksmith, and Mary WAY. Richard and Loveday had at least seven children together - Hubert Lear Pinhey, born 11th August 1820 in West Teignmouth; Richard Lear Pinhey, born 22nd September 1822 in West Teignmouth; Loveday Ellen, born 6th February 1825 in West Teignmouth, died 25th November 1829; Fanny Sophia, born 1st February 1827 in West Teignmouth; Sarah Hocombe, born 6th August 1829 in West Teignmouth; Loveday Ellen, born 9th October 1831 in Plymouth, and Charlotte Emma, born 12th August 1835.

In the early 1820s Richard NECK was living in Old Market Street, Teignmouth where he worked as a grocer. However in 1825 he was living in Torquay and his daughter Loveday's baptism record shows her father's occupation as "publican"'. The family appear to have only briefly lived in Torquay as Richard is listed on the 1826 jury list for Beaminster, Dorset where he is shown as an innkeeper living in Hogshill Street. Unfortunately, the 14th February 1827 edition of The Times reported the bankruptcy of Richard Lear Pinhey NECK of Beaminster, victualler. The family subsequently returned to Teignmouth where Fanny and Sarah were baptised. After paying off his debt Richard would not have been permitted to hold a license to sell spirits and it appears that he embarked on an entirely different career path, becoming a landsman aboard HMS Kent on 5th September 1830. This probably accounts for why his daughter Loveday was born in Plymouth, which is just a couple of miles from the Royal Navy dockyard at Devonport.

During Richard's time aboard the Kent she was based in Gibraltar and Malta, however he was discharged from the ship on 22nd June 1831 due to invalidity. A landsman was a seaman with less than a year's experience at sea, and it would have been a physically demanding job. At 33 Richard may not have been fit enough to carry out his duties effectively, or perhaps he had sustained an injury while serving aboard the Kent. Richard returned to Plymouth, but he soon rejoined the Royal Navy, this time in a position more in keeping with his skills and experience; when Loveday was baptised at Stoke Damerel church in October 1831 her father's occupation was recorded as "steward, H.M. Navy". As a steward Richard would been involved in the supervision of his ship's food and alcohol supplies, ensuring that the cook had everything he needed to prepare meals for the crew, and also keeping a log of which men had chosen not to take all their victuals so that they could be paid the money saved. A ship's steward would have to be educated, literate, numerate and honest, and clearly Richard's previous experience in the grocery trade would have stood him in good stead.

Richard served as captain's steward aboard HMS Barham (1831), HMS Champion (1834) and HMS Pique (1835-36), and as admiral's steward aboard HMS Melville (1837). The Melville was the flagship of Vice-Admiral Peter HALKETT from January 1836 to August 1837 and of Rear-Admiral George ELLIOT from September 1837 to 1841, so Richard would have served as steward to one - or possibly both - of these men.

The baptism records of Richard's daughters Loveday (1831) and Charlotte (1835) both show the family's abode at the time as Morice Town; this is now a suburb of Plymouth, but when Richard lived there it was part of Devonport and a stone's throw away from the dockyard. Both Devonport and Morice Town were in the parish of Stoke Damerel. The 1841 census shows the family living in Navy Row, Stoke Damerel; this was in Morice Town and is now called Albert Road. This is how the family appears in 1841:

Navy Row, Stoke Damerel, Devon

Richard NECK aged 45 Ship Steward Born in County
Loveday NECK aged 45 Born in County
Hubert NECK aged 20 Ship Steward Born in County
Richard NECK aged 15 Born in County
Fanny NECK aged 14 Born in County
Sarah NECK aged 12 Born in County
Loveday NECK aged 9 Born in County
Charlotte NECK aged 5 Born in County

The family later moved to Portsea Town, Hampshire, now part of the City of Portsmouth. Richard was probably at sea when the 1851 census was taken, but his wife and children were living in Gloucester Street, Portsea; this is now called Gloucester Road and is inside the Naval Dockyard complex:

22 Gloucester Street, St Mary, Portsea, Hampshire

Love NECK aged 55 born Devon
Charlotte NECK daughter 15 born Devon
Fanny NECK granddaughter 4 Scholar born Portsea

As yet little is known about Richard's later seafaring exploits, but it appears that he served aboard HMS Spiteful during the Crimean War in the position of commander's steward, and was awarded the Crimea Medal. The conditions that Richard would have experienced were described in a letter written by a seaman on board the Spiteful published in The Times on 11th November 1854: "We had a very warm day at Sebastopol yesterday, we had our mast carried away and 5 or 6 wounded and killed; it was the greatest battle that ever was known; we blowed up one of their batteries soon after we entered, and awful was the scene. We went into the thickest of the war, and our ship got disabled, and the Admiral Dundas thanked us for our gallant conduct. We went in close to the batteries, and brought one very large ship out, and the shot and shell was flying like hailstones about our head ... We was firing for 6 or 8 hours under we was ready to drop; I never was so fatigued in my life as I was at that time. I hope it will not be long before we shall be in England again, for the war is awful."

Richard died on 8th March 1855 at 22 Gloucester Street, Portsea aged 57. The cause of death was recorded as 'dropsy', an archaic term for fluid retention probably caused by kidney or heart failure. In 1861 his widow Loveday was still living in Gloucester Street:

22 Gloucester Street, Portsea, Hampshire

Loveday NECK widow aged 63 R.N. Steward's Widow born Teignmouth, Devon
Sarah WHITTLE daughter 30 Dressmaker born Teignmouth, Devon
Daniel WHITTLE grandson 7 Scholar born Portsmouth, Hampshire
William WHITTLE grandson 5 Scholar born Portsmouth, Hampshire
John FORBET boarder 22 Engineer In Dock Yard born Scotland

Loveday NECK (nee JACKMAN) died in Portsea on 5th November 1862. The Western Times dated 8th November 1862 reported that she had suffered "a long and painful illness, borne with Christian fortitude."

Hubert Lear Pinhey NECK (b. 1820) was a sailor. He married Charity Vesey COOK on 24th January 1844 in East Teignmouth Church, Devon. She was baptised in East Teignmouth on 19th November 1820 and was the daughter of Joseph COOK, a mariner, and Charity VESEY. Hubert and Charity had as least four children together, all born in Teignmouth - Hubert Lear, born c. 1845; William Henry, born c. 1850; Emily, born c. 1853, and Clara Cook, born 23rd July 1861 in Victoria Place. In 1851 Charity NECK (nee COOK) was living in Teignmouth, as seen here in the census for that year:

Regent Square, East Teignmouth, Devon

Charity NECK aged 30 Sailor's Wife born East Teignmouth, Devon
Hubert NECK son 6 born East Teignmouth, Devon
W. H. NECK son 10 months born East Teignmouth, Devon
Charity COOK mother widow 64 born Bishop's Teignton, Devon

On 22nd June 1858 Hubert was admitted to HMS Dreadnought, a former Royal Navy warship which was being run by the Seamen's Hospital Society as a hospital ship for merchant seaman. His record shows that he was serving as an able seaman aboard the Susan Isabella at the time and was 5 foot 5 inches tall. His complaint was shown as 'chronic diarrhoea'. He was discharged on 23rd July and subsequenly spent some time convalescing.

In 1861 Hubert and his family were still living in Teignmouth:

Bitton Street, West Teignmouth, Devon

Hubert Lear NECK aged 40 Master Seaman born Teignmouth, Devon
Charity NECK wife 40 Dress Maker born Teignmouth, Devon
Hubert Lear NECK son 16 Printer Compositor born Teignmouth, Devon
William H. NECK son 10 Scholar born Teignmouth, Devon
Emily NECK daughter 7 Scholar born Teignmouth, Devon
Charity COOK mother-in-law 74 Retired Grocer born Bishop's Teignton, Devon

Charity NECK (nee COOK) died in about 1868. In 1871 her widowed husband Hubert was living with his sister Sarah WHITTLE in Portsea (see census entry below). Hubert himself drowned in Langston Harbour, between Portsea and Hayling Island, in 1875, as reported in the Hampshire Telegraph & Sussex Chronicle on September 29: "HAVANT. DROWNED IN LANGSTON HARBOUR. Yesterday afternoon the County Coroner (E. J. Harvey, Esq.) held an inquest at the 'Ship' Inn, on the body of Hubert Neck, aged 59 years. Deceased was a seaman on board a collier, at present in Langston Harbour, and on Monday morning he went off in the pilot's skiff to cast off one of the ropes from a buoy to which it was attached. In returning, the boat capsized and left deceased struggling in the water. Another boat was despatched as soon as possible, and deceased's head was kept above water while the boat towed him ashore. He was, however, insensible, and although every endeavour was made to restore animation, the attempt was unsuccessful. Mr. Bannister, surgeon, of Havant, expressed an opinion that death resulted from drowning, and a verdict to that effect was returned."

Richard Lear Pinhey NECK (b. 1822) also became a sailor and first went to sea in 1840 as an able seaman. He later served as a steward aboard both Royal Navy and merchant vessels. In the 1845 Register of Merchant Seamen's Tickets he is described as 5 foot 1 inches with dark brown hair, hazel eyes and a fresh complexion. Richard married Elizabeth Maria PORTEOUS on 22nd October 1846 in St Mary, Portsea, Hampshire. Elizabeth was born in about 1825 in Portsmouth and was the daughter of William PORTEOUS, a surgeon. At the time of their marriage Richard was living and working aboard a yacht called Fair Rosamund. Richard and Elizabeth had at least five children together - Richard Jackman, born 17th August 1847 at 48 Union Street, Portsea Town; Hubert William, born 12th February 1849 also at 48 Union Street; Elizabeth, born 2nd June 1851 in Park Street, Torquay, Devon; Maria, born 29th July 1855 at 10 Hawkstone Street, Toxteth Park, Lancashire, and William Porteous, born 23rd December 1856 in Toxteth Park. In 1851 the family was living in Torquay, Devon, as seen here in the census for that year:

Park Street, Torquay, Tormoham, Devon

Richard Lear NECK head aged 27 Mariner born Teignmouth
Maria NECK wife 25 born Portsmouth
Richard NECK son 3 born Portsmouth
William NECK son 2 born Portsmouth

Richard died on 25th May 1858 in Calcutta, India while serving as steward aboard HMS Lightning. The cause of death was recorded as apoplexy. He was buried in the General Episcopal Cemetery, Chowringhee, Calcutta on the day he died. In 1861 his widow Elizabeth was living in Portsea with three of her children:

57 Cumberland Street, Holy Trinity, Portsea, Hampshire

Elizabeth M. NECK widow aged 35 Dressmaker born Portsea, Hampshire
Hubert NECK son 12 Scholar born Portsea, Hampshire
Elizabeth NECK daughter 9 Scholar born Torquay, Devon
William NECK son 4 Scholar born Liverpool, Lancashire
Ann KENNEDY boarder widow 35 Dressmaker born Portsea, Hampshire
Emily KENNEDY boarder 17 Dressmaker born Portsea, Hampshire
Frederick KENNEDY boarder 11 Scholar born Portsea, Hampshire
Annie KENNEDY boarder 9 Scholar born Portsea, Hampshire

Elizabeth also had an illegitimate son by John STAFFORD - John Stafford NECK, born 12th January 1864 at 50 Gloucester Street, Portsea Town, Southampton. This is how Elizabeth appears in the 1871, 1881 and 1891 censuses:

2 Hope Place, St Mary, Portsea, Hampshire (1871)

Maria NECK widow aged 46 Dressmaker born Portsea, Hampshire
Maria NECK daughter 15 Domestic Servant born Liverpool
William NECK son 14 Scholar born Portsea, Hampshire
John STAFFORD boarder 7 Scholar born Portsea, Hampshire
George CHETWOOD boarder 28 Seaman Merchants Service born Woolwich, Kent
Caroline CHETWOOD boader's wife 26 born Portsea, Hampshire
Alice CHETWOOD boarder's daughter 3 born Portsea, Hampshire
Elizabeth CHETWOOD boarder's daughter 6 months born Portsea, Hampshire

17 Claxton Street, Portsea, Hampshire (1881)

Caroline CHETWOOD aged 35 Husband At Sea, Seaman R.N. born Portsmouth, Hampshire
Alice CHETWOOD daughter 13 Scholar born Portsmouth, Hampshire
George CHETWOOD son 7 Scholar born Portsmouth, Hampshire
Albert CHETWOOD son 3 born Portsmouth
Ellen CHETWOOD daughter 9 months born Portsmouth, Hampshire
Ellen SMITH boarder 27 Husband At Sea, Seaman R.N. born Liverpool, Lancashire
Maria NECK visitor widow 55 Dressmaker born Portsmouth, Hampshire
John NECK visitor 17 Printer & Distributor born Portsmouth, Hampshire

20 Cumberland Street, St John, Portsea, Hampshire (1891)

Maria NECK widow aged 65 Seamstress born Portsmouth, Hampshire
John STAFFORD son 27 General Printer born Portsmouth, Hampshire

Elizabeth Maria NECK (nee PORTEOUS) died in Portsea on 13th June 1898.

Fanny Sophia NECK (b. 1827) married John Robert WHILLIER on 12th April 1844 in St Mary, Portsea, Hampshire. John was born in about 1821 in Portsmouth and was the son of John WHILLIER, a parish sexton. John and Fanny had at least two children together, both born in Portsea - John Lear Thomas, born 21st January 1845, and Fanny Loveday, born c. 1847. This is how John and Fanny appear in the 1861, 1871 and 1881 censuses:

6 St Mary's Road, Portsea, Hampshire (1861)

John WHILLIER widower aged 68 Parish Sexton born Portsea, Hampshire
John R. WHILLIER son 40 Stone Mason born Portsea, Hampshire
Fanny S. WHILLIER wife 34 born Teignmouth, Devon
Lear J. WHILLIER grandson 16 Apprentice born Portsea, Hampshire
Fanny L. WHILLIER granddaughter 14 Scholar born Portsea, Hampshire

91 St Mary's Road, Portsea, Hampshire (1871)

John Robt. WHILLIER aged 49 Monumental Mason born Portsmouth Harbour, Hampshire
Fanny S. WHILLIER wife 43 born Teignmouth, Devon
William E. J. HEWETT grandson 1 born Portsea, Hampshire
John WHILLIER father widower 78 Sexton of Parish of Portsea born Portsea, Hampshire

6 St Mary's Road, Portsea, Hampshire (1881)

John WHILLIER aged 60 Parish Sexton born Portmouth Harbour, Hampshire
Fanny S. WHILLIER wife 54 born Teignmouth, Devon
Eliza L. HEWETT granddaughter 7 Scholar born Portsea, Hampshire

John WHILLIER died on 2nd May 1898 at 2 St Mary's Road, Portsea and in 1901 and 1911 his widow Fanny was living with her daughter and son-in-law:

8 St Mary's Road, Portsea, Portsmouth, Hampshire (1901)

Alfred W. HEWETT aged 55 Parish Clerk born Chichester, Sussex
Fanny L. HEWETT wife 53 born Portsmouth, Hampshire
Eliza L. HEWETT daughter 27 born Portsmouth, Hampshire
Douglas HEWETT son 19 Pawnbroker's Apprentice born Portsmouth, Hampshire
Mary A. HEWETT daughter 17 born Portsmouth, Hampshire
Percy HEWETT son 15 Stone Mason born Portsmouth, Hampshire
Fanny WHILLIER widow mother-in-law 73 born Teignmouth, Devon

8 St Mary's Road, Kingston, Portsmouth, Hampshire (1911)

Alfred William HEWETT aged 62 Parish Clerk of Portsea born Chichester, Sussex
Fanny Loveday HEWETT wife 64 born Portsmouth, Hampshire
Mary Annie HEWETT daughter 27 born Portsmouth, Hampshire
Fanny Sophia WHILLIER widow mother-in-law 84 born Exeter, Devon

Fanny Sophia WHILLIER (nee NECK) died in about 1913.

Sarah Hocombe NECK (b. 1829) married Daniel WHITTLE on 25th February 1851 in St Mary, Portsea, Hampshire. Daniel was born in Lancashire on 29th December 1824 and was the son of William and Mary WHITTLE. Daniel and Sarah had at least two children together, both born in Portsmouth - Daniel, born c. 1854, and William, born c. 1856. In 1851 Daniel and Sarah were living in the same house as Sarah's mother and sister:

22 Gloucester Street, Portsea, Hampshire

Daniel WHITTLE aged 27 Engineer born Lancashire
Sarah WHITTLE wife 21 born Teignmouth, Devon

Daniel died in 1853. In 1861 the widowed Sarah was still living in Gloucester Street with her mother (see above), and she continued to live in the house after her mother's death, as shown here in the 1871 census:

22 Gloucester Street, Portsea, Hampshire

Sarah WHTTLE widow aged 41 Lodging House Keeper born Teignmouth, Devon
Daniel WHITTLE son 17 Brick Maker born Portsea, Hampshire
William WHITTLE son 14 Stoker on Extension Works born Portsea, Hampshire
Hubert NECK widower brother 51 Merchant Seaman (Out of Employ) born Teignmouth, Devon

Sarah subsequently married William SILLENCE in Portsea in 1872 but died in 1879.

Charlotte Emma NECK (b. 1835) married Robert Wilson MEIKLEJOHN on 23rd July 1857 in St Mary, Portsea. Robert was born in Greenock, Scotland on 14th July 1832 and was the son of Robert MEIKLEJOHN and Grace WILSON. Robert served as an Assistant Engineer in the Royal Navy but contracted hepatitis while serving aboard HMS Euryalus in the Far East. He was invalided on 23rd January 1863 and transferred to HMS Sans Pereil, which at the time was being used to transport marines to and invalids from China, but he died of liver inflammation and dysentery on 21st March 1863 during the journey home. Robert's service record shows that at the time of his death Charlotte was living at 225 Lake Road in Landport, a suburb of Portsea.

