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Meaning Of The Name

William HIPPISLEY (1693-1783)

William HIPPISLEY (1722-1804)

George HIPPISLEY (1725-1771)

William HIPPISLEY (1758-1838)

Edward HIPPISLEY (1763-1834)

William HIPPISLEY (1748-1827)

Richard HIPPISLEY (1753-1786)

Robert Townsend HIPPISLEY (1821-1909)

Mary Martha HIPPISLEY (1822-1898)

William HIPPISLEY (1797-1854)

George HIPPISLEY (1802-1873)

Henry HIPPISLEY (1803-1833)

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When my grandparents, Roy and Winifred MATTHEWS, were sorting out their wills, their solicitor noticed my grandfather's name and asked whether he was related to the family of the same name who lived at Ston Easton. My grandparents had no idea what he was talking about.

My grandfather's full name was Alfred William Hippesley MATTHEWS - "Roy" was just a nickname. His parents, William MATTHEWS and Amy Gwendoline CURTIS, apparently never told him why they had given him the middle name Hippesley, and nobody in my family knew how important the name was.

The HIPPISLEY family were lords of the manor of Ston Easton for nearly 400 years. They also owned estates in Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Devon and Ireland.  In the 18th century they built the impressive mansion known as Ston Easton Park, which still stands today.  They were a family of lawyers, scientists and churchmen; some became MPs, others served as County Sheriffs, while the diplomat John Cox HIPPISLEY was knighted and created baronet in the late 1700s for his services to King George III.

One of my objectives when I first started researching my family tree was to find out what the connection was between my family and the HIPPISLEYs. My grandfather's brother, George, had already discovered that Amy Gwendoline CURTIS had an aunt called Mary Hippesley CURTIS and an uncle called Hippesley CURTIS, so my connection to the HIPPISLEYs was clearly through my CURTIS ancestors. I soon found a record on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-days Saints website of a Lamrock CURTIS marrying Ann HIPPISLEY in 1798. Lamrock and Ann had six children, including Thomas, born in 1808. I then discovered that my great-great-great-grandfather was also called Thomas CURTIS, and his marriage certificate was the final piece in the puzzle, as it revealed that his father's name was Lamrock.

I have not yet been able to conclusively prove that my HIPPISLEY ancestors were related to the Ston Easton HIPPISLEYs, but the fact that Chewton Mendip lies less than three miles from Ston Easton makes it incomprehensible that the two families were not somehow connected.

Acknowledgements & Disclaimer

This webpage would not have been possible without the assistance of DIANE LAWRENCE, who has done a considerable amount of work on the HIPPISLEY family, and TONY POOLE, who has carried out extensive research in the Somerset Records Office on my behalf. I am also grateful to my cousins BRIAN CLAVEY, ROSEMARY MEADOWS, ROGER HIPPISLEY-COX, NICOLAS HIPPISLEY-COXE and SUSAN SHAW for providing me with information about their branches of the family. I'd also like to thank JOHN HIPPISLEY for suggesting a possible origin of the surname, RICHARD LOXTON for providing numerous documents and records relating to Chewton Mendip, STEVE BUMSTEAD for his help with interpreting the Chewton Mendip Churchwarden's Account Book and Poor Book as well as Edward HIPPISLEY's will, Jo ASHLEY and Tessa ROSSI for transcribing Edward HIPPISLEY's will, DAVID CROOK for information and documents relating to Edward Hippisley COX and the CROOK family, LES HAMPSON for information about Simon and James DURBIN, CATHERINE HAILL of the Victoria & Albert Theatre Museum for providing details of Antony Hippisley COXE's circus collection, PROF. ROBERT BICKERS for providing a biography of Alfred Edward HIPPISLEY, RICHARD HARRISON for information about Alfred Edward HIPPISLEY's role in the development of America's Open Door proposals, TIM CHEW for his notes on the HOWARD family and FENELLA PRINGLE of Gregory Rowcliffe Milners . Some of the information about William Frederick HIPPISLEY came from "Pioneer Passengers - To Nelson by Sailing Ship, March 1842-June 1843" by JUNE E. NEALE. The brief history of Court de Wyck is based in part on information found on the Claverham Village website. Certain details about the HIPPISLEY family of Ston Easton as well as information about Turner's Court were taken from "Ston Easton Perambulation" and "Emborough Perambulation", both by GEOFFREY A. J. LOXTON, while certain information about the families of Edward HIPPISLEY and Robert Townsend HIPPISLEY was taken from "Some Notes on the Hippisley Family", collected by ALFRED E. HIPPISLEY and edited and extended by I. FITZROY JONES. Further information about Alfred HIPPISLEY's role in the Open Door affair came from "American Diplomacy" by GEORGE F. KENNAN. The photograph of Gournay Court was kindly provided by DAVID WEATHERILL of the Virtual West Harptree website. I am also indebted to the members of the Gloucester, Bristol & Somerset and Wessex Genealogy Mailing Lists. Much of the information on this page has no primary source and while I believe that it is accurate, I cannot take responsibility for any errors or omissions. I will be updating this page regularly as new information comes to light.

Meaning Of The Name

According to JOHN HIPPISLEY the surname HIPPISLEY derives from HIPP-YES-LEIGH meaning "A Field of Wild Rose-Hips". Apparently the family was once involved in the production of rose-hip syrup.

However, according to "Ston Easton Perambulation" by G. A. J. LOXTON,  "A Dictionary of English and Welsh Surnames" by CHARLES WAREING BARDSLEY and "The Oxford Dictionary of Family Names in Britain and Ireland" by PATRICK HANKS, RICHARD COATES and PETER McCLURE the name is simply derived from the village of Ipsley in Warwickshire from where the family may have originated. Early examples include Richard le Scot de IPPESLEG (1256) and Edith de IPPESLEG (1260), both of Warwickshire, and William de IPPESLE of Worcester in 1340. Although the name HIPESLE is recorded as eary as 1230, the prosthetic "H-" does not appear frequently until the 16th century. Indeed the first John HIPPISLEY of Ston Easton spelt his name IPPESLEY in his accounts.

Chewton Mendip Parish Church
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William HIPPISLEY (1693-1783)

In 1553 Queen Mary I gave the manor of Chewton Mendip to her Privy Councillor and Master of the Great Wardrobe, Sir Edward WALDEGRAVE. James Sherbrooke WALDEGRAVE, the 13th Earl, still lives in Chewton Mendip. His younger brother William, Lord WALDEGRAVE of North Hill, was a prominent Conservative M.P. in the 1980s and was also a governor of my old school.

The neighbouring manor of Ston Easton was bought by John HIPPISLEY in 1544 for the sum of £457-3s-4d. The manor had previously belonged to Bruton Abbey, but the land became available as a result of the Dissolution in 1539. The HIPPISLEY family retained the manor for the next four centuries. Ston Easton Park, now owned by von Essen Hotels, was built by the HIPPISLEYs in the mid-1700s.

In 1559 John HIPPISLEY's son, also called John, purchased the manor of Whitnell near Emborough. Whitnell had been owned from the 13th to the 15th centuries by the TONER family. They would have been responsible for maintaining law and order in their domain and manorial courts would have been held at their manor house, Toner's Court. Over the years that followed the name of the building seems to have become corrupted. The present Turner's Court Farm is almost certainly on the site of the TONER family's manor house in Whitnell.

John HIPPISLEY was a senior lawyer at the Middle Temple in London, served as MP for Bridport and later represented Wells as MP between 1562 and 1566. He was also Recorder of Bristol - the City's senior Judge - from 1551 until his death in 1570. In his will his younger brother William is described as being "of Binegar" and Turner's Court actually lies near Binegar church despite being in the parish of Emborough. Also, a survey of Whitnell in 1580 shows a William HIPPISLEY paying the highest rent of all the tenants, suggesting he was living at the manor house. So it seems that William, and possibly his descendants, may have lived at Turner's Court.