Charlotte subsequently married Edward HARVEY on 19th December 1865 in St Mary, Portsea. Edward was born in Berkeley, Gloucestershire in about 1835 and was the son of Samuel HARVEY and Mary Ann ANTILL. Edward was also a nautical man, serving as chief cook aboard the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company's steamship Oneida. In 1871 Charlotte was living in Southampton with her niece; her husband was presumably at sea:

10 Liverpool Street, All Saints, Southampton

Charlotte HARVEY wife 35 born Portsmouth, Hampshire
Elizabeth HARVEY niece 16 born Gloucester, Gloucestershire
Henry MARRIOTT visitor 43 Seaman born St Helena
Martha MARRIOTT visitor 45 born Whitechapel, Middlesex

Charlotte died on 3rd July 1871 at 10 Liverpool Street aged just 35. Her widowed husband subsequently married Laura Ann ANDREWS nee GLASSE in 1872 and went on to run the Bee Hive Hotel in Royal Crescent Road, Southampton.

James NECK (1809-1880)

James NECK was born in Exeter, Devon on 4th June 1809 and baptised on 3rd May 1811 in St John Horseleydowns, Bermondsey and was the eldest surviving child of John Finney NECK and Elizabeth Mary PERRY. James served in the merchant navy, first going to see in about 1824. On 20th January 1831 he was admitted to the hospital ship HMS Dreadnought, his record showing that he was serving as a 'mate' and was 5 foot 3 inches tall. His complaint was listed as 'bubo', a swelling of the lymph nodes caused by an infection such as tuberculosis, bubonic plague or veneral disease. He spent 54 days aboard the Dreadnought and was discharged on 14th March, after which he spent time convalescing. 

James married Mary Rosetta COCK on 6th March 1834 in Padstow, Cornwall. Mary was born in about 1811. James and Mary had one daughter in Cornwall - Hannah Cock, baptised in Padstow on 20th January 1836. They then moved to Plymouth, Devon where James worked as a a mariner. James and Mary had at least one son in Plymouth - John Finney NECK, born on 10th March 1838 at 21 Richmond Street, St Andrew. James and Mary later moved to Newport where James worked as a coal shipper. There they had another son, James, who was born in 1848. Sadly, James died on 15th October 1848 in Pillgwenlly, Newport, aged just 10 weeks. Mary Rosetta died of phthisis on 2nd July 1849 in Pillgwenlly and James subsequently married Susanna PIPER on 31st December 1850 in the English Baptist Church, Newport. Susanna was baptised in Abbotsham, Devon on 18th March 1827 and was the daughter of John and Ann PIPER. In 1851 James and Susanna were living in Commercial Wharf, Newport, as seen here in the census for that year:

Commercial Wharf, St Woolos, Newport, Wales

James Neck aged 41 Foreman of Coal Shipper born Exeter, Devon
Susanna NECK wife 24 Dress Maker born Abbotsham, Devon
Hannah NECK daughter 15 Dress Maker born Cornwall, Padstow
John NECK son 13 born Plymouth, Devon
Sarah ANTHONY lodger 16 born St Woolos, Monmouthshire

James and Susanna had two children together - Elizabeth Ann, born about 1852 in Bideford, Devon, and William James, born 21st March 1854 at Russells Wharf, St Woolos, Newport. Tragically, James' second wife Susanna died of phthisis on 28th March 1855 at Commercial Wharf, St Woolos, Newport. James married for a third time on 10th August 1856 at the Baptist Temple, Commercial Road, Newport. His new wife was Sarah MILLER, herself a widow. Sarah was born in Fishponds, Gloucestershire in about 1811 and was the daughter of Thomas TYNER, a builder. James and Sarah moved to Swansea where James continued to work in the coal industry, as seen here in the 1861 and 1871 censuses:

22 Clifton Street, Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales

James NECK aged 51 Coal Agent born Exeter, Devon
Sarah NECK wife 49 born Fishponds, Gloucester
Elizabeth NECK daughter 9 Coal Agent's Daughter born Bideford, Devon
William NECK son 7 Coal Agent's Son born Newport, Monmouth

11 Clifton Street, Swanea, Glamorgan, Wales

James NECK aged 60 Coal Shipper born Exeter, Devon
Sarah NECK wife 59  Dressmaker born Bristol, Gloucestershire
Elizabeth Ann NECK daughter 19 Dressmaker born Devon
William J. NECK son 17 Printer born Newport, Monmouthshire

James died of pneumonia on 15th March 1880 at 6 Clifton Hill, Swansea. In 1881 his widow Sarah was still living in Swansea, as seen here in the census for that year:

6 Clifton Street, Swansea Town, Glamorgan, Wales

Sarah NECK widow aged 69 Dressmaker born Fishponds, Gloucester
John EVANS lodger 38 General Ironmonger born Bettws, Glamorgan, Wales

Sarah died on 8th April 1896 at 48 Lower Oxford Street, Swansea. The informant was her step-son, William James NECK.

Hannah Cock NECK (b. 1835) married Oliver HOSKINS on 3rd May 1856 at the Baptist Temple, Commercial Road, Newport. Oliver was a sail-maker and was born in about 1833. He was the son of William HOSKINS, a lath renderer, and Sarah WILLIAMS. In 1861 Hannah was living alone in Newport (her place of birth was incorrectly recorded):

37 Bolt Street, St Woolos, Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales

Hannah HOSKINS aged 25 Sailmaker's Wife born Plymouth, Devon

Meanwhile her husband Oliver was residing in a boarding house in Dale Street, Liverpool with several other sail-makers. Why Oliver was in Liverpool is not known, however he did serve aboard merchant vessels as a sail-maker and it is possible that he had just returned from a voyage, or was waiting to board a vessel. In 1865 Hannah had a daughter, Elizabeth Ann, while living in Cardiff. Elizabeth's father was William DAVIES, suggesting that either Hannah and Oliver had separated, or that Hannah had an affair, perhaps while Oliver was away at sea. Oliver subsequently - and bigamousely - married Sarah Jane SULLY in Newport in 1867. Sarah died of consumption little more than a year later on 31st August 1868 in West Market Street, Newport, aged only 27, and Oliver himself perished on 21st September 1869 when the ship he was serving aboard, the Eastern Empire, sank in the China Sea.

Hannah married William DAVIES, the father of her daughter Elizabeth, in Cardiff in 1869. This is how they appear in the 1871 census:

29 Ivor Street, Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales

William DAVIES aged 33 Blacksmith born Machen, Monmouthshire
Hannah DAVIES wife 35 born Padstow, Cornwall
Elizabeth A. DAVIES daughter 5 born Cardiff, Glamorgan

Sadly Hannah appears to have died in Cardiff in 1872, aged 36. The 1891 census shows William living with his new wife Mary and his daughter Elizabeth Ann.

John Finney NECK (b. 1838) worked as a seaman for the merchants service. He married Jane Coath UREN on 10th October 1857 in the Wesleyan Chapel, Pillgwenlly, Newport. She was born in Plymouth in about 1838 and was the daughter of John UREN, a master rope maker, and Mary Ann. John and Jane had one son, John Henry, born on 5th June 1861 at Frederick Street, St Woolos, Newport. John Henry died just a few months later on 27th December 1861, and then John Finney himself died of pneumonia on 22nd March 1862, aged just 24. It appears that his widow Jane married Sydney EMERY in Newport in 1863 with whom she had at least three children, all born in Newport - Sydney James Henry, born c. 1864; Charles, born c. 1865; and Rosa Jane, born c. 1867. Jane then married for a third time in 1871, this time to George Henry TINKHAM, with whom she had two more children, both born in Newport - Elvira Ann, born c. 1872, and George Henry, born c. 1874.

Elizabeth NECK (b. 1852) married John JAMES on 3rd January 1881 in Swansea. John was born in about 1831 and was the son of John, a coast guard. At the time of their marriage John was the Master of the merchant ship Richard Fisher, which was berthed at Swansea's South Dock. John and Elizabeth had at least three children together - Emmaline, born c. 1877 in Swansea; Frank, born c. 1887, and Cecil Stanley, born at sea on 4th June 1891. The Richard Fisher went back out to sea on 20th January 1881 and didn't return until 2nd May, which explains John's absence from the 1881 census:

6 Clifton Street, Swansea Town, Glamorgan, Wales

Elizabeth A. JAMES aged 27 Master Mariner's Wife born Barnstaple, Devon
Emmaline JAMES daughter 4 Scholar born Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales

William James NECK (b. 1854) became a printer and machinist and married Julia TOWNSEND in Mount Pleasant Chapel, Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales on 4th October 1875. Julia was born in Swansea in about 1854 and was the daughter of Robert TOWNSEND, a book binder, and Mary Ann SIDAWAY. They had at least eight children together, all born in Swansea - William Sidaway, born c. 1876; Ernest Stanley, born c. 1878; Frederick George, born c. 1880; Lilian Eva, born c. 1882; Hilda, born c. 1885; Albert Francis, born c. 1887; Florence, born c. 1890, and Henry Percival, born 7th July 1895. William and Julia NECK lived at 30 New Oxford Street, Swansea, as seen here in the 1881 and 1891 censuses:

30 New Oxford Street, Swansea Town, Glamorgan, Wales (1881)

William J. NECK aged 27 Printer & Machinist born Newport
Julia NECK wife 27 born Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales
William S. NECK son 4 born Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales
Ernest S. NECK son 2 born Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales
Frederick G. NECK son 7 months born Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales

30 New Oxford Street, Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales (1891)

William J. NECK aged 36 Printer Machinist born Newport, Monmouthshire
Julia NECK wife 36 born Swansea, Glamorgan
William L. NECK son 14 Printer born Swansea, Glamorgan
Ernest S. NECK son 12 Machine Printer Assistant born Swansea, Glamorgan
Fredrick G. NECK son 10 Scholar born Swansea, Glamorgan
Lily E. NECK daughter 8 Scholar born Swansea, Glamorgan
Hilda NECK daughter 6 Scholar born Swansea, Glamorgan
Albert NECK son 4 Scholar born Swansea, Glamorgan
Florence NECK daughter 1 born Swansea, Glamorgan

In 1901 William was a patient at Swansea Hospital:

Swansea Hospital, St Helens Road, Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales

William James NECK patient aged 47 Letter Press Printer born Newport, Monmouthshire

His wife Julia and their younger children were still living in Swansea:

57 Lower Oxford Street, Christchurch, Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales

Julia NECK aged 47 born Swansea, Glamorgan
Lilian NECK daughter 18 General Servant (Domestic) born Swansea, Glamorgan
Hilda NECK daughter 16 born Swansea, Glamorgan
Bertie NECK son 13 Pastry Cook's Messenger born Swansea, Glamorgan
Florence NECK daughter 11 born Swansea, Glamorgan
Percy NECK son 5 born Swansea, Glamorgan

Whatever William was in hospital for he apparently made a full recovery as by 1911 he was once again with his wife and children in Oxford Street:

91 Oxford Street, Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales

Williams James NECK aged 57 Printer Compositor born Newport, Monmouthshire
Julia NECK wife 57 born Swansea, Glamorgan
Hilda NECK daughter 26 born Swansea, Glamorgan
Florence NECK daughter 21 born Swansea, Glamorgan
Percy NECK son 15 Baker's Assistant born Swansea, Glamorgan

Julia NECK (nee TOWNSEND) died in Swansea in 1928. Her husband William died in Swansea in 1933.

Charles NECK (1813-1896)

Charles NECK was born 10th December 1813 in Lambeth, Surrey and was baptised on 29th May 1814 in St Mary, Lambeth. He was the son of John Finney NECK and Elizabeth Mary PERRY. Charles chose not to follow in his father's footsteps and become a sailmaker, instead opting for a life at sea. He joined the Royal Navy as an apprentice at the age of 16 and on 4th March 1830 he was assigned to HMS Rattlesnake at Portsmouth. The Rattlesnake was an Atholl-class 28-gun sixth-rate corvette. Charles served on board the Rattelesnake for just over a year, during which she visited Algiers, Corfu and Malta. In May 1830 the Rattlesnake ran aground at Algiers but was repaired and returned to service. The Rattlesnake returned to Portsmouth on 3rd April 1831 and Charles was "paid off" on 22nd April, meaning that the voyage for which he had been contracted had come to an end, by which time he had become an ordinary seaman. Charles subsequently joined HMS Pearl, a 20-gun sloop, on 3rd May 1831, again as an ordinary seaman, but his record indicates that he absconded two weeks later on 17th May while on leave. However later the same year he joined HMS Tweed, a 28-gun sixth-rate frigate, suggesting that it hadn't been possible to prove that he had deserted. In 1833 he served aboard HMS Speedy, a 6-gun Nightingale-class cutter, as an able seaman. The 1845 Register of Merchant Seaman's Tickets indicates that Charles spent a total of two years and eight months in the Royal Navy.

Following his departure from the Navy Charles spent many years serving aboard merchant vessels. As yet very little specific information is known about the ships he sailed on and where they took him, though the Mercantile Crew Agreements do reveal that in the late 1830s he was on board the Nancy, which may have been based in Plymouth. By the end of 1838 Charles was living in Bridgwater and on 1st January 1839 he joined the Industry, serving aboard her for just over two months during which she visited Lydney, Cardiff and Minehead. He was paid off on 7th March and on 20th March he joined the crew of the Taunton Packet, which was also based at Bridgwater. He served on the Packet for three months, visiting Newport and London, before being paid off on 19th June. Nothing further is known about his seafaring exploits, though it does appear that he continued to serve aboard merchant vessels at least into the 1850s. The 1845 Register of Merchant Seamen's Tickets also provides a physical description of Charles: he was 5 foot 5 inches tall with dark brown hair, blue eyes and a florid complexion.

Charles married Maria LAPIDGE on 16th December 1832 in St George, East Stonehouse, Plymouth, Devon. Maria was baptised in St Andrew, Plymouth on 18th November 1814 and was the daughter of Edward LAPIDGE, a mariner, and Ann THOMPSON. Curiously on some of her children's birth certificates Maria's maiden name is given as THOMPSON rather than LAPIDGE - one of the many as yet unsolved NECK family mysteries. Charles and Maria had three children in Plymouth, all baptised in the parish of St Andrew - Anna Maria, baptised 18th July 1833; Ellen Elizabeth, baptised 10th February 1835, and Eliza Jane, baptised 30th March 1837. Sadly, Anna Maria died shortly after her birth and was buried in St Andrew on 29th July 1833 aged just three weeks. Eliza Jane died of small pox on 11th August 1838 at 30 St Andrew Street, St Andrew, Plymouth, aged just 16 months. Charles and Maria then moved to Bridgwater and it was here that their first son, Charles Henry, was born on 24th May 1839. Charles, Maria and their young family lived in Barclay Street, Bridgwater, as seen here in the 1841 census:

Barclay Street, Bridgwater, Somerset

Charles NECK aged 25 Seaman Not born in county
Maria NECK wife 25
Ellen NECK daughter 5
Charles NECK son 2

Charles and Maria appear to have spent only a few years in Bridgwater. By 1842 they were living in Bristol, and it was here that their next child, John Edward NECK, was born. John was born on 2nd August 1842 in Guinea Street, St Mary Redcliffe, Bristol, but tragically he died of meningitis on 20th July 1847 at 2 Searles Court, Temple Parish, Bristol, aged just 4. The couple's next child, George William, was born on 21st December 1844 in Plough Court, St Thomas, Bristol, followed by Mary Jane, who was born on 17th September 1847 in Searles Court, Temple, Bristol. Emily Ann NECK was born on 7th March 1850 at 4 Long Row, St Thomas, Bristol, but she died of pneumonia on 8th April 1850, aged just 29 days. In 1851 Charles and Maria were living at 2 Long Row along with four other families, as seen here in the 1851 census:

2 Long Row, Thomas Street, St Thomas, Bristol

Charles NECK aged 39 General Labourer born London
Maria NECK wife 38 Washerwoman born Plymouth
Ellen NECK daughter 16 Tailoress born Plymouth
Charles NECK son 10 Tailors Helper born Bridgewater
George NECK son 6 Scholar born Bristol
Mary NECK daughter 3 born Bristol

Emma Maria NECK was born at Long Row on 1st April 1851 and John Edward NECK was born on 12th November 1852 at 108 Thomas Street, St Mary Redcliffe, Bristol. It seems that Charles and Maria had two more children, both born at 6 Redcliff Square, St Mary Redcliffe - Ann, born 24th November 1854, and Henry, born 23rd October 1857. Ann NECK died on 2nd December 1854 at 6 Redcliff Square aged just one week and Henry died on 23rd September 1858 at the same address aged 11 months.

Charles may have been the Charles NECK whose arrest for smuggling tobacco was reported in the Bristol Mercury on 18th January 1845: "MONDAY.  Charles Neck was charged with having a quantity of tobacco in his possession, supposed to have been stolen.  Police-sergeant Hamlin stopped the prisoner on Saturday night, on the Quay with the tobacco under his arm, and as he tried to avoid witness he took him into custody.  At the request of Mr Cripps, of the Customs, the prisoner was remanded until Thursday.  THURSDAY.  Charles Neck, remanded from Monday, on a charge of smuggling tobacco, was again brought up.  It was stated that the duty on the tobacco amounted to about £12.  The prisoner pleaded that he was merely carrying the tobacco for a sailor, who had employed him to do so.  The magistrates, having no power of mitigation, convicted him in the absolute penalty of £100 and to be imprisoned till paid.  They recommended that the board mitigate the penalty." The 'board' referred to here was presumably the Board of Customs.

Maria NECK (nee LAPIDGE) died of cerebral disease and exhaustion on 18th April 1858 at the Poor Asylum, Stapleton, Gloucestershire. Workhouse infirmary wards were often used for medical care by the poor and it is likely that she was taken there by her family when they were no longer able to take care of her at home.