My ancestor William HIPPISLEY was born on 26th May 1693 in Emborough. The parish registers record that he was the son of Edward HIPPISLEY "lately of Turner's Court". This, according to "Some Notes on the Hippisley Family", suggests that my William was a direct descendant of John HIPPISLEY's younger brother William. "The Hippisley Family" also suggests that his parents may have been the Edward HIPPISLEY and Hannah CUTTING who married on 18th October 1683 in Chewton Mendip.

Turner's Court Farm
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William HIPPISLEY married Sarah CHANT on 26th December 1721 in Chewton Mendip. Sarah was born in about 1690 and was the daughter of John CHANT. William and Sarah had only one son together - William, born in 1722 in Chewton Mendip. Sarah died on 28th October 1722, just two days before young William's baptism. The proximity of Sarah's death to her son's baptism suggests that she may have died as a result of his birth. She was buried in the churchyard of St Mary Magdalene at Chewton Mendip.

Sarah's widowed husband soon remarried. On 25th April 1723 he married Ann DUDDING in Chewton Mendip. She was born in about 1689. Ann produced only one son for her husband - George, who was born in about 1725 in Chewton Mendip. Ann died on 10th January 1761 and was buried on 22nd day of the same month in the churchyard at Chewton.

The Chewton Mendip Poor Book shows William serving as an overseer of the poor in 1733. Overseers were unpaid but had a number of powers, including the power to raise money for the needy by collecting a tax known as the Poor Rate from other parishioners. They could also remove any newcomers to the parish if the local Justices of the Peace deemed that they were likely to become dependent on poor relief. Earlier records have not yet been examined so it is possible that William had held this post previously. William served as an overseer many times over the following years, often on behalf of another individual who had declined the office. William's name also appears in a list of individuals qualified to serve on juries dated 18th September 1745.

In addition, the Chewton Mendip Churchwarden's Account Book shows William serving as a churchwarden in 1736, acting on behalf of William KINGSMILL Esq. Churchwardens represent the interests of the laity within a parish. They are expected to lead the parishioners by setting a good example and to maintain order and peace in the church and churchyard at all times. They are also the chief administrative assistants of the parish and are sometimes responsible for the property and movable goods belonging to a parish church. William served as a churchwarden again in 1740, 1745 and 1751; in 1756 his son George appears to have served as a warden on his behalf.

William's name also appears numerous times in the Chewton Mendip Vestry Book, indicating that he regularly attended vestry meetings. Vestries were responsible for running the secular business of the parish, but have largely been replaced by parish councils. Only inhabitants who paid the Poor Rate were permitted to attend vestry meetings. Vestry records from the late 1760s show two William HIPPISLEYs attending meetings at the same time and it seems likely that these men were William born in 1693 and his son born in 1722. However the vestry book shows that two William HIPPISLEYs were still attending meetings together as late as 1784, a year after the death of William born in 1693, so by this time the two attendees were probably William born in 1722 and his nephew born in 1748.

According to "Some Notes on the Hippisley family", William lived in East End and Bathway. East End was originally the name of one of the four administrative areas into which Chewton Mendip was once divided and included most of the land in the east and south of the parish, while Bathway is a cluster of cottages and farms around the junction of the roads from Chewton to Wells and Emborough to Cheddar. It isn't clear when William HIPPISLEY moved to East End or where exactly he lived but on 3rd May 1738 he was granted a lease for a tenement which included the property now known as Lower East End Farm. This is one of the oldest extant farmhouses in East End, dating back to the early 17th century. It appears that at the same time he began renting another tenement in East End to the east of Hippisley Farm called "Rowdens" (possibly derived from the Old English "ruhdun" meaning "rough hill"). This tenement included a plot on East End Lane near the junction with Honeywell Lane which on several maps was shown to contain an L-shaped building and two smaller rectangular buildings nearby. These were described in the manorial surveys as "a dwelling house, barn, stable, other outhouses, orchard, garden and backside" and presumably comprised another farm. By 1839 only one of the two smaller buildings remained; this was probably a barn or stable and can still be seen today, although it is now a ruin.

The Lower East End Farm and Rowdens leases were originally only for seven years, but on 24th February 1746 William was granted leases for both tenements for an additional ten years, and his tenure was extended by a further ten years on 24th February 1756. During this period it appears that William was actually a subtenant of John WALDEGRAVE who had been granted "ex-gratia" leases for both tenements by his older brother, the 2nd Earl Waldegrave. John WALDEGRAVE inherited the earldom from his brother in 1763 and it's possible that this prompted him to review his estate, as on 10th October 1766 new leases for both properties were granted to William HIPPISLEY, this time for 99 years.

Lower East End Farm Lease
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Sometime after 1741 a tenement in East End previously held by Joseph SMITH of Bristol was assigned to William HIPPISLEY. This included a "dwelling house, barn, stable, out house, orchard and garden"on the site of modern Dudwell Field Farm. Although William now held the leasehold for this property the terms of the lease remained unchanged, meaning that it would revert to the WALDEGRAVE estate on the death of the last of the original SMITH "lives" named in the lease. However on 9th October 1766 William was granted a new lease with the lives changed to members of his own family, and at the same time he also changed the lives for a leasehold held by his son George which included three fields near Chew Down. These three fields were subsequently added to the Dudwell Field Farm tenement.

In March 1752 William was granted the lease for a tenement called Dudwells which included what is now East End Farm. The tenement had previousy been held by Edward BUCK, and in 1752 his daughter Eleanor SEVIER was still alive. William's lease stated that the property would be granted to him "from and immediately after the death of the said Eleanor Sevier", although a later estate survey claimed that Eleanor had sold Dudwells to William prior to her death. Eleanor SEVIER appears to have died in 1756, and in September 1758 an additional lease was granted to William which named another of his grandsons as a life in her place.

The Lower East End Farm, Rowdens and Dudwell Field Farm leases were granted for the lives of William's grandchildren William (b. 1748), Richard (b. 1753) and Elizabeth (b. 1762), the children of William's younger son George, and the East End Farm lease was granted for the lives of William (b. 1748), Richard(b. 1753) and their sister Ann (b. 1750). It should be noted that the individuals named as lives on a lease had no right of inheritance and the property could be bequeathed to another family member, or even someone from outside the family; the "lives" simply determined the length of the leasehold. All four leases fell into hand in 1827 on the death of William's grandson. Ironically no evidence has yet been found linking William HIPPISLEY with Hippisley Farm itself and it's possible that the farm was actually named after a junior branch of the Ston Easton HIPPISLEYs who lived in Chewton Mendip in the 17th and early 18th centuries.

In addition to these East End tenements, William was also granted leases for various properties in the Town divison of Chewton Mendip. In January 1741 William acquired a lease for various plots to the north-east of Chew Down previously belonging to the WYCHES family, and in December 1747 he was granted a new lease for this property which also included fields in the same area previously belonging to the Reverend John TASWELL. In September 1742 William acquired a lease for a tenement which included fields in the Kingshill area and a dwelling house on Lower Street on the site now occupied by Woodside, and in December 1747 a new lease was granted which combined these fields with others near Quarrs Farm and Chew Down. The leases for both of these new tenements were granted for William's life and the lives of his two sons. It appears that following George's death in 1771 both leases were re-granted in July 1772 for the lives of William, his eldest son and his grandson 
William (b. 1758).

As well as being the leaseholder of various tenements across the East End and Town divisions of Chewton Mendip, William also appears to have rented property in East End from the Reverend Thomas SECCOMBE, who was the vicar at nearby Cameley. This appears to have been land to the east of Lower East End Farm and may have included a dwelling house on the corner of East End Lane and Honeywell Lane which no longer exists, and a barn and stable on the site of modern Honeywell Cottage. William also seems to have rented property from SECCOMBE in the Town division, but this has not yet been identified. The Chewton Mendip Land Tax Assessments suggest that William's family continued to rent these properties until 1796, with John ROBERTS shown as the occupier in later assessments. The change of occupancy may have occurred as the result of the Rev. SECCOMBE's death in August 1796.

The Land Tax Assessments also provide evidence for the family's connection with Bathway as they show William as the "proprietor" and "occupier" of land in the Middlesex division of Chewton Mendip, within which Bathway Farm was located. The earliest record linking William to this land is dated 1781, however the Land Tax Assessments for the years 1768-1780 are missing so it is possible that William occupied this land for some time prior to this. The Bathway Farm site is labelled with the name HOUSE on the 1740 and 1797 maps of Chewton Mendip which suggests that William was renting the property from the HOUSE family. It isn't known whether the HOUSEs owned the land or were tenants of another family such as the KINGSMILLs.

A document dated 15th August 1774 lists all the tenants of Robert KINGSMILL with the amount of annual rent each was paying. William HIPPISLEY is shown paying £69 10s which was the highest amount of all of KINGMILL's tenants. It isn't known whether this was William born 1693 or his son born 1722, and unfortunately it also isn't known what property or proprties he was renting from KINGSMILL. One possibility is Quarrs Farm which was a KINGSMILL property at the time and which is believed to have been later purchased by the HIPPISLEYs, while another is the Bathway Farm site if it was owned by the KINGMILLs rather than the HOUSE family.

William HIPPISLEY died on 11th July 1783 in Chewton Mendip. His will gives a clear indication that he came from a prosperous family, as amongst the items bequeathed to his children and grandchildren were numerous freeholds, tenements, messuages and pastures. He even gave Chewton Wood to his grandson Thomas! William was buried alongside his wives in the churchyard of St Mary Magdalene on 15th July 1783.

William HIPPISLEY (1722-1804)

William HIPPISLEY was baptised on 30th October 1722 in Chewton Mendip and was the only son of William HIPPISLEY and Sarah CHANT. From the early 1740s until around 1758 he appears to have lived at Court de Wyck in Claverham near Yatton, Somerset, about 13 miles from Chewton Mendip. The original Court de Wyck was built before 1338 but was enlarged between 1660 and 1670. However by 1814 the original building had become uninhabitable and was pulled down. The present Court de Wyck was completed in 1819 and incorporates features of the earlier house. William returned to Chewton in about 1760 where he lived out the remainder of his years at East End. Like his father, William married twice. His first wife was Prewdence BISDEE, whom he married on 9th November 1743 in Yatton. William and Prewdence had two children together, both born in Yatton - John, baptised 11th December 1745, and Sarah, born in about 1748, died 25th March 1761 in Chewton Mendip. Prewdence HIPPISLEY (nee BISDEE) died in 1748 and was buried in Yatton on 20th February of that year.

William subsequently married Martha YERBURY on 19th June 1748 in Chew Magna, Somerset, with whom he had a further eight children - Ann, baptised 6th September 1749 in Yatton; Martha, baptised 26th July 1751 in Yatton; Mary, baptised 18th June 1755 in Yatton; William, baptised 2nd April 1758 in Yatton; Thomas, baptised 1st October 1760 in Chewton Mendip; Edward, baptised 20th December 1763 in Chewton Mendip; John, baptised 4th May 1766 in Chewton Mendip, and Sarah, baptised 24th August 1770 in Chewton Mendip.

William inherited various properties upon the death of his father in 1783, including the tenements in the Town division. The Chewton Mendip Land Tax Assessments show him as the "proprietor" of property in East End, suggesting that he inherited some of his father's holdings there as well. While it isn't known for certain which property this was, a lease dated 1791 relating to land east of Chew Down refers to a neighbouring field called "Turning Path" which was "in the occupation of Mr. William Hippisley, senior", and this field was part of the Lower East End Farm tenement.

The Land Tax Assessments also show William as the "proprietor" and "occupier" of the same land in Middlesex previously occupied by his father, which may have been the Bathway Farm site. This property is listed in the assessments up to and including 1798, but it does not appear in an "Amended Assessment" which was carried out in the same year. However the Amended Assessment does show William as the proprietor and occupier of freehold property in Middlesex which was described as "part of Houses". The Bathway Farm site had previously been either owned or leased by the HOUSE family, and the fact that William's property was described as "freehold" suggests that he may have bought the farm and associated land in around 1797-8.

From around 1797 William also appears to have rented some of the land in the Town division held by the HIGGINS family. It isn't known exactly where this land was, though the 1807 survey of Chewton Mendip shows that Thomas and John HIGGINS held leases for several tenements which included plots in the vicinity of Chew Down. Thomas and John may have been brothers, and the latter was probably the John HIGGINS who served as curate at Mells for 36 years

In January 1788 the Chewton Mendip churchwardens and overseers appealed against a removal order that had seen a pauper named William FUDGE sent to Chewton from Shepton Mallet. The appeal was successful and the court ordered the churchwardens and oversees of Shepton to reimburse the £2 that had been paid by the parish of Chewton towards supporting FUDGE. A handwritten note at the bottom of the document reads: "January 25th 1788, received the sum of too [sic] pounds as above by me Wm. Hippisley." This was probably William born 1722 and suggests that he was serving as a parish overseer at the time.

William's wife Martha died in April 1803 and was buried on the 19th day of that month in Chewton Mendip. William himself died on 25th December 1804 in East End, Chewton Mendip. Like his father he bequeathed various tenements, pasteurs and messuages to his children. He was buried on 27th December 1804 alongside his wife and children. A memorial tablet erected by his grandson Edward Burgess HIPPISLEY inside St Mary Magdalene commemorates William and his family.

Ann HIPPISLEY (b. 1749) died on 5th March 1760 and was buried in Chewton Mendip on the 9th day of the same month.

Martha HIPPISLEY (b. 1751) married her half-cousin Richard HIPPISLEY on 28th December 1775 in Chewton Mendip. Richard died in 1786 and Martha subsequently married Richard ABBOTT on 7th April 1790 in St John Baptist, Bedminster. Martha and Richard had at least one child together - William. William inherited a considerable amount of property from his maternal aunt Mary HIPPISLEY upon her death in 1837, including an annuity, her best bedstead, mahogany table, bureau, small chest, pine box and a "bible and testament with Doctor Coke's commentary". Doctor COKE was Thomas COKE, a Methodist Bishop who was a close assistant of John WESLEY and is known as the father of Methodist Missions; this suggests that the Chewton HIPPISLEYs were Methodists. 

Mary HIPPISLEY (b. 1755) never married. She died on 10th January 1837 and was buried in Chewton Mendip seven days later. In her will she left property to her nephews William ABBOTT, Edward Burgess HIPPISLEY, John Burgess HIPPISLEY, William Frederick HIPPISLEY and Robert Townsend HIPPISLEY, her niece Mary Martha HIPPISLEY, and the surviving children of her late niece Ann CURTIS (nee HIPPISLEY). Her property included a freehold estate in the parish of East Harptree.

Thomas HIPPISLEY (b. 1760) died in 1794 and was buried in Chewton Mendip on 11th July of that year.

John HIPPISLEY (b. 1766) died on 30th May 1775 in Chewton Mendip and was buried there on 2nd June of the same year.

Sarah HIPPISLEY (b. 1770) died on 18th August 1792 in Chewton Mendip and was buried there on 22nd August of the same year.

George HIPPISLEY (1725-1771)

George HIPPISLEY was baptised on 14th May 1725 in Chewton Mendip and was the only child of William HIPPISLEY and Ann DUDDING. He married Elizabeth CARY on 11th May 1747 in Emborough. She was born in about 1728.