In early 1861 Charles become a Bristol dock pilot, as recorded here in the Western Daily Press on 2nd January: "Your committee beg to recommend that James Long, Robert Clark, Samuel Thorn, and Charles Neck, be licensed to act as dock pilots, under, and in conformity with, the bye laws, rules, and orders made and ordained by the Council for regulating the duties and conduct of persons employed in navigating, mooring, and unmooring vessels with the Bristol docks."

In 1861 Charles was living in Queen Square, Bristol with his new 'wife' Mary Isabel who was born in Dodington, Somerset sometime between 1815 and  1822. There is no trace of a marriage for Charles and Mary, and it seems likely that they never married. It is therefore impossible to identify Mary with complete certainty, however the most likely candidate is Mary Bellamy SELLICK, who was baptised in Dodington on 19th February 1815, the daughter of Simon SELLICK and Susannah BREWER. As well as having a similar name to Charles's 'wife' and being born in the right place, there is no trace of Mary SELLICK in any census after 1851, and she does not appear to have married or died, meaning she could be the Mary NECK living with Charles from 1861 onward. Another compelling piece of evidence is that Mary SELLICK had an illegitimate son, George Rodney SELLICK, who in turn had a daughter whose name was registered as Mary Isabella when she was born in 1879, but who married as Mary Bellamy in 1900, suggesting that the middle names 'Isabel' and 'Bellamy' were interchangeable. In addition, Mary SELLICK's nephew John BLAKE married Charles NECK's niece Charlotte HARPER in 1875, and Mary's niece Sarah BLAKE was living at the same address as Charles and Mary in the 1881 census. This is how Charles and Mary appear in 1861:

55 Queen Square, St Stephen, Bristol

Charles NECK aged 46 Stevedore Pilot born London
Mary NECK wife 42 born Dodington, Somerset
Mary Jane NECK daughter 14 Scholar born Bristol
Emma Maria NECK daughter 9 Scholar born Bristol

View from St. Mary Redcliffe
View from St. Mary Redcliffe
(click image to enlarge)

It would appear that Charles took an interest in local politics; on 1st February 1868 the Bristol Times & Mirror reported on "a meeting of the members of the Bristol Working Men's Conservative Association held at St. James's Hall for the purpose of establishing a committee to further the candidature of Mr. John William Miles." Among the men present was Charles NECK. John William MILES was standing for the Conservative party in a by-election due to be held in April, and while he went on to win against the Liberal candidate Samuel MORLEY, he was subsequently ousted in the General Election held the following November.

After spending much of his early life moving from one place to another, Charles finally settled down in his his later years. By 1870 he was living at 8 King Street, St Nicholas, Bristol, as seen here in the 1871 census:

8 King Street, St Nicholas, Bristol

Charles NECK aged 56 Dock Pilot born London
Mary NECK wife 54 born Dodington, Somerset

Emma M. NECK daughter 19 born Bristol
Henrietta RICHARDS lodger 42 born Marazion, Cornwall

8 King Street
8 King Street
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Charles' second wife Mary Isabel died at home on 17th August 1883. The informant was her step-daughter, Mary RILEY (nee NECK). Charles married for a third time on 27th March 1884 in The Register Office, Bristol, his new wife being Persis Augusta SHEPPARD.  Persis was born in Mere, Wiltshire in about 1838 and was the daughter of Henry SHEPPARD, a haulier. 

The following advertisment appeared in the Western Daily Press on 10th November 1888 which provides a good description of 8 King Street and perhaps a small insight into Charles NECK's character: "Desirable & centrally-situated property in King Street, Queen Square, Bristol.  Mr C. H. Tucker will sell by auction, at the St. Stephen Street sale room, on Thursday, November 15th 1888, at 3 o'clock in the Afternoon precisely, the following desirable property: a messuage or dwelling house, known as 8 King Street, Queen Square (next to the Coopers' Arms), now and for 25 years year past in the occupation of Mr. C. Neck, at a rental of £30 per annum, which, during the whole of that period, has been most punctually paid. The Premises have a capital frontage to King Street, and contain good Cellarage and Cellar Entrance, and 11 Rooms and Offices, all in excellent repair, and the drainage is complete. The house might be utilised for Ground Floor Offices, on account of their very central situation."

In 1891 Charles and Persis were still living at 8 King Street, together with Mary Jane and her RILEY relatives, as seen here in the 1891 census:

8 King Street, St Nicholas, Bristol

Charles NECK aged 78 Stevedore born Lambeth, London
Persis NECK wife 53 Laundress born Mere, Wiltshire
Mary Jane RILEY daughter widow 43 born Bristol
Henry RILEY grandson 26 Dock Labourer born Bristol
Mary Jane RILEY granddaughter 13 born Bristol
Thomas RILEY grandson 9 born Bristol
Ellen RILEY relative 29 Theatrical Attendant born Bristol
Ellen Isabel RILEY relative 3 born Bristol
Emily Maud RILEY relative 8 months born Bristol
Albert Edward BAGG boarder 24 born South Brent, Somerset
Henry STILWELL boarder 25 Dock Labourer

Charles NECK died on 20th October 1896 at home at 8 King Street, St Nicholas. He was 82 years old. The informant was his widow, Persis. His death was recorded in the Western Daily Press on 22nd October: "Deaths. Oct. 20, Charles Neck, for many years dock pilot and stevedore, of this city aged 82. Friends will kindly accept this intimation." Persis continued to live at 8 King Street after her husband's death and was running the property as a lodging house in 1901, as seen here in the census for that year:

8 King Street, St Nicholas with St Leonard, Bristol

Persis Augusta NECK widow aged 62 Lodging House Keeper born Mere, Wiltshire
Mary Jane SHEPPARD sister 60 born Mere, Wiltshire
Fred James Saunders BIGGLESTONE boarder 29 Commission Agent born Abergavenny, Monmouthshire
George Reginald MEES boarder 24 Tobacco Operative born Bristol
Harry BEAUFORT border 34 Actor born St Marylebone, London
Alice BEAUFORT boarder 26 Actress born Southwark, London

In 1911 Persis was visiting her nephew in Birmingham:

103 Woodland Road, Handsworth, Birmingham

Benjamin HANSON aged 54 Machine Tool Maker born Oldbrook, Staffordshire
Sarah Ann HANSON wife 52 born Newport, Monmouthshire
James HANSON son 23 Iron Moulder born Smethwick, Staffordshire
Olive HANSON daughter 16 Clerk G.P.O. born Smethwick, Staffordshire
Benjamin HANSON son 13 Scholar born Smethwick, Staffordshire
Pesis NECK aunt widow 72 born Mere, Wiltshire

Persis NECK (nee SHEPPARD) died in Staffordshire in 1922.

Ellen NECK (b. 1834) married William JOHNS on 28th December 1868 in St Jude, Bristol. Willian was born in Redcliffe, Bristol in about 1833 and was the son of Thomas JOHNS, a seaman. At the time of their marriage William was a private in the 35th Foot Regiment, but he later worked as a dock labourer. In 1871 William and Ellen were living in Wellington Street, Bristol, as seen here in the census for that year:

5 Wellington Street, St John the Baptist, Bristol

William JOHNS aged 37 Labourer born Bristol
Ellen E. JOHNS wife 36 Tailoress born Plymouth, Devon
John L. HAINES nurse child 1 month born Bristol

Ellen died of kidney disease on 13th February 1879 at 18 King Street, St Nicholas, Bristol, aged 44.

Emma Maria NECK (b. 1851) married Thomas James LEWIS on 28th January 1872 in St John Baptist Parish Church, Bristol. They were both living at 12 All Saints Street at the time of their marriage. Thomas was born on 14th November 1850 in Georges Alley, St Mary Redcliffe, Bristol and was the son of Thomas LEWIS, a mariner, and Mary Ann FEAR. Thomas and Emma had at least eight children together, all born in Bristol - Emma Maria, born 19th November 1872; Florence Louisa, born 27th October 1874; Adelina, born 1st February 1877; Beatrice Maud, born 26th June 1879, died c. 1880; Beatrice Maud, born c. 1881; Thomas Charles George, born c. 1884; Charles Phineas, born c. 1886, and Lavinia Lilian, born c. 1891. In 1881 the family was living in St Philip & Jacob, Bristol, as seen here in the census for that year:

7 Hobbs Buildings, St Philip & Jacob, Bristol

Thomas LEWIS aged 30 Bootmaker born Bristol, Gloucester
Emma LEWIS wife 28 born Bristol, Gloucester
Emma M. LEWIS daughter 8 born Bristol, Gloucester

Florence LEWIS daughter 6 born Bristol, Gloucester

Adelaide LEWIS daughter 4 born Bristol, Gloucester

By 1891 the family had moved to Mangotsfield in Gloucestershire:

Bath Buildings, Mangotsfield, Gloucestershire

Thomas James LEWIS aged 40 Shoemaker born Bristol
Emma M. LEWIS wife 38 born Bristol
Emma M. LEWIS daughter 18 Machinist born Bristol
Florence L. LEWIS daughter 16 Machinist born Bristol
Adiline LEWIS daughter 14 Scholar born Bristol
Beatrice M. LEWIS daughter 9 Scholar born Bristol
Thomas C. G. LEWIS son 7 Scholar born Bristol
Charles P. LEWIS son 4 Scholar born Bristol
Frank G. DANIELS lodger widower 26 Carpenter born Bath

Emma Maria LEWIS (nee NECK) died of phthisis on 26th August 1892 at 136 Goodhind Street, St Philip & Jacob.

John NECK (1818-1877)

John NECK was born in Chelsea, London in about 1818 and was the son of John Finney NECK and Elizabeth Mary PERRY. It seems that, like his older brothers James and Charles, John went to sea at an early age. He appears in the 1845 Register of Merchant Seamen's Tickets where he is described as 5 foot 5 inches, with sandy hair, blue eyes and a light complexion. It states that he first went to sea as an apprentice in 1831 and spent two and a half years in the Royal Navy. Other documents from the 1840s indicate that he was a sail-maker like his father and he may have worked in this trade ashore while also a registered merchant seaman.

John married Jane BURROWS on 4th March 1841 in St Mary, Bridgwater. They were both living in Eastover near Bridgwater at the time of their marriage. Jane was born in about 1820 and was a milliner. John and Jane had at least three children together, all born in Bridgwater - John William Jones NECK, born 10th December 1841;  Rhoda Jane, born 1st October 1843, and Lucy, born 5th November 1845. Jane NECK (nee BURROWS) died of phthisis on 5th March 1847 in Bridgwater. Her daughter Lucy died on 17th August of the same year aged just one year and nine months.

John NECK subsequently married Eliza STOODLEY who was born in Bridgwater in about 1823, the daughter of John STOODLEY, a soldier in the Somerset militia, and Martha LEAKER. John and Eliza married on 1st May 1847 in the parish of Lyncombe & Widcombe, Somerset. John and Eliza had at least six children in Bridgwater - Emily, born 4th April 1848; Lanora, born 9th March 1850; Henry, born 12th January 1852; William, born 1st November 1853, died 10th September 1854; Eliza, born 9th August 1855 and Ellen, born 17th June 1857, died 24th May 1858. By 1850 John NECK had given up his job as a sail-maker and was instead running the King's Arms Inn on West Quay, Bridgwater. This is how the family appears in 1851:

Quay, Bridgwater, Somerset

John NECK aged 30 Inn Holder born Chelsea
Eliza NECK wife 28 born Bridgwater, Somerset
Rhoda Jane NECK daughter 7 born Bridgwater, Somerset
Emily NECK daughter 3 born Bridgwater, Somerset
Lenora NECK daughter 1 born Bridgwater, Somerset
Emma LEAR 27 born Langport, Somerset

King's Arms Inn
King's Arms Inn
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On 23rd January 1858 the following advertisement appeared in the Bristol Mercury: "Bridgwater. To be Let, with early possession, the King's Arms Inn, well situated for business, on the Quay, with Back Entrance near the County Court, now in the occupation of Mr. John Neck... Satisfactory reasons can be given why the present Proprietor is desirous of giving up the Business." It is possible that John wanted to give up the business because he was in financial trouble, as a list of insolvent debtors which appeared in the London Gazette on 11th January 1859 included "John Neck, late of Quay, Bridgewater, Somerset, Master Mariner - In the Debtor's Prison for London and Middlesex."

John subsequently appeared in the 18th January 1859 edition of the Gazette where a great deal more was revealed about his business dealings: "Court for Relief of Insolvent Debtors. The following Prisoners, whose Estates and Effects have been vested in the Provisional Assignee by Order of the Court, having filed their Schedules, are ordered to be brought up before the Court, as hereinafter mentioned, at the Court-House, in Portugal-Street, Lincoln's-Inn, as follows, to be dealt with according to the Statute: On Tuesday the 1st February, 1859, at Ten o'Clock precisely, before Mr. Commissioner Murphy. John Neck, formerly of the King's Arms Hotel, the Quay, Bridgewater, Somersertshire, Licensed Victualler and Tobacconist, owning and trading with a coastal vessel called the 'Caerleon,' and part owner of a vessel called the 'Astrea;' and next and late of Burnham, near Bridgewater, Somersetshire, Master Mariner, trading between England, the Mediterranean, and the Black Sea."

John was apparently able to clear his debts quickly as by 1859 he had become the proprietor of a pub on the corner of the Esplanade and South Street in Burnham, Somerset. The following article appeared in the Bridgwater Mercury on 26th October 1859: "Accident. - On Saturday a young girl, daughter of Mr. Neck, of the Pier Hotel, fell off the sea wall in front of her father's house and was nearly killed. Her arm was fractured in two places, and she was sadly bruised. Under the care of Mr. Chadwick she is likely to recover." It isn't known which of John's daughters had the accident.

The following article appeared in the Bridgwater Mercury on 12th September 1860: "Application for Licenses. - At the Axbridge police court on Tuesday last, Mr. Jas. Neck, of the Steam Packet Inn, in this town, Mr. H. Hurman, of the Sea View House Inn, and Mr. Jas. Winter, of the Royal Marine Inn, made applications to the sitting magistrates for licenses for the sale of wine and spirits. Mr. T. Smith, solictor, of Weston-super-Mare, supported the applications of Messrs. Neck and Winter, and Mr. B. T. Allen, solicitor of Burnham, appeared for Mr. Hurman. - The magistrates granted license to Mr. Neck only." It is assumed that the article was referring to John NECK despite calling him James, and it is also assumed that the Steam Packet Inn was the same pub as the Pier Hotel, which is where John was living in 1861:

Pier Hotel, St Andrew, Burnham, Somerset

John NECK aged 42 Hotel Keeper born London, Middlesex
Eliza NECK wife 38 born Bridgwater, Somerset
Lenora NECK daughter 10 Scholar born Bridgwater, Somerset
Rodah NECK daughter 15 Scholar born Bridgwater, Somerset
Eliza NECK daughter 6 Scholar born Bridgwater, Somerset
William NECK son 6 months born Burnham, Somerset
Frederick BANKS visitor 13 Scholar born Bridgwater, Somerset
Susan BENNETT servant 21 House Servant born Plymouth, Devon
Samuel BOARD servant 14 House Servant born Taunton, Somerset
Henry NECK son 8 Scholar born Bridgwater, Somerset

It doesn't appear that the Pier Hotel run by John NECK was connected to the current Old Pier Tavern in Pier Street which was originally the tap room of the Reed's Arms. It is possible that John changed the name of the pub from the Pier Hotel to the Steam Packet Inn around 1860 and the census enumerator mistakenly recorded it with its previous name. In the late 1860s the building became a boarding house and was renamed York House. In the 20th century it was run as a residential home by Somerset County Council but is now a private residence.

John only lived in Burnham for a few years before moving to Cardiff, Wales. On 11th March 1864 the Cardiff Times reported that the license for the Royal Hotel in St Mary Street had been transferred from John RANDELL to John NECK, but by 1866 John was running the nearby Clarence Hotel, as shown in the following story from the Cardiff Times on 14th September 1866:

"Prostitutes in a hotel. – John Neck, of the Clarence Hotel, was charged with allowing prostitutes to assemble in his house. P. C. Hawkins said that on Friday, at half-past ten p.m., his attention was drawn to prostitutes quarrelling in the Clarence. He went in and found six prostitutes there. The defendant was behind the bar. Witness went and told the sergeant, and after waiting ten minutes, they went in and found the same six prostitutes and about twenty men. They spoke to defendant about it, who replied that they had no right to interfere with him, and that he would keep the women there as long as he liked. Witness went outside, and remained outside the door until half-past eleven, when two of the prostitutes left, and the others still remained for half an hour longer. Defendant during this while came twice to the street, saying he would report witness, and make him know his duty. Mr. Ensor, who appeared for the defendant, cross-examined the witness to show that he had been playing skittles at the house on the Saturday week, and that defendant had turned him out. Witness denied that he had been turned out of the house, or that he had any words with the defendant, or any ill-feeling toward him. – Sergeant Hornblow deposed that on the evening in question he was fetched by the last witness to the house of the defendant, and heard very bad language from the prostitutes inside while he stood at the door. He then went in, at ten minutes past eleven, and called the defendant's attention to the six prostitutes in the bar, and advised him to clear them out. He replied that that was his business, and he would do as he liked about it. Witness then left, telling the last witness to notice the time at which the prostitutes came out. – Cross-examined: This was the first complaint against the defendant. Defendant was very insolent to witness, and threatened to report him. He did not say that he had ordered the prostitutes out. There was much noise, and apparently almost a fight beginning, when witness entered the room. The prostitutes were well-known ones. One was called 'Tom Sayers,' another 'Liza Davies', and several of them were women whom witness had had occasion to lock up for disorderly conduct. The house was not one to which prostitutes greatly resorted, and the defendant had been cautioned before. All the ginshops in St. Mary-street were more or less frequented by prostitutes in the evening. The Clarence was better conducted now than it formerly was. Mr. Ensor, for the defendant, said the offence was one not of a very grave character, and which might be urged against thirty houses in St. Mary-street. – Mr. Jones said, the landlords could not prevent prostitutes from coming to get refreshments, but they could prevent them from staying an hour in the bar. – Mr. Ensor addressed the Bench at some length, palliating the case as far as possible. He then called C. Fowler, painter, 6, Havelock-street, who stated that on the evening in question he went to defendant's house at half past eight and stayed there until eleven. No women came in until half-past ten. Then some women came in chaffing each other, and the defendant threatened to call the police to them if they did not keep still. When the policeman came in and counted the women, the defendant said there were none of them bad women that he knew of, and that there was no noise there, and that they were more required at many other places than at his house. One of the women still remained when witness left; the rest had gone before. – The Bench said they did not wish to convict the defendant, but they would state their belief that what the constables had said was correct, and that the defendant was very incautious in his language to the police. That he did not do his duty in preventing the prostitutes remaining in his house. They would record against him a caution, though not a conviction; and they wished him and all other keepers of public houses in St. Mary-street to understand that though they had a right to serve prostitutes with refreshment, they must not permit them to stay in the house. Mr. Ensor said the defendant was very thankful to the Bench for their leniency."