George and Elizabeth had six children together, all baptised in Chewton Mendip - William, baptised 15th September 1748; Ann, baptised 7th October 1750; Richard, baptised 10th September 1753; Mary, baptised 17th September 1755; Hannah, baptised 2nd January 1758, and Elizabeth, baptised 17th October 1762.

George must have had some standing in the local community as the Chewton Mendip Churchwarden's Account Book shows him serving as a churchwarden in 1756 on behalf of his father. He also attended two vestry meetings in October 1768 alongside his father and brother. It appears that on 25th March 1760 George was granted the leasehold for three fields near Chew Down which had previously been held by the PURNELL family. These three fields were later incorporated into the Dudwell Field Farm tenement held by George's father.

George died on 4th June 1771 and was buried three days later in the churchyard of St Mary Magdalene at Chewton Mendip. His widow Elizabeth (nee CARY) died on 24th August 1791 and was buried alongside her husband.

Ann HIPPISLEY (b. 1750) married Henry VAGG on 2nd July 1772 in Chewton Mendip.

Mary HIPPISLEY (b. 1755) married John WILKINS on 18th February 1783 in Chewton Mendip.

Hannah HIPPISLEY (b. 1758) married William SHEPPARD in 1778. She died sometime before 1783.

Elizabeth HIPPISLEY (b. 1762) never married. She died in 1821 and was buried in Chewton Mendip on 13th April of that year.

William HIPPISLEY (1758-1838)

William HIPPISLEY was baptised on 2nd April 1758 in Yatton, Somerset and was the eldest son of William HIPPISLEY and Martha YERBURY. He married Martha DANDO on 28th August 1781 in Chewton Mendip. Martha was born in about 1759. Upon his father's death in 1804, William inherited his properties in Kingshill, Lower Street and Chew Down. An amendment to the 1794 manorial survey suggests that he also inherited the Lower East End Farm and Rowdens tenements from his father. William was described as a 'horse dealer' in the 1807 Manor of Chewton lease reference book, and the 1821 and 1822 Chewton Mendip Land Tax Assessments show him as the occupier of Quarrs Farm in the East End division of Chewton Mendip which at the time was owned by his cousin William.

The 1807 survey shows William's wife Martha as the nominated "life" on a lease for "part of the dwelling house called the Unicorn Inn". The lease was granted on 7th February 1771 when Martha was still only a child and it isn't known what connection she had to this property. The Unicorn was a substantial building at the junction of Chewton Hill and the High Street and appears to have been operated by the HART family from the mid-18th century to the early 19th century. However the 1740 manorial survey refers to a "a little room and shop (part of the Unicorn Inn) assigned to Martha PARSONS" and the 1766 survey includes an entry for "part of the dwelling house called the Unicorn Inn" for which Martha PARSONS was the tenant, which was presumably the same property. The name Martha HIPPISLEY appears to have been subsequently added to the record, probably while the 1794 survey was being prepared as her age is recorded as 30. This corresponds with Martha being added as a "life" to the lease in 1771, however why she was chosen remains a mystery.

The exact nature of this property is also not known. One possibility is that the Unicorn was sub-divided into several separate dwellings with Martha PARSONS holding the lease for one of these. Alternatively it appears that there were several plots of land associated with the Unicorn and it may be that Martha held the lease for a dwelling house in one of these plots.The Unicorn was probably rebuilt by the HARTs in the early 1800s and was given a new name: the Waldegrave Arms. The Waldegrave stood on the same site until the 1930s when it was pulled down so that the road through the village could be widened. The pub on the other side of the road, which up until then had been the Rising Sun, was subsequently renamed the Waldegrave Arms and still stands today.

Martha HIPPISLEY (nee DANDO) died on 2nd January 1831 and William died in Chewton on 31st October 1838. They were both buried in the churchyard of St Mary Magdalene at Chewton Mendip.

Edward HIPPISLEY (1763-1834)

Edward HIPPISLEY was baptised on 20th December 1763 in Chewton Mendip and was the third son of William HIPPISLEY and Martha YERBURY. He married Mary TOWNSEND on 30th December 1802 in West Pennard, Somerset. Mary was born on 18th November 1770 in West Pennard and was the daughter of the Reverend Robert TOWNSEND and Jane TOWNSEND. Mary provided Edward with no living issue - she died on 28th April 1816 and was buried in Chewton Mendip on 2nd May of the same year. There is some evidence to suggest that Edward may have fathered an illegitimate child while married to Mary TOWNSEND. The child was Edward Hippisley PORCH, baptised on 7th August 1808 in North Wootton, Somerset, the son of Ann PORCH.

Edward subsequently married Mary BURGESS on 13th March 1817, also in West Pennard. Mary was baptised on 4th February 1780 in West Pennard and was the daughter of John BURGESS and Ann TOWNSEND. Edward and Mary had five children together, all born in Chewton Mendip - Edward Burgess, born 20th December 1817; John Burgess, born 26th December 1818; William Frederick, baptised 2nd July 1820; Robert Townsend, born 9th July 1821, and Mary Martha, born 5th December 1822.

Edward appears to have been the owner or occupier of land in the Chewton Hill area close to the border with the neighbouring parish of Priddy. A map of Chewton Hill tentatively dated to around 1800 shows an E. HIPPISLEY as the owner or occupier of several fields at Red Quarr, and Edward's son was still the occupier of some of this land at the time of the 1839 tithe survey. From 1802 the Chewton Mendip Land Tax Assessments show Edward as the "occupier" and his father William as the "proprietor" of land in East End, and after his father's death in 1804 Edward himself is shown as the proprietor of property in the same area. This may have been either Lower East End Farm or Rowdens, as it appears that his father had previously been the tenant of both these properties, although other evidence suggests that Edward’s brother William held these tenements in 1807. Edward also appears to have inherited the family's land at Bathway following his father's death; the 1805 Land Tax Assessment shows his sister Mary as the "proprietor" of the land in Middlesex described as "part of Houses", but from 1806 Edward is listed as the owner and occupier of this land.

On 10th May 1815 Edward was one of the two overseers of the poor who carried out the edict of a removal order by delivering Eleanor PLENTY and her children Charlotte, Sarah and John back to her native parish of Emborough.

On 27th September 1821 Trewman's Exeter Flying Post reported on a ploughing match which took place on a field near Old Down owned by Sir John Coxe HIPPISLEY. Edward HIPPISLEY of Chewton Mendip was one of thre three "pratical farmers, having no interest whatever in either of the ploughsselected by the Committee to serves as judges for the contest.

Edward HIPPISLEY died on 26th November 1834 in East End, Chewton Mendip and was buried alongside his father in the churchyard at St Mary Magdalene. In his will Edward appointed his friends Farnham FLOWER, surgeon of Chilcompton, and Edward BURGESS, gentleman of West Bradley, as executors and trustees. Edward BURGESS was almost certainly Edward HIPPISLEY's brother-in-law. Edward bequeathed "all the Plate and Plated articles which shall be in or about my Dwellinghouse at the time of my decease" to his widow Mary, and also bequeathed to his eldest son "all that Messuage or Dwellinghouse with the Garden and Appurtenances thereto belonging now in the occupation of my sister Mary Hippisley and also the Orchard and several Closes or Pieces of Land adjoining or near thereto containing about Ten Acres (more or less) called 'House's' now in my own occupation and also all that allotment of Land at Chewton Edge containing by estimation Five Acres and Two Roods (more or less) also in my own occupation". The wording is somewhat ambiguous, but it would appear that the dwelling house occupied by his sister was what is now called Bathway Farm, while the orchard and pieces of land called "House's" were the adjoining fields. The "allotment of Land at Chewton Edge" was probably a field at Nedge labelled with Edward's name on a map of Chewton dating to 1825.

Edward also instructed FLOWER and BURGESS to invest a sum of money which would enable them to pay his widow Mary an annuity of £50, however Mary would only be entitled to this money if she agreed to give up all the rights she had as a widow to her husband's estate. Apart from "twenty good sheep" which he left to his servant George MAJOR, Edward gave "all the rest, residue and remainder of my real and personal Estate" to FLOWER and BURGESS and instructed them to convert everything into money which would be used to pay off any debts, testamentary and funeral expenses, with the rest invested to the benefit of all his children. This would be used to pay for education and maintenance as well as any costs should they enter a trade or profession or marry. Each surviving child would then inherit an equal share of the remaining sum upon reaching the age of twenty one.

In 1841 Edward's widow Mary was living on Dudwell Farm in Chewton Mendip with her children, as seen here in the census for that year:

Dudwell Farm, Chewton Mendip, Somerset

Edward HIPPISLEY aged 20 Farmer Born in County
John HIPPISLEY 20 Farmer Born in County

Mary HIPPISLEY 55 Born in County

Mary HIPPISLEY 15 Born in County
Edward DYER 15 Male Servant Born in County
Ann CLARE 15 Female Servant Born in County

Mary later lived in Greendown Cottage which, though in the parish of Litton, was very close to the West End division of Chewton, before moving to Clifton in Bristol, which is where she was living in the 1851 census:

Westbourne Place, Clifton, Bristol

Mary HIPPISLEY widow aged 71 Annuitant born Somerset
Edward HIPPISLEY son 33 Corn Merchant born Somerset
Clarinda BURGESS sister-in-law 53 born Somerset
Elizabeth BALL servant 20 born Somerset

Mary HIPPISLEY (nee BURGESS) died on 2nd February 1860 at 13 Westbourne Place and was buried in St Andrew, Clifton.

Edward Burgess HIPPISLEY (b. 1817) is shown in the 1839 Chewton Mendip tithe apportionment map as the occupier of several properties, including a house and garden at Bathway which corresponds with Bathway Farm, and land at Red Quarr, both of which were previously owned by his father. The "owner" of these properties was Edward BURGESS, who was probably Edward's uncle, suggesting that at the time the survey was conducted BURGESS was acting as a trustee for the land that had been granted to Edward by his father. The tithe map also shows an Edward HIPPISLEY as the occupier of numerous fields belonging to Earl WALDEGRAVE, most of which were located in East End. These included fields south of the junction between East End Lane and Honeywell Lane associated with the Rowdens lease granted to Edward's great-grandfather William HIPPISLEY in 1766. Edward was also shown as the occupier of Lower East End Farm. However it isn't clear whether these are references to Edward Burgess HIPPISLEY or his late father. Nearby Hippisley Farm and East End Farm were occupied by Robert MILES in 1839.

In addition to the land held in Chewton, the 1840 tithe apportionment survey for West Pennard shows a number of plots owned by Edward BURGESS and Farnham FLOWER who were described as "trustees under the will of the late Edward Hippisley." These included a house, garden and orchard on the opposite side of the road to Pilltown Farm which at the time was occupied by James TIBBOTTS, a house, garden and barton in the vicinity of modern Sticklinch Farm which was occupied by Margaret BANWELL, and another house, garden and barton corresponding with modern Willow Farm which was also occupied by Margaret BANWELL. It is presumed that Edward Burgess HIPPISLEY eventually came into possession of all of this property.

In 1844 George Edward WALDEGRAVE, the 7th Earl, and his wife Frances moved to Harptree Court, their country home in Somerset, having previously lived at Strawberry Hill House in Twickenham. Their arrival was reported in the Bath Chronicle & Weekly Gazette on 22nd August 1844: "On Tuesday week the Earl and Countess Waldegrave arrived at Harptree Court, which they intend to make their constant residence. They were met at the Redpost, near Bath, by more than one hundred of their tenantry on horseback, with others in carriages, and a numerous body of pedestrians, who escorted them home ... At Chewton Mendip, three hogsheads of beer were distributed, and a triumphal arch was erected across the road, festooned with laurels and flowers, with the following motto on the top, 'Welcome Earl and Countess Waldegrave.' A congratulatory address was delivered by E. B. Hippisley, Esq., and there was great rejoicing, with bands playing, bells ringing, colours flying, and canons roaring..."

The 1846 register of persons entitled to vote show Edward Burgess HIPPISLEY living at Greendown Cottage, Litton and also indicate that he owned freehold land at Bathway, West Pennard and Ashcott. He later moved to Bristol and was living with his mother at Westbourne Place, Clifton in 1851 (see above). Edward became a provisions merchant in partnership with a man named William WHELLER operating under the name "E. B. Hippisley & Co", but HIPPISLEY and WHELLER dissolved their partnership by mutual consent on 28th February 1855. The circumstances surrounding their split is unknown, and it is also not known whether Edward subsequently worked with any other business partners. The 1861 and 1871 censuses shows Edward as a corn merchant still living in Westbourne Place:

13 Westbourne Place, Clifton, Bristol (1861)

Edward B. HIPPISLEY aged 43 Corn Merchant born Chewton Mendip, Somerset
Ann COUNCELL servant 43 House Keeper born Wrington, Somerset
Charlotte WHITE servant 15 House Servant born Castle Cary, Somerset

13 Westbourne Place, Clifton, Bristol (1871)

E. Burgess HIPPISLEY aged 53 Retired Farmer & Landowner born Chewton Mendip, Somerset
Mary N. GORDON housekeeper 70 Housekeeper born Bristol
Sarah A. DENFORD servant 20 General Servant born Bristol
Mary DENFORD servant 12 Assistant Servant born Bristol

Edward moved to 24 Elgin Park in Redland, Bristol in the 1870s. He never married, but in his will he left money for the "maintainance, clothing and education" of his natural daughter Mary WITHERS. Mary was born in Bedminster, Bristol in about 1875 and appears to have died unmarried on 6th July 1951 at Snowdon Road Hospital, Fishponds, Bristol. Her mother has not yet been identified.

Edward Burgess HIPPISLEY died at 24 Elgin Park on 6th February 1881 and was buried with his father in the churchyard at Chewton Mendip. By his direction a memorial tablet commemorating his father and grandfather was erected inside St Mary Magdalene church, and the two adjacent windows were filled with stained glass, as reported in the Western Gazette on 24th November 1882: "Two stained glass windows, as memorials to the late Mr. E. B. Hippisley and members of his family, have recently been placed on the south side of Chewton Mendip Church. The designs consist of canopy work in accordance with the architecture of the stonework, and in the panels are the following subjects, illustrating the parables of our Lord:- 'The Unmerciful Servant,' 'The Labourers in the Vineyard,' 'The Talents,' 'The Good Samaritan,' 'The Lost Sheep,' and 'The Prodigal Son.' In the tracery are angels bearing scrolls suitably inscribed, and in the central basements have been introduced a shield and monogram. The memorial inscription is on a brass plate, with richly-engraved border, which is fixed on the wall between the windows. A granite tombstone has been erected in the churchyard over the grave of the Hippisley family."

Chewton Mendip Church Windows
(click image to enlarge)

John Burgess HIPPISLEY (b. 1818) died on 23rd August 1841 in Chewton Mendip aged 22 as a result of some unknown accident.

William Frederick HIPPISLEY (b. 1820) was one of the early emigrants to New Zealand. He left England aboard the Sir Charles Forbes which sailed from Gravesend, Kent on 1st May 1842 and arrived in Nelson, New Zealand on 22nd August after four months at sea. William immediately began buying livestock in Waimea West and soon became a highly respected farmer. Gentleman's Magazine described him as "one of the most enterprising and active of the early migrants to Nelson."