John and Eliza had two daughters in Cardiff - Florence Annie, born 16th January 1864 in Trinity Street, St John, and Elizabeth Ann, born 20th July 1866 at 42 St Mary Street. Sadly, Florence Annie contracted measles and died on 16th October 1864 at 1 Trinity Street.

In the late 1860s the family moved to Newport in Wales where John NECK became the inn keeper of the Dock Hotel on Dock Parade, St Woolos. On 27th March 1869 the County Observer & Monmouthshire Central Advertiser reported on the trial of William JONES who was accused of stealing various items, including a cock and a drake which he sold to John NECK, keeper of the Dock Hotel, for 5 shillings. John subsequently handed the birds over to the police. JONES was ultimately found guilty and sentenced to seven years penal servitude. The following year John himself had another brush with the law; on 21st May 1870 the Western Daily Press reported that "John Neck, of the Dock Hotel, was summoned for keeping his licensed house open for sale of liquor during prohibited hours on Sunday and ordered to pay the costs, 7s 6d."

This is how the family appears in the 1871 census:

Dock Hotel, 14 Dock Parade, St Woolos, Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales

John NECK aged 53 Innkeeper born Chelsea, Middlesex
Eliza NECK wife 47 born Bridgwater, Somerset
Rhoda NECK daughter 27 born Bridgwater, Somerset
Bessie NECK daughter 4 born Cardiff, Glamorgan
Martha COOPER servant 22 Cook born Midsomer Norton, Somerset
Amelia CRAPP servant 27 Barmaid born Portsmouth, Hampshire
Samuel PAYNE servant 20 Boots born Somerset
Louisa NORMAN visitor 36 Dress Maker born Egloshayle, Cornwall
Andrew WOLLACK borader 35 Master Mariner born Pt Medway, Nova Scotia
Rowland BROTHERHOOD boarder 58 Civil Engineer born Isleworth, Middlesex
Charles BROTHERHOOD his son 15 born Chippenham, Wiltshire

John appeared in court again the following year, as reported here in the Monmouthshire Merlin on 1st November 1872: "John Neck, landlord of the Dock Hotel, was summoned for keeping a male servant without a license. – Mr. Hare, supervisor, appeared to prosecute. – Defendant said he had a boy in his employ to do the work about the house, and he admitted that the boy helped in the stable, but was not employed for that purpose. When he took out a license he had no man and could not get one. If he had done wrong it was done in ignorance. – The case was proved, and the Magistrates inflicted the lowest mitigated penalty of £5."

John's son Henry (b. 1852) died in the Dock Hotel on 25th July 1875, aged just 22. He was buried two days later in Newport Cemetery. John NECK himself died on 11th November 1877 aged 59 at 4 Caerleon Road, Christchurch, Newport and was buried in Newport Cemetery on 15th November. Sadly the Dock Hotel no longer exists and Dock Parade has been buried beneath the Usk Way.

In 1881 John's widow Eliza was visiting her daughter Emily in Norton, Derbyshire, as seen here in the census for that year:

Lees Hall Road, Norton, Derby

Emily CLEGG aged 32 born Bridgwater, Somerset
Emily CLEGG daughter 11 born Sheffield, York
Charles CLEGG son 9 Scholar born Sheffield, York
Archie CLEGG son 7 Scholar born Sheffield, York
Wilfred CLEGG son 5 born Sheffield, York
Alice CLEGG daughter 4 born  Sheffield, York
Mabel CLEGG daughter 2 born Sheffield, York
Ernest CLEGG son 2 months born Norton, Derby
Eliza NECK mother in law widow 57 born Bridgwater, Somerset
Ann JESSOP servant 19 General Servant (Domestic) born Sheffield, York

By 1891 Eliza had moved to nearby Heeley just over the border in Yorkshire:

115 Albert Road, Heeley, Ecclesall Bierlow, Yorkshire

Eliza NECK widow aged 67 Living On Own Means born Bridgwater, Somerset
Rhoda NECK daughter 47 born Bridgwater, Somerset
William NECK son 30 Shorthand Clerk born Burnham, Somerset
Bessie NECK daughter 24 born Cardiff, Glamorgan

Eliza NECK (nee STOODLEY) died on 16th January 1904 aged 80 at 61 Thirlwell Road, Heeley, Sheffield.

John William Jones NECK (b. 1841) was living with the JONES family in Bridgwater in 1851:

North Gate, Bridgwater, Somerset

William JONES aged 44 School Master born Bridgwater, Somerset
Mary JONES wife 45 Governess born Kingsbridge, Devon
Mary JONES daughter 12 Scholar born Bridgwater, Somerset
Sarah JONES daughter 9 Scholar born Bridgwater, Somerset
Jane LEAVEY wife's sister 38 Assistant Governess born Kingsbridge, Devon
John POOLE boarder 12 born Bristol
John NECK boarder 10 born Bridgwater, Somerset

This might explain John's middle names - he could have been the illegitimate son of Jane BURROWS by William JONES, though there is no evidence for this, or it could be that William JONES had supported the family in some way and John's parents named their first child after him. Whatever the explanation, John's middle names do not appear on any other records. John became a seaman in the merchant service and married Martha ALDERTON (nee HOVINGTON) in the Wesleyan Chapel, Lynn Street, West Hartlepool, Durham on 29th July 1867. Martha was born in Cloughton, Yorkshire in about 1841 and was the daughter of John and Elizabeth HOVINGTON. Her first husband was William ALDERTON, a dock labourer, with whom she had at least two children - Charles, born c. 1862 in Ebberston, Yorkshire, and Elizabeth, born 8th June 1864 at 8 Mosley Street, West Hartlepool. 

John's marriage to Martha apparently did not meet the approval of his family as shown by this article in the Cardiff Times on 28th January 1905: "Wealthy Publican's Money. A romantic story lies behind an advertisment which states that if John Neck (the younger), who was last heard of in West Hartlepool about thirty years ago, will communicate with Messrs Davis, Lloyds, and Wilson, solicitors, Newport, Mon., he may hear of something to his advantage. John Neck, senior, kept the Dock Hotel, Newport, Mon., about forty-five years ago, and there he built up a prosperous business. 'Apparently the father did not approve of his son's marriage, for the son left him,' said Mr T. B. R. Wilson, member of the Newport firm of solicitors. 'We are anxious to find the heir, and would rather see him get the money than it should go into Chancery. A considerable sum is awaiting him.'" It is possible that the search for John was prompted by the death of his mother Eliza in January 1904, though it is not known if he was ever tracked down or whether he inherited his father's money.

John and Martha had three children - Jane Ann, born 25th February 1870 at 13 Park Street, West Hartlepool; Hannah Jane, born 10th March 1874 at 42 Park Street, West Hartlepool, and John Thomas, born 7th January 1878 also at 42 Park Street. Jane Ann NECK died on 7th July 1871 in Park Street and was buried in Hartlepool three days later. The family lived in Stranton, West Hartlepool as seen here in the 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901 and 1911 censuses:

13 Park Street, Stranton, West Hartlepool, Durham (1871)

John NECK aged 31 Mariner born Bridgewater, Somerset
Martha NECK wife 31 Mariner's Wife born Cloughton, Yorkshire
Charles ANDERTON son 8 Scholar born Ebberston, Yorkshire
Elizabeth ANDERTON daughter 6 born West Hartlepool, Durham
Jane Ann NECK daughter 1 born West Hartlepool, Durham

36 Park Street, Stranton, West Hartlepool, Durham (1881)

John NECK aged 39 Mariner born Bridgwater, Somerset
Martha NECK wife 39 born Cloughton, York
Elizabeth NECK daughter 16 Domestic Servant born West Hartlepool, Durham
Hannah J. NECK daughter 6 Scholar born West Hartlepool, Durham
John T. NECK son 3 born West Hartlepool, Durham

30 Eden Street, Stranton, West Hartlepool, Durham (1891)

John NECK aged 49 Sea Mariner born Bridgwater, Somerset
Martha NECK wife 49 born Cloughton, Yorkshire
Hannah NECK daughter 17 General Domestic Servant born West Hartlepool, Durham
John NECK son 13 scholar born West Hartlepool, Durham
Gertrude LINES granddaughter 2 born West Hartlepool, Durham
Elizabeth PROCTOR lodger 42 Preacher Temperence Assoc. born Newport, Wales

25 Waldon Street, Stranton, West Hartlepool, Durham (1901)

John NECK aged 61 Labourer For N E R born Bridgwater, Somerset
Martha NECK wife 61 born Cloughton, Yorkshire
Hannah J. NECK daughter 26 born West Hartlepool, Durham
John T. NECK son 23 Railway Engine Stoker born West Hartlepool, Durham

8 Belk Street, West Hartlepool, Durham (1911)

John NECK aged 68 N.E.R. Dock Engineering Department Labourer born Bridgwater, Somerset
Martha NECK wife 68 born Cloughton, Yorkshire
Hannah Jane NECK daughter 38 born West Hartlepool, Durham

John William Jones NECK died on 29th April 1913 at 11 Oxley Street, West Hartlepool and was buried in Hartlepool on 3rd May of that year. His widow Maria died on 8th March 1916 at 4 Lister Street, West Hartlepool and was buried in Hartlepool on 21st March of that year. Their daughter Hannah Jane never married - she died on 27th March 1914 at Hartlepools Hospital, Friar Street, Hartlepool and was buried in Hartlepool four days later.

Rhoda Jane NECK (b. 1843) never married. In 1881 she was living with her brother William and sister Bessie at 35 Cardiff Road, Newport, as seen here in the census for that year:

35 Cardiff Road, Newport, Monmouth, Wales

William NECK aged 20 born Burnham, Somerset
Rhoda NECK sister 37 born Bridgwater, Somerset
Bessie NECK sister 14 born Cardiff, Glamorgan
Annie REECE boarder 84 born Tidenham, Gloucester
Charles CLEGG brother-in-law 51 Saw & File Manufacturer born Sheffield, York

Rhoda NECK died on 2nd April 1910 at the Workhouse Infirmary, Throston, Hartlepool and was buried in Hartlepool three days later. She was living in Belk Street, Hartlepool at the time of her death.

Emily NECK (b. 1848) married Charles CLEGG on 5th September 1867 in St Mary the Virgin, Cardiff, Wales. Charles was born in Sheffield, Yorkshire in about 1830 and was a saw and file manufacturer. He was the son of William CLEGG, a merchant. Emily and Charles had at least nine children - Emily, born c. 1869 in Sheffield; Charles, born c. 1871 in Sheffield; Archie, born c. 1873 in Sheffield; Wilfred, born c. 1875 in Sheffield; Alice, born c. 1876 in Sheffield; Mabel, born c. 1878 Sheffied; Ernest, born c. 1881 in Norton, Derbyshire; Harold, born c. 1884 in Norton, and Gwendolen, born c. 1886 in Norton. In 1881 Emily was living at Lees Hall Road, Norton, Derbyshire with her children, while Charles was visiting his in-laws at 35 Cardiff Road, Newport (see above census extracts). Charles CLEGG died on 12th June 1888 at Meersbrook Park Road, Norton, Derbyshire, and was buried in Wadsley, Yorkshire on 15th June of that year. This is how his widow Emily appears in the 1891 census:

51 Meersbrook Park Road, Norton, Derbyshire

Emily CLEGG widow aged 43 born Bridgwater, Somerset
Anny CLEGG daughter 21 Teacher of Music born Heeley, Yorkshire
Charles CLEGG son 19 Manufacturer's Clerk born Heeley, Yorkshire
Archie CLEGG son 17 Engineer Fitter born Heeley, Yorkshire
Fred CLEGG son 15 Brewer's Traveller's Assistant born Heeley, Yorkshire
Alice CLEGG daughter 14 Stationer's Assistant born Heeley, Yorkshire
Mabel CLEGG daughter 12 Scholar born Heeley, Yorkshire
Ernest CLEGG son 10 Scholar born Norton, Derbyshire
Harold CLEGG son 7 Scholar born Norton, Derbyshire
Gwendolyn CLEGG daughter 5 born Norton, Derbyshire

Emily subsequently married her late sister's husband Henry MATTHEWMAN in 1900.

Lanora NECK (b. 1850) married Mateo CUÉ on 14th October 1870 in The Register Office, Newport. Mateo was born in about 1841 and was a steam ship engineer. He was the son of Mateo CUÉ, a master mariner.

Eliza NECK (b. 1855) married Henry MATTHEWMAN on 22nd May 1880 in Norton, Derbyshire. Henry was born in Cudworth, Yorkshire in about 1844 and was the son of Joshua MATTHEWMAN and Mary HARRISON. Eliza and Henry had at least five children together - John Stuart, born 1881 in Heeley, Sheffield, Yorkshire; Charles Richard, born c. 1882 in Norton, Derbyshire; Francis William, born c. 1884 in Norton; Albert, born c. 1885 in Norton, and Leonora, born 18th August 1888 in Norton. This is how the family appears in the 1881 and 1891 censuses:

134 Alexandra Road, Heeley, Sheffield, Yorkshire (1881)

Henry MATTHEWMAN aged 36 Traveller Brewers born Cudworth, Yorkshire
Eliza MATTHEWMAN wife 25 born Bridgwater, Somerset
Bertha ROLLET servant 17 Domestic Servant born Owlerton, Sheffield, Yorkshire
John Stuart MATTHEWMAN son 1 month born Heeley, Sheffield, Yorkshire

8 Meersbrook Road, Norton, Derbyshire (1891)

Henry MATTHEWMAN aged 46 Brewer's Traveller born Cudworth, Yorkshire
Eliza MATTHEWMAN wife 35 born Bridgwater, Somerset
John S. MATTHEWMAN son 10 Scholar born Sheffield, Yorkshire
Charles R. MATTHEWMAN son 8 Scholar born Sheffield, Yorkshire
Francis W. MATTHEWMAN son 7 Scholar born Norton, Derbyshire
Albert MATTHEWMAN son 5 Scholar born Norton, Derbyshire
Leonora MATTHEWMAN daughter 2 born Norton, Derbyshire
Mary WALTER mother widow 75 born Cudworth, Yorkshire
Beatrice COOPER servant 15 General Servant (Domestic) born Handsworth, Yorkshire
Patrick Burn FAY boarder widower 70 Gardener (Jobbing) born Ireland

Eliza MATTHEWMAN (nee NECK) died on 11th May 1899 in Heeley, Sheffield and her husband Henry subsequently married Eliza's widowed sister Emily CLEGG in 1900. Henry obtained the licence for "The Westminster" public house in High Street, Sheffield on the 6th July 1898, and this is where Henry and his family were living in 1901:

Westminster Hotel, High Street, St Peter, Sheffield, Yorkshire

Henry MATTHEWMAN aged 56 Hotel Proprietor born Cudworth, Yorkshire
Emily MATTHEWMAN wife 52 born Bridgwater, Somerset
Charles R. MATTHEWMAN son 18 Chambers Apprentice born Norton, Derbyshire
Francis W. MATTHEWMAN son 17 Engaged At Home born Norton, Derbyshire
Harold CLEGG stepson 17 Merchants Clerk born Norton, Derbyshire
Sarah BERESFORD cook 48 Cook (Domestic) born Gosley, Staffordshire
Isabella TOES servant 20 Servant (Domestic) born Attercliffe, Yorkshire
Martha FENNIE servant 20 Servant (Domestic) born Rotherham, Yorkshire
Frederick J. SARTAIN servant 29 Boots (Domestic) born Finsbury Park, London
Alice PALEY servant 22 Barmaid born Billinghay, Lincoln

Henry became the manager of the Ball Inn in Heeley, Sheffield on 24th October 1902 and it was here that he died on 18th November 1903 aged 59. In 1911 the widowed Emily was still living in Sheffield with some of her children by her first marriage, though for some reason her surname is shown as CLEGG rather than MATTHEWMAN:

11 Edgedale Road, Sheffield, Yorkshire

Emily CLEGG widow aged 62 born Bridgwater, Somerset
Archie CLEGG son 37 Engineer's Fitter born Sheffield, Yorkshire
Wilfred CLEGG son 35 Reaper Knife Maker born Sheffield, Yorkshire
Mabel CLEGG daughter 32 Scholar born Sheffield, Yorkshire
Gwendolen CLEGG daughter 25 Shop Assistant born Sheffield, Yorkshire
Fredk. Arthur MATTHEWMAN nephew 18 Silver Finisher born Sheffield, Yorkshire
John Stuart MATTHEWMAN nephew 30 Soldier, H.M. Regular Forces born Sheffield, Yorkshire

William NECK (b. 1860) worked as a shorthand clerk. He died of consumption on 24th August 1896 at 122 Albert Road, Heeley, Sheffield, aged just 35.

Elizabeth Ann NECK (b. 1866) was working as a servant in Southport in 1911:

62 Leyland Road, Southport, Lancashire

Mary Jane BRITTAIN aged 71 Private Means born Sheffield, Yorkshire
Lucy Ann BRITTAIN sister 63 Private Means born Sheffield, Yorkshire
Elizabeth Annie NECK servant 44 Lady Help born Cardiff, Glamorgan
Annie BIRKLEY widow servant 56 General Servant (Domestic) born St Helens, Lancashire 

It seems she never married and died in Southport in 1940.

Alfred NECK (1827-1896)

Alfred NECK was baptised in St Woolos, Newport on 4th November 1827 and was the youngest child of John Finney NECK and Elizabeth Mary PERRY. Several of Alfred's older brothers served in the merchant navy and he followed suit. His merchant navy record shows that he first went to sea in 1841 and describes him as being 5 feet 3 inches tall with brown hair, a fresh complexion and light blue eyes. It also states that he was born on 4th October 1823 but he probably fabricated this date to appear older than he actually was. In January 1844 Alfred was sentenced to two months' hard labour with his offence described as "disorderly apprentice". It appears that he spent a day at Wilton Gaol in Taunton before being transferred to Ilchester Gaol.

Alfred's merchant navy record shows that he was serving as a sail-maker aboard as yet known vessels in 1846 and 1847. It also states that he was "discharged at Port Phillip" [Melbourne] on 9th February 1847. Alfred subsequently settled in Australia and married Esther WELLS on 22nd September 1849 at St James, Melbourne. Esther was the daughter of Thomas WELLS and was born in about 1817. Alfred and Esther had at least six children together, all born in Victoria, Australia – Emily Sophia, born c. 1850 in Melbourne; Alfred John, born c. 1853; Henry Herbert (or Hubert), born c. 1854 in Ballarat; Ellen Elizabeth, born c. 1857 in Geelong, died c. 1857; William James, born c. 1858 in Ashby, died c 1862, and Thomas, born c. 1861 in Ashby, died c. 1863.

The following newspaper report from The Age dated 19th September 1890 probably relates to Alfred NECK: "Alleged larceny by a servant. A young man named Frederick Rook was presented at the City Court yesterday before Mr. Panton, P.M., and charged with larceny as a servant of two bales of calico, a number of oil-skin capes and other articles, the property of Mr. James McLaren, tent and tarpaulin maker, of Elizabeth-street ... Detective Griffin yesterday effected the arrest of a man named Alfred Neck on a charge of receiving in connection with the same case."

The story was followed up in The Argus on 13th November 1890: "The Melbourne General Sessions for this month were continued yesterday before Judge Chomley, Mr. Lewis prosecuting for the Crown. Frederick Rook and Alfred Neck were tried on a charge of stealing two pieces of calico, the property of Mr. J. McLaren, tentmaker, Elizabeth-street. Mr. Forlonge defended Rook, and Mr. Farlow appeared for the other prisoner. The jury after hearing the evidence acquitted the prisoners, and they were discharged."

Alfred NECK died of chronic bronchitis on 13th June 1896 in Oxford Street, Collingwood, Melbourne and his funeral was reported in The Age on 15th June: "The Friends of the late Mr. Alfred Neck, Sail Maker (a colonist of 51 years), many years of Geelong and Melbourne, are respectfully notified that his remains will be interred in the Melbourne General Cemetery. The funeral is appointed to move from his late residence, No. 138 Oxford-street, Collingwood, this day (Monday), 15th June, 1896, at 1 o'clock."

His widow Esther died on 20th April 1908 at 14 O'Grady Street, Clifton Hill, Melbourne, aged 91.

Emily Sophia NECK (b. 1850) married Henry Bligh JONES on 6th April 1874 at St James, Melbourne. According to their marriage certificate, Henry was born in Surrey, England in about 1845 and was the son of Pryce Lloyd JONES and Mary BLIGH. However Henry Bligh JONES, son of Pryce, was actually born in December 1835 and appears never to have left England. Henry's younger brother, Pryce Charles JONES, baptised on 30th August 1840 in Douglas, Isle of Man, did immigrate to Australia, arriving at Port Phillip on 25th July 1857 aboard the Essex. It is possible that Pryce adopted his brother's identity, perhaps in an effort to evade local law enforcement as within a few months of his arrival he was in court charged with embezzlement. "Henry Bligh JONES" appeared in court in Feb 1874 accused of threatening to "knock out the brains" of a young married woman "because she would not carry on an improper intimacy with him". Henry was bound over in two sureties of £50 each to keep the peace for three months.

Emily and Henry had six children together, all born in Victoria - Henry Alfred Bligh, born c. 1875 in Geelong; William Augustus, born c. 1877 in Geelong; Price Lloyd, born c. 1878, died c. 1879; David Bligh, born c. 1880; Alfred Ernest, born and died c. 1882, and Joseph Milgrove, born 4th July 1884 in Collingwood.

The following report appeared in the Mercury & Weekly Courier on 24th February 1883: "Henry Bligh Jones, alias Wilmore, is charged, on warrant, with wife desertion, at Collingwood, in September 1882. Description:- Labourer, 34 years of age, 6 feet 2 inches high, stout build, dark brown hair, hazel eye, and dark moustache only. Supposed to be working at a saw-mill at Yarrawonga or Wangaratta." Henry must have returned to his family as it appears that he was the father of Joseph Milgrove JONES.

Emily subsequently married Henry George COLE in 1920 but whether Henry JONES had died or simply absconded is not known. Emily COLE (nee NECK) died on 8th January 1927 in Melbourne Hospital.

Alfred John NECK (b. 1853) became a butcher. He had a son with a lady named Jane CONROY in Melbourne in 1876 who was registered as Alfred John VENNECK. No trace has been found of a marriage for Alfred and Jane and this plus the fact that the child was registered under a different surname suggests he may have been illegitimate. His mother may have been the Jane CONROY who appeared in court in Fitzroy in September 1879 accused of being a "disorderly prostitute". She was 
subsequently released without charge. Alfred John VENNECK was later known simply as John NECK and died in a boating accident on the Yarra River on 26th December 1892 aged 17. Newspaper reports described John as a "cripple".

Alfred married Isabella St Clair BOLES in 1880. She was born in about 1862 and was the daughter of John BOLES and Isabel MEFIMSEY. Alfred and Isabella had at least seven children together, all born in Melbourne - Charles Henry, born c. 1881 in Collingwood, died c. 1882; Charles Albert, born c. 1883 in Fitzroy, died c. 1884; Alfred John, born c. 1884 in Fitzroy, died c. 1889; William, born c. 1886 in Fitzroy, died c. 1889; May Florence, born c. 1888 in Fitzroy; Margaret Sabina, born 20th August 1889 in Fitzroy, and Jane, born c. 1892 in Fitzroy, died c. 1892.

Isabella NECK (see BOLES) died on 28th March 1892 at 85 St David Street, Fitzroy, perhaps during the birth of her daughter Jane. Alfred John NECK died on 10th February 1898 in Collingwood. He left his two surviving children, May and Margaret, to the care of his sister Emily JONES.

Henry Herbert NECK (b. 1854) married Jane Elizabeth Watson DORRANCE on 19th October 1876 at the Office of the Registrar of Marriages, Gore Street, Fitzroy, Victoria. Jane was born in Glasgow, Scotland in about 1856 and was the daughter of William DORRANCE and Mary COOPER. Henry and Jane had at least one child together - Henry Herbert, born 2nd November 1877 at 92 Little Oxford Street, Collingwood. Henry died in Melbourne Hospital on 15th January 1879 after a long illness aged just 25. The death notice which appeared in The Age on 16th January showed his middle name as "Hubert".

Charles Lloyd John NECK (1828-1887)

Charles Lloyd John NECK was baptised in St Luke, Chelsea, London on 4th January 1828. He was the only surviving child of Charles NECK and Sarah DIBDIN. On 2nd October 1849 Charles embarked from Plymouth, Devon aboard the Maitland, bound for Australia. Also aboard the ship was his future wife Jane WELCH. Jane was baptised in St Swithin, Walcot, Bath on 23rd November 1823 and was the daughter of Christopher WELCH and Juliana COLES. She was accompanied on the voyage to Australia by her mother Juliana and her younger sister Mary. Charles and Jane arrived in Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on 9th January 1850, and just over a month later, on 11th February 1850, they married in St Peter's, Melbourne. The fact that they married so soon after arriving in Australia suggests that they may have known each before leaving England. At the time there was a severe gender imbalance in the colony and there was a great demand for young, healthy, unmarried women. If Charles and Jane had married before leaving England, Jane and her family might not have been granted free passage.

Charles and Jane had ten children together - Charles, born 1851 in Melbourne; Lloyd, born 1852 in Fremantle, Western Australia; John, born 1853 in Fremantle; Reginald, born 11th February 1854 in Adelaide, South Australia; Wallace Dibden, born March 1857 in Melbourne, died 26th February 1858 in Melbourne; William Dibden, born 1858 in Melbourne; Sarah Jane Dibden, born 1860 in Collingwood, Melbourne; Joseph Dibdin, born 14th April 1863 in Fitzroy, Melbourne, died 13th March 1864 in Fitzroy; Walter, born 1865 in Fitzroy, Melbourne, and Cecilia Maude Mary, born 16th July 1867 in Fitzroy, Melbourne.

Charles Lloyd John NECK worked as a builder and carpenter; his wife Jane was a dressmaker. Shortly after their arrival in Melbourne they moved to Western Australia, then to South Australia, before returning to Melbourne, where they both died. Charles died on 23rd December 1887 in St Kilda, Melbourne, his widow Jane on 30th September 1900.

Charles NECK (b. 1851) worked as a blacksmith and labourer. He married Emily ROUND on 4th August 1873 in St John, Adelaide, South Australia. Emily was born on 5th October 1851 in Norwood, South Australia and was the daughter of George Henry ROUND and Martha BAKER. Charles and Emily had four children together - Charles Dibden, born 25th February 1874 in Adelaide; Reginald, born 17th October 1875 in Adelaide; Edith Adelaide, born 7th December 1877 in Adelaide, and Beatrice, born 1880 in Melbourne. Charles also had a son by Frances HUNT (nee GROVES) - Francis Norman, born 1891 in Armadale, Melbourne. Charles died on 22nd September 1904 in East Melbourne.

Lloyd NECK (b. 1852) worked as a signwriter and was a signatory on the Federation of Australia. He married Mary Ann MALE on 10th December 1874 in Brighton, Victoria. Mary was born in 1850 in Brighton and was the daughter of Thomas MALE and Eliza DUNSTONE. Lloyd and Mary had four children together - William Henry Lloyd Josiah, born 1876 in Collingwood, Melbourne; Arthur, born 1878 in Fitzroy, Melbourne; Florence May, born 1881 in Emerald, Victoria, and Elsie Maud Victoria, born 1884 in Melbourne. Mary NECK (nee MALE) died on 26th September 1894 in Carlton, Melbourne and Lloyd subequently married Marie BROWN in Fitzroy, Melbourne in 1901. Lloyd and Marie had two children together, both born in Carlton, Melbourne - Lloyd Walter, born 1903, and Rupert Claude, born 1905. Lloyd NECK died on 12th May 1906 in Austin Hospital, Melbourne.

Reginald NECK (b. 1854) married Eliza FISHER on 20th March 1877 in Hotham, Melbourne. Eliza was born on 29th September 1855 in Melbourne. Reginald and Eliza had seven children together - Reginald, born 1878 in Melbourne; Lloyd John Foster, born 1879 in Melbourne, died 1886; Ada Maud, born 10th August 1882 in St Kilda, Melbourne, died 9th April 1884; George Alexander, born 8th April 1886 in St Kilda, Melbourne; Albert Norman, born 1889; Ethel Muriel, born 1896, died 30th January 1898, and Annie Doreen Rowena, born 1st July 1900. Eliza NECK (nee FISHER) died on 30th October 1908 in St Kilda and Reginald subsequently married Eliza THOMAS in 1909. Reginald had no further children by his second marriage, and died on 8th February 1912 in St Kilda, Melbourne. His widow Eliza died on 11th August 1931. George Alexander NECK (b. 1886) was the great-grandfather of my sixth cousin Helen ROWE.

George Alexander NECK
(click image to enlarge)

Sarah Jane Dibden NECK (b. 1860) married James Leonard EVILLE in Victoria, Australia in 1878. He was born in 1853. James and Sarah had four children together - Mary, born 1878, died 1878; Edith Mabel, born 1879; Hector Leonard, born 1881 in East Melbourne, and Florence Victoria, born 1882. Sarah EVILLE (nee NECK) died on 25th March 1912 in Cockatoo Creek, Victoria. Her widowed husband James died in on 17th November 1913 in St Kilda.

Cecilia Maude Mary NECK (b. 1867) had one child born out of wedlock - Clarence, born 1889. She later married Donald Ratcliff JONES on 18th February 1890 in Fitzroy, Melbourne. Donald was born in Islington, London in 1863. Donald and Cecilia had one child together - Stella Ruth, born 17th February 1892 in Collingwood, Melbourne. Cecilia JONES (nee NECK) died on 18th February 1894 in South Yarra, Melbourne.

Charles Henry NECK (1839-1871)

Charles Henry NECK (b. 1839) was born on 24th May 1839 in Bridgwater, Somerset, and was the eldest son of Charles NECK and Maria LAPIDGE. He was a sailor in the merchant service and later worked as a packet porter. He married Elizabeth COLES on 11th April 1859 in St Matthias Parish Church, Bristol. Elizabeth was born in Bristol in about 1841 and was the daughter of Thomas COLES, a chimney sweep, and Elizabeth. Charles and Elizabeth had at least six children together, all born in Bristol - Charles Henry, born 6th November 1859 at 3 Lamb Street, St Philip & Jacob; George William, born 25rd January 1863 at 29 Little George Street, St Philip & Jacob; John Edward, born 20th August 1865 at Little Anne Street, St Philip & Jacob; Thomas, born 3rd September 1867 at Crockers Court, St Philip & Jacob; an unnamed girl, born 2nd September 1869 at 9 Thatched House Lane, St Augustine, died 5th September 1869, and Elizabeth, born 25th August 1870 at 9 Thatched House Lane. In 1871 Charles and Elizabeth were still living in Thatched House Lane, as seen here in the census for that year:

9 Thatched House Lane, St Augustine, Bristol

Charles NECK aged 32 Mariner born Bridgwater, Somerset
Elizabeth NECK wife 30 born Bristol
George NECK son 8 born Bristol
John NECK son 5 born Bristol
Thomas NECK son 3 born Bristol
Elizabeth NECK daughter 7 months born Bristol

Charles died of lung disease on 6th May 1871 in 9 Thatched House Lane, St Augustine, Bristol, aged only 31. His widow Elizabeth subsequently married William Walter SADLER in Bristol in 1872 with whom she had at least one child - James, born c. 1877 in Tipton, Staffordshire. William SADLER died in about 1879, and in 1881 Elizabeth was living in Tipton in Staffordshire with four of her children:

Tipton, Staffordshire

Elizabeth SADLER widow aged 38 Charwoman born Bristol
Charles NECK son 21 Sailor Merchant Service born Bristol
Thomas NECK son 13  Piler In Iron Works born Bristol
Elizabeth NECK son 11 born Bristol
James SADLER son 3 born Tipton, Stafford
Emma WILLETTS boarder 19 Chainmaker born Cradley Heath, Stafford

Elizabeth married for a third time in 1882, this time to Thomas WALL, himself a widower. Thomas was born in Dudley, Worcestershire in about 1845. Elizabeth and Thomas had at least one child together - Susannah, born c. 1883 in Dudley. This is how Elizabeth and Thomas appear in the 1891 and 1901 censuses:

Brunswick Street, Pilsley, Derbyshire (1891)

Thomas WALL aged 45 Coal Miner born Dudley, Staffordshire
Elizabeth WALL wife 49 born Bristol
Alice WALL daughter 15 born Pilsley, Derbyshire
James SADLER stepson 13 Railway Labourer born Tipton, Staffordshire
James WALL son 11 Scholar born
Dudley, Staffordshire
Susannah WALL daughter 8 Scholar born
Dudley, Staffordshire
Elizabeth LYNCH niece 12 born Bristol
James CADWELL lodger 25 Coal Miner born Nottingham
Elizabeth CADWELL lodger 20 born Bristol
Susannah CADWELL lodger 1 born Pilsley, Derbyshire

26 Oats Street, Rotherham, Yorkshire (1901)

Thomas WALL aged 55 Coal Miner born Dudley, Worcestershire
Elizabeth WALL wife 59 born Bristol
James WALL son 21
Coal Miner born Dudley, Worcestershire
Susannah CADWELL granddaughter 11 born Pilsley, Derbyshire

In 1911 Thomas and Elizabeth were living with Elizabeth's daughter in Dinnington, Yorkshire:

6 Halifax Terrace, New Street, Dinnington, Yorkshire

James CADWELL aged 46 Coal Miner born Nottingham
Elizabeth CADWELL wife 40 born Bristol
James CADWELL son 18 Pony Driver born Pilsley, Derbyshire
Alice CADWELL daughter 16 born Rotherham, Yorkshire
Thomas WALL visitor 65 Coal Miner born Dudley, Worcestershire
Elizabeth WALL visitor 69 born Bristol

Elizabeth WALL (nee COLES) died in about 1914.