On 17th June 1843 twenty-two European colonists were killed by Maori natives in what became known as the Wairau 'massacre'. Their fellow settlers called for revenge, but the New Zealand Government refused to take action, and in February 1844 the new Governor, Captain Robert FITZROY, declared that the massacre had been caused by the bellicose attitude of the colonists. William HIPPISLEY was one of numerous settlers who signed a petition sent to the New Zealand Government to protest against the response to the massacre.

Sadly William's time in New Zealand was short-lived as on 28th September 1844 he drowned in the Waimea River along with his faithful bailiff John GRIFFIN, the eldest son of William GRIFFIN of Chewton Mendip. A report in the "Nelson Examiner" of 5th October 1844 described the events that led up to the tragedy:

"It is with great regret that we have to record the loss of two lives in the Waimea River. On Saturday last, Mr W. F. Hippisley, a highly respectable farmer, residing on the western side of the river, Mr J. Griffin, a young man who accompanied him out from England, and Mr Bolton, another farmer residing in Waimea West, attempted to cross the river in a bullock cart, for the purpose of looking after some sheep belonging to them, which were running on the eastern plain. The heavy rains which had fallen during the week had considerably swollen the river; and the ford which they attempted was a very bad one; but to have crossed at a better would have taken them a mile and a half out of their way. Previous to going into the river, Mr Bolton expressed some fears, but Mr Hippisley assured him he had crossed it when the water had been higher. About the middle, they found the current very strong, and, when within five or six yards of the eastern bank, one of the bullocks got into a deep hole and drew the other after him, which immediately swamped the cart. Mr Bolton, with some difficulty, reached the shore, but saw nothing of his unfortunate companions, both of whom, he believes, went down immediately the cart filled, as neither of them could swim. The bodies were not found until Wednesday, one about two, and the other three hundred yards from the spot where the accident occured." A jury returned a verdict of 'accidental death'.

Following William's death one of his land holdings in Nelson was transferred to his three surviving siblings who became tenants in common, while three other properties appear to have been transferred exclusively to his brother Robert.

William HIPPISLEY (1748-1827)

William HIPPISLEY was baptised on 15th September 1748 in Chewton Mendip. He was the eldest son of George HIPPISLEY and Elizabeth CARY. He married Betsy MORSS on 4th December 1777 in Kenn near Yatton, Somerset. Betsy was born in about 1750. William and Betsy had at least three children together, all born in Chewton Mendip - George, born 8th August 1779, buried 23rd February 1780; James, buried 4th September 1780, and Ann Mary, born 14th November 1781.

Betsy HIPPISLEY died on 27th November 1792 and was buried in the churchyard at  Chewton Mendip. William subsequently married Mary DUDDEN on 17th November 1795 in St Denys, Warminster, Wiltshire. William and Mary had three children together, all born in Chewton Mendip - William, born 25th March 1797; George, born 3rd January 1802, and Henry, born 28th March 1803.

The 1807 map of Chewton manor showing all the lands owned by the WALDEGRAVE family has the words "Lands of William Hippisley" written across five fields to the north east of Dudwell Farm. This corresponds with the site of Quarrs Farm, which still exists today. Quarrs was formerly owned by the KINGSMILL family and it appears that William purchased it from them sometime after 1794, although it is possible that William was the tenant of another landlord. The Chewton Mendip Land Tax Assessments show William as both the owner and occupier of 'Quarrs' up until 1820, with the 1821 and 1822 assessments showing William as the owner with his younger cousin and namesake as the occupier. From 1823 the assessments show the HART family as the 'proprietors' of Quarrs.

William also appears to have held the leases for East End Farm and Dudwell Field Farm at the time of the 1807 survey along with the numerous fields associated with them. He was also renting the Chew Down tenement from his cousin William. The current farmhouse at East End Farm appears to have been built in the second half of the 18th century, suggesting that either William or his grandfather initiated the work, while the two large barns on the site probably date to the first decade of the 19th century, which means that William was definitely the leaseholder when they were built. William was also a nominated "life" on the Lower East End Farm and Rowdens leases, and all these tenements fell into hand upon his death in 1827. While it is possible that the family did not want or could not afford to add additional lives to these leases, it may also have been the case that the WALDEGRAVES decided to refuse renewals so the grants would expire and allow them to reorganise their farms or re-let them on different terms.It seems that the HIPPISLEYs were able to regain some of these properties as the 1839 tithe apportionment map shows Edward Burgess HIPPISLEY as the occupier of lands corresponding to the Lower East End Farm and Rowdens leases while in the 1841 census Mary HIPPISLEY and her family were living at Dudwell Field Farm.

(click image to enlarge)

William HIPPISLEY died on 5th February 1827 and was buried alongside his first wife in Chewton Mendip. His second wife Mary died on 6th September 1837 and was buried in Chewton Mendip four days later.

Richard HIPPISLEY (1753-1786)

Richard HIPPISLEY was baptised on 10th September 1753 in Chewton Mendip. He was the son of George HIPPISLEY and Elizabeth CARY. He married his half-cousin Martha HIPPISLEY on 28th December 1775 in Chewton Mendip. She was baptised on 26th July 1751 in Yatton and was the daughter of William HIPPISLEY and Martha YERBURY.

Richard and Martha had only one child together - Ann, born 7th January 1777 in Chewton Mendip. The Chewton Mendip Vestry Book shows an R. HIPPISLEY attending vestry meetings from 1774 - this was probably Richard. There is evidence to suggest that Richard may have lived in the dwelling house on the site of modern Dudwell Field Farm. The 1794 survey of Chewton parish shows his daughter Ann as the occupier of the Dudwell Field Farm tenement and the 1796 and 1797 Chewton Mendip Land Tax Assessments show Ann as the "proprietor" and "occupier" of property in East End valued at £5 7s 4d. Land Tax Assessments in the 1780s show Richard as the occupier of property in East End valued at the same amount, indicating that he was living in the Dudwell Field Farm dwelling house.

Richard died on 9th May 1786 and was buried on the 14th day of the same month in Chewton Mendip. The Land Tax Assessments suggest that the Dudwell Field Farm property was subsequently occupied by Richard's widow Martha, though by 1791 Richard's cousin Thomas HIPPISLEY was shown as the occupier. This was probably because Martha had started a new life with her second husband Richard ABBOTT, whom she married on 7th April 1790 in St John the Baptist, Bedminster, Somerset. Following Thomas HIPPISLEY's death in 1794, Richard and Martha's daughter Ann became the occupier of the Dudwell Field Farm property.

Ann HIPPISLEY (b. 1777) married Lamrock CURTIS on 1st February 1798 in Chewton Mendip. One of the signatories on their marriage bond was Ann's uncle, Edward HIPPISLEY. Lamrock and Ann were my great-great-great-great-grandparents. For more information about their descendants please see my CURTIS Family of Chewton Mendip and Bristol, England page.

Robert Townsend HIPPISLEY (1821-1909)

Robert Townsend HIPPISLEY was born on 9th July 1821 in Chewton Mendip. He was the youngest son of Edward HIPPISLEY and Mary BURGESS. Robert trained as a solictor and in 1840 he was apprenticed to John Fry REEVES of Taunton. The articles of clerkship dated 29th August 1840 state that Robert's trustees and guardians were Farnham FLOWER, surgeon of Chilcompton, and Robert's uncle Edward BURGESS of West Bradley. On 31st January 1846 the London Gazette reported that: "The Lord Chancellor has appointed Robert Townsend Hippisley of Chewton Mendip and Midsomer Norton in the county of Somerset, Gent., to be a Master Extraordinary in the High Court of Chancery."