Charles Henry NECK (b. 1859) may have been the subject of this report in the Bristol Mercury on 28th May 1871: "Charles Henry Neck was brought up for being found wandering about in Berkeley-square, Clifton, without means of subsistence.  The bench having satisfied themselves of the inability of the lad's parents to support him, sent him on board the Formidable for five years." The Formidable was a training ship leased by the Admiralty to a group of Bristol businessmen for the training of young boys as seaman. The businessmen had been concerned for some time by the number of 'urchins' on the city's streets. The ship was anchored four hundred yards off the pier at Portishead, Somerset in 1869 and remained there for some thirty years. The 1871 census shows a ten-year-old Charles Henry NECK, born Bristol, as a 'scholar' aboard the Formidable.

Charles appears to have spent just over three years training aboard the Formbidale before becoming an apprentice in the Merchant Navy. He enrolled in Cardiff on 17th October 1874 at the age of 15, bound to J. DIXON of Whitby, later serving aboard the Eclipse. Charles' apprenticeship indenture expired on 17th October 1877 and it would appear that he subsequently returned to Bristol.

Charles may have been the subject of this report in the Western Daily Press on 8th December 1877: "Bristol Police Court. Friday. - Before Mr F. Terrell. A bad beginning. - Charles Neck and John Brown, lads, were charged that they, being suspected persons and reputed thieves, did frequent Hotwell Road for the purpose of committing a felony, and also with stealing a pair of boots, the property of Alfred Palmer. A witness proved seeing one of the prisoners at six o'clock on the previous evening cut a string by which the boots were attached to the outside of the prosecutor's shop, run away with them, and join the other prisoner. They were pursued and given into custody. The bench sent them to gaol for 21 days each."

In 1881 Charles was living with his mother in Staffordshire and was shown as a 'sailor merchant'. He was probably the Charles NECK of Bristol serving as an able-bodied seaman about the SS Upolo which departed from the port of 'Tontagabee' on 7th July 1885 bound for Sydney. It isn't known where 'Tontagabee' was, though it's possible that it might have been a mis-spelling of Tongataboo, the main island of the Kingdom of Tonga.

By 1891 Charles had left the Merchant Navy and was living in St George, Bristol with his wife Rebecca and son William:

5 Alfred Terrace, St George, Bristol

Charles H. NECK aged 31 Chimney Sweep born Bristol
Rebbeca E. NECK wife 27 Laundress born Sherborne, Dorset
William C. NECK son 7 Scholar born Sherborne, Dorset

There is however no trace of a marriage for Charles and Rebecca. Instead it appears that Charles NECK's 'wife' was Rebecca CASSIDY (nee YOUNG), and his 'son' was Rebecca's son William Charles by her first husband Joseph CASSIDY. Rebecca remarried in 1898. Charles Henry NECK died in 1901 and was buried on 19th May 1901 of that year in St Thomas, Kimberworth, West Yorkshire.

George William NECK (b. 1863) lived an eventful life. The 1881 census appears to show him living in Gloster Lane, Bristol:

No. 49 Gloster Lane, St Philip & Jacob Out, Bristol

George L. NECK lodger aged 19 Chair Maker born Bristol

In 1882 George joined the Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry and embarked for Egypt in April 1883. George took part in the Nile Expedition of 1884-85, a mission to relieve Major-General Charles George GORDON at Khartoum in Sudan. The relief expedition arrived two days after Khartoum had been taken by the forces of Muhammad AHMAD. General GORDON's garrison was slaughtered and GORDON himself was beheaded.

George returned home in June 1886, and on 25th July 1888 his service record shows that he was "convicted and imprisoned for breaking out of barracks". He was returned to duty on 15th August 1888. George's record also reveals that he was admitted to hospital several times during his army service: in October 1883 when he was treated for syphilis; in May 1884 with an abscess; in August 1885 with febricula (a fever); in October 1886 when he was again treated for syphilis; in December 1886 with a sprained wrist; in June 1888 with an ulcer of the penis, and finally in October 1888 with a wounded foot. In October 1889 he was transferrd to the reserve and finally discharged on 26th October 1894.

George married Susannah HENSLEY on 16th December 1888 at The Register Office, Plymouth, Devon. The marriage certificate shows that George was still a Private in the Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry at the time. Susannah was the daughter of Thomas HENSLEY, a ship's carpenter, and was probably born in Bristol in about 1852, though the marriage certificate and subsequent census records suggest that she was born c. 1860. The 1891 census shows George and Susannah living in Aston near Birmingham, Warwickshire with their daughter Charlotte, though no trace has been found for a birth or death record for Charlotte:

11 Cromwell Square, Lichfield Road, Aston, Warwickshire

George NECK aged 29 Oliver Smith born Bristol, Gloucestershire
Susan NECK wife 32 born Bristol, Gloucestershire
Charlotte NECK daughter 5 months born Birmingham, Warwickshire

In 1901 George and Susannah were living in a lodging house in Chepstow with no trace of Charlotte:

8 & 9 Thomas Street, Chepstow, Monmouthshire, Wales

George NECK lodger aged 40 Labourer born Bristol
Susan NECK wife 42 Laundress born Not Known

George NECK died on 14th February 1909 at the Bristol Lunatic Asylum in Stapleton. The cause of death was recorded as general paralysis, a neuropsychiatric disorder affecting the brain and central nervous system, caused by syphilis infection. As yet is is unknown what became of his wife Susannah.

John Edward NECK (b. 1865) was mentioned in the Western Daily Press on 19th December 1872: "School Board Prosecutions. The following parents were summoned for neglecting to send their children to school, as required by the Elementary Education Act:- William Sadler, of Tyler Street, for his stepson, John Neck, fined 2s 6d."

John married Henrietta PUGH on 31st January 1889 in The Register Office, Bristol. He was living in 19 Guinea Street, Bristol at the time. Henrietta was born in Bristol in about 1866 and was the daughter of Henry PUGH and Caroline GULLICK. In 1891 the couple were living with Henrietta's family in Bedminster:

7 Waters Place, Bedminster, Bristol

Henry PUGH widower aged 50 Shipwright born Bristol
Henrietta NECK daughter 25 born Bristol
John NECK son-in-law 26 Coal Miner born Bristol
Amelia SALMON daughter 23 born Bristol
William SALMON son-in-law 28 Coal Miner born Bristol
Henry PUGH son 16 Potter born Bristol
William WYMAN adopted grandson 3 born Bourton, Somersetshire

John NECK met a very unpleasant fate, as reported here in the Western Daily Press on 8th June 1891: "Fatal Accident at Ashton Vale Colliery. On Saturday morning, soon after eight o'clock, a young man named John Neck, married, and about 22 years of age, was killed in Frayne's Pit, at Ashton Vale Colliery. Neck and a man named John Phillips, who lives at the foot of Bedminster Down, were working on a scaffold about 200 yards down the pit, which was being enlarged. Mr Jenkins, the contractor, had just ascended the shaft for powder, &c., and the cage was at once lowered for the other two men, but the deceased stepped on a plank over the pit, which overbalanced, and he fell a depth of 120 yards. Death was instantaneous. A man named Albert Duffey was at work at the bottom of the pit, and was much shocked at the terrible accident. The body was taken by F. Green and W. Cotterell to a shed at the Stan Inn beerhouse, where it awaits an inquest."

John's widow Henrietta subsequently married John DOGGETT in Bristol in 1900 and died on 12th February 1941 at 15 Cabot Street, Bedminster, Bristol aged 73.

Thomas NECK (b. 1867) married Mary Ann NICHOLAS in 1887. Mary was born in Keynsham, Gloucestershire in about 1861 and was the daughter of John and Mary Ann NICHOLAS. Thomas and Mary had at least three children together - Elizabeth Bertha, born 4th March 1889 at 2 Bulls Place, St Paul, Bristol; Rose Smalley, born c. 1894 in Tibshelf, Derbyshire, and Winifred, born c. 1903. in Rotherham, Yorkshire This is how the family appears in 1901 and 1911:

31 Pitt Street, St Thomas, Kimberworth, Rotherham, Yorkshire (1901)

Thomas NECK aged 33 Coal Hewer born Bristol, Gloucestershire
Mary A. NECK wife 40 born Keynsham, Gloucestershire
Elizabeth B. NECK daughter 14 born Bristol, Gloucestershire
Rose S. NECK daughter 6 born Tibshelf, Derbyshire

1 Sherwood Terrace, New Street, Dinnington, Nottinghamshire (1911)

Thomas NECK aged 43 Coal Miner Hewer born Bristol, Gloucestershire
Mary NECK wife 50 born Keynsham, Somerset
Rose Smally NECK daughter 16 born Tibshelf, Derbyshire
Winefread NECK daughter 8 Scholar born Rotherham, Yorkshire
Maryann NICHOLAS mother-in-law widow 81 born Athlone, Ireland
Thomas REDFERN border 52 Bricklayer's Labourer born Mansfield, Nottinghamshire
Frank REDFERN border 16 Pony Driver Below Ground born Pleasley, Nottinghamshire

Thomas NECK died in 1916.

Elizabeth NECK (b. 1870) married James CADWELL on 24th March 1890 in Clay Cross, Derbyshire. James was born in Nottingham in about 1867. Elizabeth and James had at least six children together - Susannah, born c. 1890 in Pilsley, Derbyshire; James, born and died in 1891; James, born c. 1893 in Pilsley; Alice, born c. 1895 in Rotherham, Yorkshire; Agnes, born and died in 1897, and George William, born and died in 1898. In 1891 Elizabeth and James were living with Elizabeth's mother and stepfather in Pilsley. This is how the family appears in 1901:

47 Rawmarsh Road, Rotherham, Yorkshire

James CADWELL aged 36 Coal Miner Hewer Below Ground born Nottingham
Elizabeth CADWELL wife 30 born Bristol
James CADWELL son 8 born Pilsley, Derbyshire
Alice CADWELL daughter 6 born Rotherham, Yorkshire

In 1911 Elizabeth and James were living in Dinnington, Yorkshire (see above). Elizabeth CADWELL (nee NECK) died in 1918.

George William NECK (1844-1919)

George William Neck
George Willam NECK b. 1844
(click image to enlarge)

George William NECK was born on 21st December 1844 in Plough Court, St Thomas, Bristol, and was the second son of Charles NECK and Maria LAPIDGE. George followed his father into a life at sea and worked as a mariner for the merchants service, serving aboard cod boats bound for the fishing grounds off Newfoundland. He married Frances PUGH in St Mary Redcliffe Church on 3rd October 1869. She was the daughter of George PUGH and Mary PENNY and was born on 18th February 1850 at 10 Tennis Court, Redcliffe, Bristol. Frances was the aunt of Henrietta PUGH who married George's nephew John Edward in 1889.

George and Frances had ten children together - Charles Finney, born 11th July 1870 at 6 Clark Street, Bedminster, Bristol; George William, born 29th November 1872 at 2 Pipe Court, Bedminster; Henry, born 13th June 1874 in St Augustine, Bristol; John Edward, born 12th December 1875 in St Augustine, Bristol; Alfred Ernest and James Colston, both born 26th April 1877 in St Augustine, Bristol; Arthur Thomas, born 6th December 1878 in Redcliffe, Bristol; Emma Mary Colston, born 11th September 1880 at 4 Arlington Place, St Mary Redcliffe; Herbert Joseph, born 15th May 1882 at 4 Arlington Place, and Albert Francis, born 29th December 1884 at 18 Guinea Street, St Mary Redcliffe, Bristol. The twins James and Alfred both died of whooping cough on the 19th and 23rd November 1877 respectively; Herbert Joseph died from infantile convulsions on 13th September 1882 at 4 Union Place, Ship Lane, Bedminster, while Albert Francis died of bronchitis on 7th July 1886 aged 18 months. Herbert's death was reported in the Bristol Mercury on 14th September 1882: "Sudden Death of an Infant.  Yesterday afternoon, Mr. Wasbrough held an inquest at the White Hart Inn, East Street, Bedminster, on the body of Herbert Neck, aged four months, the child of William George Neck, of 4 Union Place, Ship Lane.  Deceased was alive early yesterday morning, but on the mother turning to it in bed at about seven she found it dead.  Mrs. Neck said the child had been in good health, and she did not think it was suffocated.  The hands were clenched.  A neighbour who was called in said that she believed that the child died from convulsions.  The jury returned a verdict that the child was found dead, and probably died in a convulsion fit."

George William NECK was living in Bedminster, Bristol in 1871, as seen here in the census for that year:

6 Lower Bartley Street, Bedminster, Bristol

George NECK aged 25 Stevedore born Bristol, Somerset
Frances NECK wife 21 born Bristol, Somerset
Charles NECK son 9 months born Bristol, Somerset

By 1881 the family had moved to the Redcliffe area of Bristol:

4 Arlington Cottages, New Cut, St Mary Redcliffe, Bristol

G. W. NECK aged 36 Mariner Merchants Service born St Thomas, Bristol
Frances NECK wife 31 born Redcliffe, Bristol
Charles NECK son 10 Scholar born Bedminster, Bristol
George W. NECK son 8 Scholar born St Augustine, Bristol
Henry NECK son 6 Scholar born St Augustine, Bristol
John NECK son 5 Scholar born St Augustine, Bristol
Arthur NECK son 2 born Redcliffe, Bristol
Emma NECK daughter 7 months born Redcliffe, Bristol

In 1884 George briefly took over the license of the Jolly Sailor public house at 18 Guinea Street, St Mary Redcliffe. On 24th April 1884 the Bristol Mercury & Daily Post reported that the license had been transferred from Mary MARSH to George William NECK, but just over three months later on 31st July 1884 the same newspaper reported that the license had been transferred from George NECK to Elizabeth WILKINSON. By 1891 the family were living in Bedminster, Bristol where George was once again working as a stevedore:

33 Weare Street, St Luke, Bedminster, Bristol

George Wm. NECK aged 46 Stevedore born Redcliffe, Bristol
Frances NECK wife 41 born Redcliffe, Bristol
Henry NECK son 18 Labourer born St Augustine, Bristol
John E. NECK son 16 Labourer born St Augustine, Bristol
Arthur T. NECK son 13 Scholar born Redcliffe, Bristol
Emma M. C. NECK daughter 10 born Redcliffe, Bristol

By 1901 the family had moved again, this time to Old Charlotte Street in Bedminster, as seen here in the census for that year:

16 Old Charlotte Street, Bedminster, Bristol

George NECK aged 55 Mariner Merchants Service born Bristol
Frances NECK wife 51 born Bristol
John NECK son 24 Servant's Labourer born Bristol
Emma PROVIS daughter 20 Trousers Maker born Bristol

Frances NECK (nee PUGH) died on 22nd January 1909 in Bristol General Hospital, Bedminster, Bristol. In 1911 George was still living in Old Charlotte Street, now with his daughter Emma as the head of the household:

12 Old Charlotte Street, Bedminster, Bristol

Emma PROVIS aged 30 Tailoress born Redcliffe, Bristol
Geo. W. NECK widower father 66 Stevedore born St Thomas, Bristol
John E. NECK brother 34 Labourer born St Augustine, Bristol
Geo. W. NECK nephew 15 Smith's Boy born Bedminster, Bristol
Geo. W. PROVIS son 9 Scholar born Bedminster, Bristol
John E. PROVIS son 4 born Bedminster, Bristol
Mary A. CANNOCK boarder 58 Seamstress born Redcliffe, Bristol

George William NECK died on 4th July 1919 at 12 Old Charlotte Street, Bedminster, Bristol.

Charles Finney NECK (b. 1870) was working as a porter in 1891 and living at 4 Waters Place, St Luke, Bedminster, as seen here in the census for that year:

4 Waters Place, St Luke, Bedminster, Bristol

John JEFFERIES aged 32 Railway Porter born Bristol
Mary A JEFFERIES 31 born Bristol
John JEFFERIES 8 Scholar born Bristol
James JEFFERIES 7 born Bristol
Thomas JEFFERIES 4 born Bristol
Ernest A JEFFERIES 1 born Bristol
Rose SAVERY lodger 22
Charlie NECK lodger 21 Porter born Bristol

Charles married Sarah JAMES on 19th June 1893 in The Register Office, Bristol. Sarah was born in about 1872 and was the daughter of William JAMES, a carpenter. Charles and Sarah had eight children, all born in Bedminster, Bristol - Emma May Colston, born 6th June 1894 in 7 Colston Street; George William, born 26th March 1896 in 33 Weare Street; Charles Henry, born 22nd April 1899 in 7 Waterloo Square; Lilian Florence, born 31st July 1902 in 3 Bishop Street; Minnie Frances, born 27th February 1905 in 39 Essex Street; Beatrice Alice, born 20th February 1909 in 4 Hope Square; Arthur John Edwin, born 2nd December 1910 in 3 Hope Square, and Walter James, born 2nd June 1913 in 71 Catherine Mead Street. This is how the family appears in the 1901 and 1911 censuses:

28 Hillgrove Street, Bedminster, Bristol (1901)

Charley NECK aged 31 General Labourer born Bristol
Sarah NECK wife 29 born Bristol
Emma NECK daughter 7 born Bristol
George NECK son 5 born Bristol
Charley NECK son 2 born Bristol

3 Hope Square, Stillhouse Lane, Bedminster, Bristol (1911)

Charles NECK aged 41 Dock Labourer born Bedminster, Bristol
Sarah NECK wife 39 botn St Philips, Bristol
Emma NECK daughter 16 Kitchen Maid Hotel born Bedminster, Bristol
Charles NECK son 11 Scholar born Bedminster, Bristol
Lily NECK daughter 8 born Bedminster, Bristol
Minnie NECK daughter 6 born Bedminster, Bristol
Beatrice NECK daughter 2 born Bedminster, Bristol
Arthur NECK son 4 months born Bedminster, Bristol

Charles and Sarah moved to 71 Catherine Mead Street, Bedminster shortly after 1911. On 28th April 1924 the Western Daily Press reported on an accident which befell Charles: "Fall in Redcliff Street. As the result of a fall in Redcliff Street early on Sunday morning, Charles Neck, of 71, Catherine Mead Street, sustained a fractured leg. He was taken by the St. John Ambulance to the General Hospital and detained."

Charles Finney NECK died on 7th September 1933 at the General Hospital, Bristol.

George William NECK (b. 1872) married Elizabeth DYER in Bedminster, Bristol on 2nd July 1893. Elizabeth was born on 13th March 1873 at 1 Orchard Place, Bedminster, Bristol and was the daughter of John DYER and Elizabeth STILES. Elizabeth died on 1st April 1898 at 55 Castle Street, St Mary Redcliffe, Bristol aged just 25. George subsequently married Clara WOODBURY in St John, Weymouth, Dorset on 23rd July 1899. Clara was born on 10th July 1877 at 23 Murray Road, Bedminster, Bristol and was the daughter of Frederick Thomas WOODBURY, a mason, and Mary WOOLMINGTON. In 1901 George and Clara were living in Melcombe Regis near Weymouth, as seen here in the census for that year:

35 Penny Street, Melcombe Regis, Weymouth, Dorset

George NECK aged 28 Petty Officer 1st Class Navy born St Augustine, Bristol
Clara NECK wife 23 born St John, Bristol

George and Clara had two children together - William Frederick Albert, born 21st November 1901 in Dunmore East, County Waterford, Ireland, and Marjorie Frances May, born 8th May 1917 at 19 St Johns Road, Southville, Bristol.

George William Neck
George William NECK b. 1872
(click image to enlarge)

George joined the Royal Navy as a Boy Seaman in February 1889 and rose to the bank of Petty Officer First Class by May 1900, serving aboard HMS Impregnable, HMS Active, HMS Alexandra, HMS Excellent, HMS St. George, HMS Penelope, HMS Agincourt and HMS Collingwood. In April 1901 he transferred as a Boatman to a coastguard station in Limerick. He served at various coastguard stations in Ireland, including Dunmore, Fethard, Galley Head, Baltimore and Dingle, rising to the rank of Leading Boatman by April 1910. In 1911 he was living in Baltimore, Ireland with his wife and son:

Baltimore, Tullagh, County Cork, Ireland

George William NECK aged 37 Leading Boatman Coast Guards born England
Clara NECK wife 33 born England
William Frederick Albert NECK son 9 Scholar born County Waterford, Ireland

George was pensioned off at the age of 40 in November 1913, but less than a year later with the outbreak of World War One he rejoined the Navy, serving once again as a Petty Officer First Class. He was based at HMS Victory I, the naval barracks at Portsmouth, from August to September 1914, and then served aboard HMS Imperieuse, a repair ship in Scapa Flow, from October 1914 to February 1919, after which he was demobilised. On his service certificate his conduct was described as 'very good' on all the ships he served aboard. After leaving the Navy George returned to Bristol where he worked for the tobacco company W.D. & H.O. Wills. George died on 10th February 1940 at 19 St John Road, Southville, and Clara died on 10th March 1959 in Keynsham Hospital, Bristol. George and Clara were the grandparents of my third cousins once removed Joan DIMOND and Roger NECK.

George and Clara Neck
George and Clara NECK
(click image to enlarge)

Henry NECK (b. 1874) married Emma HARRY in The Register Office, Bristol on 18th March 1895. They were both living at 24 Avon Street, Bristol at the time and Henry was working as a labourer. Emma was born in about 1874 and was the daughter of George HARRY, a sawyer. Henry and Emma had two children together, both born in Bedminster, Bristol - Rose Frances Susan, born 23rd December 1895 at 24 Waters Place, and Henry, born 29th March 1899 at 1 Clarks Cottages. Tragically, both of Henry and Emma's children died young - Rose in 1898 and Henry in 1899. Henry worked as a dock labourer before spending two years in South Africa fighting the Boers. He was awarded the South Africa Medal with six clasps for Cape Colony, South Africa 1901, Transvaal, Relief of Ladysmith, Orange Free State and  Tugela Heights. Henry returned to England in 1902 and got a job with C.J. KING & Co, stevedores of Prince Street. On the night of Wednesday 19th March 1902 Henry was helping to unload the SS Clio which was docked at Bathurst Wharf. Henry was in the hold loading sacks of potatoes into rope slings which were then winched up. Several slings had already been winched up when a sack came loose and fell back down into the hold. The sack landed on Henry, fracturing his spinal column. Henry was admitted to Bristol General Hospital in St Mary Redclife in the early hours of Thursday 20th March but died the following day due to paralysis of his respiratory muscles. The jury in the subsequent inquest returned a verdict of "accidental death".

John Edward NECK (b. 1875) worked as a general labourer. He died on 16th October 1936 at 9 Southville Place, Bristol.

Emma Mary Colston NECK (b. 1880) married George William PROVIS in St Luke, Bedminster, Bristol on 25th December 1898. George was born in about 1878 and was the son of George William and Mary PROVIS. They had at least two children together, both born in Bedminster - George William, born 28th April 1902, and John Edwin, born 10th April 1907. Emma PROVIS (nee NECK) died on 17th March 1974 in Bristol.

Mary Jane NECK (1847-1930)

Mary Jane NECK was born on 17th September 1847 in Searles Court, Temple, Bristol and was the daughter of Charles NECK and Maria LAPIDGE. Mary married Henry RILEY on 12th March 1866 at St John the Baptist, Bristol. Henry was born in St John, Bristol in about 1845, the son of William RILEY, a shipyard labourer, and Hannah. Mary and Henry had at least five children together, all born in Bristol - Henry Charles, born 16th October 1866 at 8 King Street, St Nicholas, Bristol; William George, born 13th June 1868 at 8 King Street; Charles Finney, born c. 1870; Mary Jane, born 14th December 1877, and Thomas Henry, born c. 1881. Henry RILEY was a mariner and may have been at sea at the time of the 1871 census, as Mary is shown as the head of the household. She was living in the same house as her father:

8 King Street, St Nicholas, Bristol

Mary Jane RILEY wife 23 Sailor's Wife born Bristol
Henry Charles RILEY son 4 Scholar born Bristol
William George RILEY son 2 born Bristol
Charles Finney RILEY son 6 months born Bristol

Little is known about Henry's seafaring career although a Henry RILEY of Bristol aged 19 was listed as an ordinary seaman aboard the Gloucestershire in December 1864, and a Henry RILEY of Bristol aged 30 was listed as a mate aboard the merchant vessel Viola which sailed from Poole to Bristol in November 1877. Henry's brother-in-law John NECK was also aboard the Viola as an able seaman.

Henry RILEY died in December 1880 in an accident at Bristol docks, as reported in the Bristol Mercury on 1st January 1881: : "Inquests – yesterday. A Stevedore's Fall. At the Royal Infirmary, touching the death of Henry Riley, seaman, aged 27. Charles Neck, a stevedore, father-in-law of Riley, said that on Tuesday the deceased was discharging a petroleum vessel under witness's supervision, and in the afternoon he fell off the platform. This was the first accident which had happened under witness as a stevedore during 43 years. Riley died that morning at the Infirmary, where he was taken. George Winsor, who was also working on the barque Scotland, near Prince-street-bridge, said the plank was very greasey, and deceased's foot having slipped, he fell upon the shore with a barrel of oil, weighing 3½ cwt., upon his chest. Replying to a juror's suggestion, witness said he had just strewn ashes on the plank. George Pugh gave confirmatory evidence, and the jury returned a verdict of 'accidental death.'" Henry's wife Mary Jane would have been pregnant with Thomas Henry at the time of the accident. In 1881 the widowed Mary was still living at 8 King Street:

8 King Street, St Nicholas, Bristol

Mary J. RILEY widow aged 34 born Bristol, Gloucester
Henry RILEY son 16 General Labourer born Bristol, Gloucester
William G. RILEY son 12 Scholar born Bristol, Gloucester
Charles RILEY son 9 Scholar born Bristol, Gloucester
Mary J. RILEY daughter 3 Scholar born Bristol, Gloucester

Mary was still living in King Street at the time of the 1891, 1901 and 1911 censuses. The 1891 census entry is shown above in the section on her father Charles; the 1901 and 1911 censuses are shown below:

8 King Street, St Nicholas with St Leonard, Bristol (1901)

Mary Jane RILEY widow aged 52 born Bristol
Thomas Henry RILEY son 19 General Labourer born Bristol
Mary Jane LOCKYER daughter 23 Dress Maker born Bristol
William James Joseph LOCKYER son-in-law 33 Business Agent born Sunderland, Durham
May Isabella LOCKYER granddaughter 3 born Bristol
Joyce Marion LOCKYER granddaughter 2 born Bristol

18 King Street, Queen Square, Bristol (1911)

Mary Jane RILEY widow aged 63 Monthly Nurse born St Mary Redcliff, Bristol

Mary later moved to St Nicholas' Almshouses on the corner of King Street and Queen Charlotte Street. She died on 8th April 1930 in Southmead Hospital, Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol. She was the last of Charles NECK's children to pass away, outliving her brother George by over ten years.

Henry Charles RILEY (b. 1865) married Ellen HANSEN on 20th July 1888 in St Philip & Jacon, Bristol. Ellen was born in Bristol in about 1855 and was the daughter of James RAYMOND and Ann Nora FITZGERALD, and the widow of Theodore HANSEN. Henry and Ellen had at least two children together, both born in the parish of St Nicholas, Bristol - Ellen Isabel, born 27th June 1888, and Emily Maud, born 12th December 1890.  In 1891 Henry, Ellen and their children were living with Henry's grandfather Charles NECK at 8 King Street (see above). This is how the family appears in the 1901 census:

1 King Street, St Nicholas & St Leonard, Bristol

Henry RILEY aged 36 General Labourer born St Nicholas, Bristol
Ellen RILEY wife 45 Theatre Attendant born St Augustine, Bristol
Ellen Isabel RILEY daughter 12 born St Nicholas, Bristol
Emily Maud RILEY daughter 10 born St Nicholas, Bristol

Ellen RILEY (nee RAYMOND) died in about 1904. In 1911 the widowed Henry and his daughter Emily were still living in King Street:

19 King Street, Queen Square, Bristol

Henry RILEY widower aged 44 Dock Labourer born St Nicholas, Bristol
Emily Maud RILEY daughter 20 Tobacco Factory Hand born St Nicholas, Bristol

William George RILEY (b. 1868) married Annie SHEA in Bristol in 1889. Annie was born in Bristol in about 1868. This is how William and Annie are shown in the 1891 census:

38 Pennywell Road, St Philip & Jacob, Bristol

William RILEY aged 23 General Labourer born Bristol
Annie RILEY wife 23 born Bristol

It seems that William died in 1896, aged only 27, and Annie subsequently married Frank PARKHOUSE in Bristol in 1897.

Charles Finney RILEY (b. 1870) married Esther DOYLE in Bristol in 1900. Esther was born in County Wexford, Ireland in about 1871. Charles and Esther appear to have had four children together - Mary, born c. 1895 in Dublin, Ireland; Esther Irene, born 10th March 1897 in Bristol; Charles Henry Redvers, born 27th October 1900 in Bristol, and Audrey, born 22nd November 1901 in Bristol. However as both Mary and Esther were born before Charles and Esther married it is unclear whether they were Charles's children. This is how the family appears in 1901:

Orchard House, Gaunts Lane, St Augustine, Bristol

Charles RILEY aged 29 Tobacco Operative born Bristol
Ester RILEY wife 28 born County Wexford, Ireland
Mary RILEY daughter 6 In School born Dublin, Ireland
Ester I. RILEY daughter 4 In School born Bristol
Charles H. R. RILEY son 5 months born Bristol

Esther RILEY (nee DOYLE) died on 10th May 1907 and later the same year Charles married Julia Augusta LINHAM. Julia was born in Bristol in about 1875 and was the daughter of James Pleace LINHAM and Mary Ann Augusta REX. Charles and Julia had at least four children together, all born in Bristol - Winifred Helen, born 9th March 1908, died 1912; Wilfred George, born 11th April 1910; Clifford, born 2nd March 1912, and Henry Sidney, born 26th January 1914. This is how Charles and Julia appear in the 1911 census:

122 Devon Road, Easton, Bristol

Charles Finey RILEY aged 40 Tobacco Operator born St Nicholas, Bristol
Julia Augusta RILEY wife 37 born St Philips, Bristol
Esther Irene RILEY daughter 14 Tobacco Cutter born St Augustine, Bristol
Charles Redvers RILEY son 10 born St Augustine, Bristol
Audrey RILEY daughter 9 born St Nicholas, Bristol
Wilfred RILEY son 12 months born St George, Bristol

Charles Finney RILEY died on 24th April 1937 and his wife Julia died on 26th April 1965.

Mary Jane RILEY (b. 1878) married William James Joseph LOCKYER on 20th December 1896 in St John, Bedminster. William was born on 19th July 1868 in Sunderland, Durham and was the son of William Phoenix LOCKYER and Isabella Shepherd BELL. Mary and William had at least three children together, all born in Bristol - May Isabella, born 10th January 1898; Joyce Marion, born 16th February 1899, and Persis Dorothy, born 12th July 1901. In the 1901 census Mary, William and their two eldest daughters are shown living with Mary's mother at 8 King Street (see above).

Mary LOCKYER (nee RILEY) died in 1902 and William subsequently married Laura Sabina THYNNE in Bristol in 1904. William and Laura later moved to Southampton. This is how William and Laura appear in the 1911 census:

17 York Road, Freemantle, Southampton

William LOCKYER aged 42 Ship's Bedroom Steward born Sunderland
Laura LOCKYER wife 29 born Gloucestershire
May LOCKYER daughter 13 Scholar born Bristol
Joyce LOCKYER daughter 12 Scholar born Bristol
Persis LOCKYER daughter 10 Scholar born Bristol
Laura LOCKYER daughter 3 born Swansea, Wales

Thomas Henry RILEY (b. 1881) married Florence Alice ARNOTT on 25th February in St Andrew, Clifton, Bristol. Florence was born in Clifton, Bristol in about 1880 and was the daughter of Charles Ford ARNOTT and Harriet Maria HARDWICK. Thomas and Florence had at least one child together - Winifred Florence, born c. 1907 in Clifton. This is how the family appears in the 1911 census:

37 Clifton Wood Crescent, Clifton, Bristol

Thomas Henry RILEY aged 29 Wholesale Ironmonger's Packer born Bristol
Florence Alice RILEY wife 30 born Clifton, Bristol
Winifred Florence RILEY daughter 4 born Clifton, Bristol

It appears that Thomas served with the Gloucestershire Regiment in World War One, rising to the rank of Lance Corporal before being killed in France on 12th November 1918.

John Edward NECK (1852-1917)

John Edward NECK was born on 12th November 1852 at 108 Thomas Street, St Mary Redcliffe, Bristol, and was the youngest son of Charles NECK and Maria LAPIDGE. The mother of John's children was Ann PANES, but as yet we have been unable to establish when, where or even if they got married. Ann was baptised in St Philip & Jacob, Bristol on 9th September 1849 and was the daughter of John PANES and Sarah Jane THAYER.

John NECK was a sailor in the merchants service though little is known about his seafaring career. However it does appear that he served as an able seaman aboard the merchant vessel Viola which sailed from Poole to Bristol in November 1877. Also listed amongst the crew were Henry RILEY, the ship's mate, and John BLAKE, another able seaman, who may have been John NECK's brother-in-law and cousin-in-law respectively. The crew list also shows that the Viola was the first ship John had served aboard since 1873, his previous vessel being the Bristol-registered Mary. When he was not at sea he probably worked as a dock labourer.

Family legend suggests that John was involved in the dismantling of St Werburgh's Church in Corn Street and it's subsequent rebuilding at its present location in East Bristol in the late 1870s, however this seems unlikely as John and his family didn't move to the St Werburgh area until 20 years after the church was relocated. More information about the history of St Werburgh can be found on my Bristol Photographs page.

John and Ann NECK had six children together, all born in Bristol - Florence Ann, born 16th December 1879 at 20 Sevier Street; Edward John, born 3rd January 1882 at 4 King Street, Castle Precincts; Ada Emily, born 17th May 1884 at 11 Philadelphia Street, St Paul; Charles Henry, born 26th March 1886 at 6 Stone's Buildings, off Stillhouse Lane in Bedminster; William Henry, born 12th November 1888 at 4 Butterfield Court, off Callowhill Street in St Paul, and Joseph James, born 14th November 1893 at 9 Cohen's Buildings, off Millpond Street in St Philip & Jacob.