Robert was still living in Litton near Chewton Mendip when he married Harriette Gibbs WYLD on 29th July 1847 in St George, Brandon Hill. Harriette was born in Bristol in about 1826 and was the daughter of John Hopton and Charlotte WYLD. After their marriage Robert and Harriette settled in Clifton, Bristol where their twelve children were born - Alfred Edward, born 9th December 1848; Florence Taylor, born 31st January 1850; George Wyld, born 11th February 1851; Robert Townsend, born 28th July 1852; Harriette Constance, born 1st April 1854; Frederick Ernest, born 16th May 1856, died 9th September 1856; Mary Beatrice, born 19th August 1857; Frederic William, born 20th June 1859, died 1st April 1865; Charles Ernest, born 1st June 1861; Clara Minnie, born 3rd January 1863, died 9th August 1864; Reginald, born 4th September 1865, and Kate Evelyn, born 2nd December 1867.

By 1850 Robert was working from an office at 7 Nicholas Street, Bristol. His London agent at the time was Gregory, Faulkner, Gregory & Skirrow of 1 Bedford Row, London. This firm remained his agent for over fifty years, although by the time Robert retired it had become Rowcliffes, Rawle & Co. The firm still exists today as Gregory Rowcliffe Milners, and is still based at 1 Bedford Row. In 1848 Robert and his family were living at 10 Frederick Place, Clifton, which would be their home for over twenty years. This is how they appear in the 1851 census:

Frederick Place, Clifton, Bristol (1851)

Robert HIPPISLEY aged 29 Attorney & Solicitor born Chewton Mendip, Somerset
Harriet HIPPISLEY wife 25 born Bristol
Alfred HIPPISLEY son 2 born Clifton, Bristol
Florence HIPPISLEY daughter 1 born Clifton, Bristol
George HIPPISLEY son 1 month born Clifton, Bristol
Ellen PRITCHARD servant 23 born Oldbury, Gloucestershire
Charlotte JONES servant 32 born Bristol
Elizabeth CROCKER servant 18 born Bristol

On 2nd December 1854 the Bristol Mercury reported that "the Right Hon. Stephen Lushington, D.C.L., Judge of the High Court of Admiralty, has appointed Robert Townsend Hippisley, of the city and county of Bristol, to be a commissioner to administer oaths in proceedings in the Court of Admiralty."

In 1861 Robert and his family were still living in Frederick Place:

10 Frederick Place, Clifton, Bristol (1861)

Robert T. HIPPISLEY aged 39 Attorney & Solicitor born Chewton Mendip, Somerset
Harriette G. HIPPISLEY wife 35 born St Mary Redcliffe, Bristol
Alfred E. HIPPISLEY son 12 Scholar born Clifton, Bristol
George W. HIPPISLEY son 10 Scholar born Clifton, Bristol
Robert T. HIPPISLEY son 8 Scholar born Clifton, Bristol
Mary B. HIPPISLEY daughter 3 born Clifton, Bristol
Frederick W. HIPPISLEY son 1 born Clifton, Bristol
Susan KNIGHT servant 40 Nurse Maid born Sampford Peverell, Devon
Fanny LANGLEY servant 28 Domestic Servant born Wells, Somerset

By 1871 the family had moved to 2 Leamington Villas in what would later become Burlington Road in the Redland Park area:

2 Leamington Villas, Redland Park, Westbury on Trym, Gloucestershire

Robert T. HIPPISLEY aged 49 Solicitor born Chewton Mendip, Somerset
Harriette G. HIPPISLEY wife 45 Solicitor's Wife born Bristol, Gloucestershire
Florence T. HIPPISLEY daughter 21 born Clifton, Gloucestershire
Robert T. HIPPISLEY son 18 Merchant's Clerk born Clifton, Gloucestershire
Harriette C. HIPPISLEY daughter 17 born Clifton, Gloucestershire
Mary B. HIPPISLEY son 13 Scholar born Clifton, Gloucestershire
Charles Ernest HIPPISLEY son 9 Scholar born Clifton, Gloucestershire
Reginald HIPPISLEY son 5 born Clifton, Gloucestershire
Kate Evelyn HIPPISLEY daughter 3 born Clifton, Gloucestershire
Susan KNIGHT servant 50 Nurse born Sampford Peverell, Devon
Selina A. CHARD servant 28 General Servant born Keynsham, Somerset

Harriette HIPPISLEY (nee GIBBS) died on 26th June 1879 at Leamington Villas. In the same year Robert's office moved to 41 Nicholas Street, which is now an Indian restaurant called Taj Palace. In 1881 the family was still living at 2 Leamington Villas, as seen here in the census for that year:

2 Leamington Villas, Redland Park, Westbury-on-Trym, Gloucestershire

Robert T. HIPPISLEY widower aged 59 Solicitor born Chewton Mendip, Somerset
Florence T. HIPPISLEY daughter 31 born Bristol, Gloucester
Robert T. Junr. HIPPISLEY son 28 Bank Clerk born Bristol, Gloucester
Mary B. HIPPISLEY daughter 23 born Bristol, Gloucester
Charles E. HIPPISLEY son 19 Clerk In Loan Office born Bristol, Gloucester
Kate E. HIPPISLEY daughter 13 Scholar born Bristol, Gloucester
Emma J. BLACKMORE servant 21 Housemaid born Little Stoke, Somerset
Emma PAUL servant 26 Cook born Bristol, Gloucester

Robert became a Perpetual Commissioner in 1882. In 1884 he was shown as living at 14 Burlington Road, Redland, however this was the same house as 2 Leamington Villas. By 1891 he had moved to Alma Road in Clifton, as seen here in the census for that year:

1 Alma Road, All Saints, Clifton, Bristol

Robert T. HIPPISLEY widower aged 69 Solicitor born Chewton Mendip, Somerset
Florence T. HIPPISLEY daughter 41 born Clifton, Bristol
Robert T. HIPPISLEY son 38 Insurance Agent born Clifton, Bristol
Mary B. HIPPISLEY daughter 33 born Clifton, Bristol
Reginald HIPPISLEY son 25 Solicitor born Clifton, Bristol
Kate E. HIPPISLEY daughter 23 born Clifton, Bristol
Emily SHALLISH servant 20 Domestic Servant born Banwell, Somerset
Ellen CLIFFORD servant 28 Domestic Servant born Bristol

By 1901 Robert had retired from the legal profession but was still living in Alma Road:

1 Alma Road, All Saints, Clifton, Bristol

Robert T. HIPPISLEY widower aged 79 Retired Solicitor born Chewton Mendip, Somerset
Florence T. HIPPISLEY daughter 51 born Bristol
Robert T. HIPPISLEY son 48 Stock & Share Broker born Bristol
Mary B. HIPPISLEY daughter 43 born Bristol
Kate E. HIPPISLEY daughter 33 born Bristol
Ann KING servant 42 Cook (Domestic) born Redruth, Cornwall
Emma L. MARTIN servant 28 Housemaid (Domestic) born Bristol

On 4th May 1903 the following advertisement appeared in the Nelson Evening Mail: "Land! Land! Auriferous and Agricultural Land, Murchison. Messrs W. Rout & Sons, acting under instructions from R. T. Hippisley, Esq, of England, are prepared to sell by private treaty, 463 acres of land, situate just outside the township of Murchison, in lots to suit buyers. The land is all level, and most is heavily timbered, and would make, when cleared, splendid agricultural land. About 150 acres consist of rich river flat, bounded on the West side by the Matakitaki River, and has been proved to contain good gold."

Robert Townsend HIPPISLEY died on 4th July 1909 at 1 Alma Road, Clifton and was buried in the churchyard at Redland Green, Bristol. In his will he left property amounting to £99,594, which would be the equivalent of almost £6m today. At the time of his death he still owned land in Nelson, New Zealand worth £1,280. The memorial tablet inside St Mary Magdalene in Chewton Mendip records that the altar rails in the church were given in his affectionate memory in October 1910.