John and Ann were living in the same street his father Charles in 1881:

4 King Street, St Nicholas, Bristol

John E. NECK aged 29 General Labourer born Bristol
Ann NECK wife 30 born Bristol
Florence NECK daughter 1 born Bristol

1-5 King Street
Nos. 1-5 King Street in 1902
(click to enlarge)

By 1884, the family had moved to 11 Philadelphia Street, St Paul, Bristol, and it was there that Ada Emily was born on 17th May. But John Neck was soon on the move again, and by 1891 he was living at 5 York Buildings, one of ten little houses situated around a small, dark, gas-lit court accessed by a passageway from Leek Lane:

5 York Buildings, St Paul, Bristol

John NECK aged 38 Dock Labourer born Bristol, Gloucestershire
Ann NECK wife 40 born Bristol, Gloucestershire
Florence NECK daughter 11 born Bristol, Gloucestershire
Edward NECK son 9 born Bristol, Gloucestershire
Ada NECK daughter 6 born Bristol, Gloucestershire
Charles NECK son 5 born Bristol, Somersetshire
William NECK son 2 born Bristol, Gloucestershire

The family then moved to Chandos Place, a row of houses between Sevier Street and Southey Street at the bottom of Ashley Hill, as seen here in the 1901 census:

5 Chandos Place, St Werburgh, Bristol

John E. NECK aged 51 Shipping Docker born Thomas Street, Bristol
Ann NECK wife 52 born St Paul, Bristol
Florence A. NECK daughter 21 born Sevier Street, Bristol
Ada NECK daughter 17 born Rope Walk, Bristol
Charles NECK son 15 Wheelwright's Labourer born Bedminster, Bristol
William NECK son 12 born St Paul, Bristol
Joseph NECK son 7 born St Paul, Bristol

By 1906 the family was living at 34 Tyne Street, St Werburgh, and they remained here until around 1909. Ann NECK (nee PANES) died on 17th June 1909 at 26 Eldon Road, Bristol. The informant was her eldest son, Edward John NECK, rather than her husband, which is perhaps an indication that John's health was beginning to decline. It is known that in his final years John suffered from general paralysis of the insane, a neuropsychiatric disorder affecting the brain and central nervous system caused by syphilis infection, and he spent the majority of the last six years of his life in various institutions where he probably received medical care. The 1911 census shows John NECK as an inmate at the Bristol City Workhouse at Blackberry Hill, Stapleton:

Bristol City Workhouse, Stapleton, Fishponds, Bristol

John NECK widower aged 62 Dock Labourer born Bristol

No records survive to show how long John was an inmate at the Stapleton Workhouse, however it is known that by the spring of 1912 he was living in Great George Street in the St Jude area of Bristol, possibly in a lodging house run by a Mr. PRICE, as this was the address he gave when he admitted himself to the Eastville Workhouse at 100 Fishponds Road on 24th May of that year. He remained in the Workhouse for over two years and was discharged on 28th October 1914. He briefly lived in a lodging house in Brick Street, St Jude run by Henry SULLY, but on 10th November 1914 he returned to the Eastville Workhouse, apparently remaining there until 30th March 1915 when he was discharged to the Bristol Royal Infirmary, presumably because he was in need of better medical care. However, less than two months later, on 11th May 1915, the B.R.I. sent him back to the Eastville Workhouse by way of a detention order. The symptoms of general paresis include mental deterioration, personality change, asocial behaviour, mania and delusions, and it is possible that the B.R.I. sent John back to the Workhouse because he had become unmanageable and a danger either to himself or others. John never again left the Eastville Workhouse and died there on 9th February 1917.

Florence Ann NECK (b. 1879) never married. She provided nursing help and spent some time in London before seeing out her final years at 11 Sidney Hill Cottage Homes in Churchill, Somerset. She died on 11th January 1955 in Snowdon Road Hospital, Bristol East.

Florence Ann Neck
Florence Ann NECK
(click image to enlarge)

Edward John NECK (b. 1882) married Ethel Agnes JONES on 2nd March 1903 in Salem Chapel, Baptist Mills, Bristol. She was born on 28th April 1884 in Easton, Bristol and was the daughter of William, a slate mason, and Ellen JONES. Edward and Ethel had four children together, all born in St Philip & Jacob, Bristol - Dorothy Lilian, born 10th September 1903 at 28 Horley Road, Mina Road; Ernest William Edward, born 14th December 1904 at 28 Horley Road; Edith Maud Irene, born 15th  December 1907 at 46 Stafford Road, Mina Road, and Reginald Gordon, born 17th November 1915 at 16 Waterloo Terrace, Stapleton Road. Edward NECK worked as a fish-fryer and wholesale fruit salesman. This is how the family appear in the 1911 and 1921 censuses:

46 Stafford Road, St Philip & Jacob, Bristol (1911)

Ellen Mary JONES widow aged 59 Midwife born Langport, Somerset
Ethel Agnes NECK daughter 26 born St Marks, Bristol
Edward John NECK son-in-law 27 Warehouseman born Bristol
Dorothy Lilian NECK granddaughter 8 born St Werburghs, Bristol
Ernest William Edward NECK grandson 7 born St Werburghs, Bristol
Edith Maud Irene NECK granddaughter 3 born St Werburghs, Bristol
Joseph NECK boarder 17 Porter born St Simons, Bristol

16 Waterloo Terrace, Holy Trinity, Bristol (1921)

Edward J. NECK aged 39 years 6 months Fruit Coster (Own Account) born St Augustine, Bristol
Ethel A. NECK wife 37 years 2 months Home Duties born Lower Easton, Bristol
Dorothy L. NECK daughter 17 years 9 months Box Maker (Globe Refinery, Eugene Street) born St Philip, Bristol
Ernest W. E. NECK son 16 years 6 months Fruit Coster (Own Account) born St Philip, Bristol
Edith M. I. NECK daughter 13 years 6 months Scholar born St Philip, Bristol
Reginald G. NECK son 5 years 7 months Scholar born St Philip, Bristol

The 1939 Register shows Edward and Ethel living at 29 Rosebery Avenue, St Werburgh with Edward's occupation recorded as 'fruit warehouseman'. Edward died on 15th February 1948 at 29 Rosebery Avenue and was interred at Arno's Vale Cemetery in Bristol. His widow Ethel died on 31st August 1973 also at 29 Roseberry Avenue. Edith NECK married Harry SPOKES on 14th February 1931 in St Werburgh, Bristol. Edith and Harry were the grandparents of my third cousin David PREECE.

Ernest, Dorothy and Edith Neck
Ernest, Dorothy and Edith NECK
(click image to enlarge)

Ada Emily NECK (b. 1884) married Herbert Edgar WILLIAMS on 16th March 1909 in St Agnes, Bristol. Herbert was born on 17th March 1887 at 5 James Street, St Philip & Jacob, Bristol and was the son of Alfred WILLIAMS and Mary Elizabeth ANDREWS. For more information about Herbert and Ada WILLIAMS, please see my WILLIAMS & ANDREWS Families of Newport, Wales and Bristol, England page.

Charles Henry NECK (b. 1886) joined the Somerset Light Infantry on 14th June 1904 and later served in this regiment in the First World War, working as a car driver in the intervening years. Charles took part in the retreat from Mons in August 1914 and fought in the trenches near Armentière. On 3rd October 1914 he was admitted to No. 2 General Hospital suffering with pleurisy and spent two weeks there before being transferred to a convalescent camp. On 4th February 1916 Charles was discharged from the army suffering from neuralgia of the sciatic nerves, his medical report stating that he first had an attack six years previously "from getting continually wet as a car driver" and that it had "got much worse after duty in the trenches".

Charles married Beatrice Alice PINCOTT on 26th December 1910 in St Matthew, Moorfields, Bristol. Beatrice was born in about 1889 in Penarth, Glamorgan, Wales and was the daughter of John PINCOTT, a labourer, and Ellen LETHBRIDGE. This is how Charles and Beatrice appear in the 1911 census:

73 Cemetery Road, Newtown, Bridgend, Glamorgan, Wales

Charles Henry NECK aged 25 Laundry Vanman born Bedminster, Bristol
Beatrice Alice NECK wife 22 born Wales

Charles and Beatrice had at least one son together - Arthur James, born 1st October 1911 at 20 Avon Park, Avonvale Road, Redfield, Bristol. Beatrice NECK (nee PINCOTT) died in 1918 and Charles later married Nellie May EDBROOKE on 5th April 1919 in The Register Office, Bristol. Nellie was born on 29th January 1889 in Southville, Bristol and was the daughter of Edwin EDBROOKE, a commercial traveller, and Sarah Jane JONES. Charles and Nellie had at least two children - Dorothy May, born and died on 5th March 1920 at 25 Berkeley Street, Stapleton, Bristol, and Doris May, born 19th September 1922 at 38 Orchard Street, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset.

Charles worked as a motor mechanic, though it seems that in the early 1920s he briefly ran a restaurant, or perhaps a fish and chip shop, in Weston-super-Mare, where his daughter Doris was born. This is how the family appear in the 1921 census (why Nellie's birthplace is shown as Ross, Herefordshire is unknown, though her mother was born in St Weonards which is only a few miles from Ross):

38 Orchard Street, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset

Charles Henry NECK aged 35 years 4 months Restaurant Proprietor (Employer, 38 Orchard Street) born Bedminster, Bristol
Nellie May NECK wife 32 years 6 months
Restaurant Proprietor (Employer, 38 Orchard Street) born Ross, Herefordshire
Arthur James NECK son 9 years 8 months Scholar (Whole Time) born Redfield, Bristol
Alice Winifred COUNSELL servant 17 years 9 months General Help (C.H. Neck, Restaurant, 38 Orchard Street) born Weston-super-Mare
Violet Winifred LATIMER servant 19 years 4 months
General Help (C.H. Neck, Restaurant, 38 Orchard Street) born Box Farm, Andover
Frank SWAN servant 35 years 11 months Cook 
(C.H. Neck, Restaurant, 38 Orchard Street) born Bedlington, Northumberland
Lily MEDLAR visitor 25 years 2 months Domestic (At Home) born Hayes, Middlesex
Harry SPENCER visitor 22 years 8 months Metal Turner (Fielding & Platt Engineers) born Upton, Gloucestershire

The Western Daily Press of 28th May 1921 reported that "Charles Henry Neck, 38 Orchard Street, Weston-super-Mare, restaurant keeper, was fined 10s for selling nonperishable goods after 9pm". By November 1922 Charles was living in Burlington House, Hanham, Kingswood, Gloucestershire, and it was here that he died of tuberculosis on 9th April 1923 aged just 37. His widow Nellie subsequently married John STANLEY in 1931 in Bristol. The 1939 Register shows Nellie living at 22 Edward Road, Arno's Vale, Bristol with her occupation recorded as 'unpaid domestic duties'.

William Henry NECK (b. 1888) married Grace Marion WALDRON on 22nd December 1912 in St Matthew, Moorfields, Bristol. Grace was born in about 1888 in Barton Hill, Bristol and was the daughter of Richard WALDRON, an engineer, and Emma GARMSTON. William and Grace had two children together - Frank William Albert, born 30th December 1914 at 25 Berkeley Street, Stapleton, Bristol, and Marion Grace, born 10th June 1917 at 120 Goodhind Street, St Philip & Jacob, Bristol. This is how the family appear in the 1921 census:

23 Berkeley Street, Eastville, Bristol

William Henry NECK aged 32 years 7 months Tram Conductor (Bristol Tramway & Carriage Co., Bristol) born St Paul, Bristol
Grace Marion NECK wife 33 years 1 month Home Duties born Barton Hill, Bristol
Frank William A. NECK son 6 year 7 months Scholar (Whole Time) born Eastville, Bristol
Marion Grace NECK daughter 4 years born St Agnes, Bristol

William worked as a fruiterer's warehouseman and later as a queue conductor for the Tramways Company. During the First World War he served in the 94th Training Reserve Battalion. The 1939 Register shows William and Grace still living at 23 Berkeley Street with William's occupation recorded as 'double deck bus driver'. William died on 8th July 1951 at the Royal Infimary, Bristol.

Joseph James NECK (b. 1893) was living with his brother Edward in Stafford Road in 1911 (she above). He married Clara Ethel WATKINS on 12th July 1913 in The Register Office, Bristol. Clara was born on 17th April 1892 in Wales and was the daughter of Charles Edward WATKINS, a time-keeper, and Clara Agnes HEMMING. Joseph and Clara had two children together - Stanley Joseph, born 29th November 1913 at 13 Winsford Street, Stapleton, Bristol and Hilda Agnes, born 20th July 1916 at 16 Winsford Street. This is how the family appear in the 1921 census (Clara's birthplace seems to be shown as Trenydd, but she was probably born in Tynewydd in Ogmore Vale, Glamorgan):

16 Winsford Street, Stapleton Road, Bristol

Joseph James NECK aged 27 years 7 months Costermonger (Fruit) born Bristol
Clare Ethel NECK wife 29 years 2 months Home Duties born Trenydd, Wales
Stanley Joseph NECK son 7 years 7 months Scholar (Whole Time) born Bristol
Hilda Agnes NECK daughter 4 years 11 month Scholar (Whole Time) born Bristol

Joseph worked as a carter and later as a clerical officer for the Ministry of Labour, while in his spare time he was an amateur conjurer. He served as a bombardier in the 1st Gloucester Regiment in World War One. The 1939 Register shows Joseph and Clara living at 36 Broadbury Road, Knowle with Joseph's occupation recorded as 'wholesale fruit sale'. During the Second World War Joseph volunteered for a wartime entertainments group, performing magic shows for soldiers under the name "Jayenne". He died on 22nd March 1957 in Lower Maudlin Street, Bristol on the way to the Royal Infirmary having collapsed on stage during one of his shows. His widow Clara died on 5th February 1973.

Arthur Thomas NECK (1878-1959)

Arthur Thomas Neck
Arthur Thomas NECK
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Arthur Thomas NECK was born on 6th December 1878 in Redcliffe, Bristol, and was the son of George William NECK and Frances PUGH. He married Catherine GOODMAN on 2nd October 1897 in the Bedminster Register Office, Bristol. Catherine was born on 13th June 1876 in East Reach, Taunton, Somerset and was the daughter of Walter GOODMAN, a mason, and Mary BEAMER. Both Arthur and Catherine were living at 33 Weare Street, Bristol at the time of their marriage.

Like many of his relatives Arthur worked as a dock labourer, however in August 1896 he joined the Somerset Light Infantry, transferring to the reserve in June 1898. Later that year he was working in an oilcake mill. When oil is extracted from seed, such as linseed, the remaining byproduct is compressed into cakes and used as animal feed or manure - these are oilcakes. In late 1899 Arthur was embodied for service with the Somerset Light Infantry and embarked for South Africa on 13th December. He was awarded the South Africa Medal with six clasps for Cape Colony, South Africa 1901, Transvaal, Relief of Ladysmith, Orange Free State and  Tugela Heights. He may have fought alongside his older brother Henry who was in the same regiment and who was awarded the same medal and clasps. Arthur returned home in August 1901 and was discharged from the army the following month, returning to the oilcake mill as an oilcake presser.

Arthur and Catherine had seven children together, all born in Bristol - Albert Ernest Colston, born 28th November 1897 at 33 Weare Street, Bedminster; Mary Emma Frances, born 1st December 1898 at 16 Old Charlotte Street, Bedminster; Lilian Kate, born 3rd July 1900, also at 16 Old Charlotte Street; Amelia, born 31st July 1902, again at 16 Old Charlotte Street; Arthur, born 30th January 1904; John, born 14th September 1905 at 6 Prospect Terrace, Sion Road, Bedminster, and Frances Catherine, born 27nd September 1921 at 1 Queen Street, Bedminster. In 1901, with Arthur away fighting the Boers, Catherine was living in the same house in Old Charlotte Street as her father-in-law, as seen here in the census for that year:

16 Old Charlotte Street, Bedminster, Bristol

Catherine NECK wife aged 24 Shirts Maker born Taunton, Somerset
Lilian NECK daughter 9 months born Bristol

In 1911 the family were living in Siston Common :

Siston Common, Warmley, Nr Bristol

Arthur NECK aged 32 Labourer in Oil Mill born Redcliffe, Bristol
Catherine NECK wife 34 Sewing Machinist born Taunton, Somerset
Lilian Kate NECK daughter 10 Scholar
Amelia NECK daughter 8 Scholar
Arthur NECK son 7 Scholar

By the late 1920s Arthur had changed his profession once again and was working in a tobacco factory. Catherine NECK (nee GOODMAN) died on 30th April 1942 at 151 Cotswold Road, South Bristol. At the time her husband Arthur was working as a blacksmith's mate. Arthur Thomas NECK died on 4th January 1959, also at 151 Cotswold Road.

Albert Ernest Colston NECK (b. 1897) died on 17th October 1902 at 16 Old Charlotte Street, Bedminster aged 4; Mary Emma Frances NECK (b. 1899) died on 24th October 1900 at the General Hospital, St Mary Redcliffe, Bristol aged 22 months; John NECK (b. 1905) died on 9th February 1908 at Cossham's Memorial Hospital, Stapleton, Bristol aged 2, and Frances Catherine NECK (b. 1921) died on 25th May 1940 at 151 Cotswold Road, Bristol aged 18.

Lilian Kate NECK (b. 1900) married Frederick Charles WEBB on 5th July 1919 in St Paul, Bedminster, Bristol. Frederick was born on 17th August 1899 in St George, Bristol and was the son of Thomas Henry WEBB, a labourer.

Arthur NECK (b. 1904) married Hilda Lilian HAZELL on 15th September 1928 in St Anne, Brislington, Bristol. Hilda was born about in about 1902 and was the daughter of Albert HAZELL.

Amelia NECK (b. 1902) married Joseph PERRY on 2nd August 1920 in St Paul, Bedminster, Bristol. Joseph was born in about 1897 in Cadoxton, Glamorgan, Wales and was the son of Joseph and Madonia PERRY. At the time of their marriage both Amelia and Joseph were living at 1 Queen Square, Bristol. They had one son, Arthur, born in Pontypridd, Wales in 1924. This is how Amelia and Joseph appear in the 1921 census:

4 Long Row, Treforest, Pontypridd, Wales

Joseph PERRY aged 62 years 10 months Iron Dealer (Own Account) born Somerset
Madonia PERRY wife 58 years 2 months Sack Dealer (Own Account) born Cambridgeshire
Joseph PERRY son 23 years 8 months born Glamorgan
Amelia PERRY daughter-in-law 18 years 11 month born Somerset
Shanderus LEE lodger 83 years born Glamorgan

Amelia later married Francis Harold Albert HARRINGTON (according to adoption records held by Angela GREENHALGH) at St Paul, Bedminster on 9th August 1932. Francis was born on 23rd September 1908 in Bristol, the son of Francis Albert HARRINGTON, a decorator, and Hilda Clara BRIMBLE. He worked as a labourer for the Tramways Company and later as a tobacco warehouseman. Amelia and Francis HARRINGTON were the parents of my third cousin once removed, Angie GREENHALGH. Amelia died in 1985.

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