Alfred Edward HIPPISLEY (b. 1848) attended Bristol Grammar School. He was offered a scholarship at St. John's, Oxford, but for reasons beyond his control had to reject it. One of his close friends at school joined the Customs Service and Alfred decided to follow his example. He wrote to the Inspector General of Customs, Sir Robert HART, with testimonials from the school and was offered a job when one became available. He joined the Customers Service on 14th October 1867 and was appointed to Chinkiang as a Fourth Class Clerk. He went on to serve in various capacities at Chinkiang, Peking, Amoy, Canton, Shanghai, Tamsui, Wenchow, Lappa, Tientsin and Hankow. In April 1875 he was appointed a Deputy Commissioner in the role of Assistant Statistical Secretary, and in April 1882 he was made Commissioner. He served as Chinese Secretary from May 1882 to May 1885, as Chief Secretary from April 1896 to October 1897, and as Postal Secretary from April 1907 to April 1908. By Imperial decree of 1st October 1901 he was appointed an Assistant Delegate to the Treaty and Tariff Commission, in the work of which he played a prominent part over the following four years. His memoranda on conservancy, financial, and taxation questions have been described as being "distinguished by their grasp of the subject, breadth of view, sound reasoning, and clarity of expression."

Alfred was a member of the Chinese commission for the Paris Exhibition of 1878, the Health Exhibition in London of 1884, and the Paris exhibition of 1900. He was made Chevalier of the Order of Francis Joseph of Austria in 1874 and was awarded the orders of Double Dragon and Rising Sun in 1904 and Dragon of Annam in 1908. Alfred was also the leading candidate to succeed Sir Robert HART as Inspector General of Customs in China, but was ultimately overlooked in favour of another individual. He resigned from the Customs Service in 1909.

During his time in China Alfred became close friends with the American diplomat William Woodville ROCKHILL. When in 1899 the United States Secretary of State John HAY sought an international agreement on trade in the former Chinese Empire, he turned to ROCKHILL for advice.  However it was seven years since ROCKHILL had last been in China and he was unable to make any recommendations. In June 1899 Alfred visited the Washington area on leave of absence from his post as second-in-command of the Chinese Customs Service. ROCKHILL took the opportunity to seek advice from his old friend, knowing that he had first-hand knowledge of recent developments in China. Alfred subsequently sent a memorandum to ROCKHILL on the "Open Door in China", dated 17th August 1899. ROCKHILL made some minor changes to Alfred's notes before passing them on to HAY, who in turn issued them to Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Russia and Japan.

The Open Door Policy allowed all the major powers access to China, with none of them in control of the country. Reluctantly, the Great Powers agreed to the proposals and in March 1900 HAY declared each power's response as "final and definitive." Alfred's role in the development of the Open Door notes was deliberately concealed because there were concerns that the deal would collapse if the Great Powers - and in particular Germany, France and Russia - found out that an Englishman was behind the proposals. Ultimately the Open Door agreement was overtaken by events such as the Boxer Rebellion, and even America showed scant regard for its principles in its later policies towards its own overseas possessions.

Alfred married Cornelia HOWARD on 21st October 1885 in Peking, China. Cornelia was born on 27th November 1855 and was the daughter of Charles Ridgely HOWARD of Waverly, Baltimore County, USA and Elizabeth Ann WATERS. Cornelia's grandfather George HOWARD was Governor of Maryland from 1831-33 and her great-grandfather John Eager HOWARD was Governor from 1789-91. Alfred and Cornelia had one son, Edward Howard, who was born and died in 1889.

Alfred was called to the Bar at the Inner Temple on 26th June 1900 and was a member of the Hakluyt Society. He was the author of "A Sketch of the History of Ceramic Art in China" which was published in 1902 and also collected the material which became "Some Notes on the Hippisley Family". In June 1926 he restored the HIPPISLEY gravestones in the churchyard at Chewton Mendip, which had become badly eroded. Cornelia HIPPISLEY (nee HOWARD) died on 20th February 1935 at 8 Herbert Crescent, Hans Place, Chelsea, London and was buried in Kensal Green Cemetery in London. Alfred Edward HIPPISLEY died on 7th September 1939.

Florence Taylor HIPPISLEY (b. 1850) never married. She died of pulmonary tuberculosis at 1 Alma Road, Clifton on 14th July 1906 and was buried in Redland Chapel.

George Wyld HIPPISLEY (b. 1851) married Sarah Morgan NASH on 17th April 1877 in Emmanuel Church, Clifton, Bristol. Sarah was born in Bristol in about 1851 and was the daughter of Henry Shute NASH. George and Sarah had four children together - Evelyn Waters, born 3rd March 1878 in St Pancras, London; Beatrice Nash, born 9th March 1880 in Hampstead, Middlesex; Wilfred Wyld, born 29th September 1881 in Hampstead, and Edward Townsend, born 20th July 1893 in Hampstead. This is how the family appears in the 1881, 1891, 1901 and 1911 censuses:

77 Adelaide Road, Hampstead, London, Middlesex (1881)

George W. HIPPISLEY aged 36 No Proff Or Calling born Bristol
Sarah M. HIPPISLEY wife 30 No Proff Or Calling born Bristol
Evelyn W. HIPPISLEY daughter 3 born St Pancras, Middlesex
Beatrice N. HIPPISLEY daughter 1 born Hampstead, Middlesex
Hester HOLVEY servant 25 Cook born Paulton, Somerset
Mary J. FISHER servant 16 Nursemaid born Henbury, Gloucester

120 King Henry's Road, Hampstead, London (1891)

George W. HIPPISLEY aged 40 Banker's Clerk born Clifton, Gloucestershire
Sarah HIPPISLEY wife 39 wife born Bristol
Evelyn W. HIPPISLEY daughter 13 born St. Pancras, London
Beatrice N. HIPPISLEY daughter 11 born Hampstead, London
Wilfred HIPPISLEY son 9 born Hampstead, London
Bessie ASHER servant 23 General Servant (Domestic) born Keysoe, Bedfordshire

120 King Henry's Road, Hampstead, London (1901)

George W. HIPPISLEY aged 50 Bank Clerk born Clifton, Gloucestershire
Sarah M. HIPPISLEY wife 49 born Bristol, Gloucestershire
Evelyn W. HIPPISLEY daughter 23 born London
Beatrice N. HIPPISLEY daughter 21 born London
Edward T. HIPPISLEY son 7 born London

36 Station Road, Sidcup, Kent (1911)

George Wyld HIPPISLEY aged 60 Retired Bank Manager born Clifton, Gloucestershire
Sarah Morgan HIPPISLEY wife 59 born Bristol, Gloucestershire
Evelyn Waters HIPPISLEY 33 Theological Coach 33 born St Pancas, London
Florence Ethel ELLIS servant 29 Cook born Sidcup, Kent
Rose Matilda ELLIS servant 23 Housemaid born Sidcup, Kent

Sarah HIPPISLEY (nee NASH) died on 5th February 1925 at Chewton, Christchurch Road, Sidcup, Kent. Her husband George died on 25th December 1930 also at Chewton, Christchurch Road, Sidcup.

Robert Townsend HIPPISLEY (b. 1852) never married. He died on 19th March 1903 at 1 Alma Road, Clifton, Bristol. Harriette Constance HIPPISLEY (b. 1854) died on 25th July 1871 aged 17. Mary Beatrice HIPPISLEY (b. 1857) died unmarried on 10th April 1926 at Woodlands, Burnaby Road, Bournemouth.

Charles Ernest HIPPISLEY (b. 1861) sailed to Australia in February 1889 and lived in Melbourne until May 1897 when he returned to England. He left again in October 1897 and lived in Cape Town, South Africa until April 1898 before returning to Melbourne. In 1907 he was believed to be searching for gold in the eastern goldfields, but in the following year he was seen in London by an old schoolmate. He returned to Australia in 1909, but what became of him thereafter is not known. Following his father's death his family placed advertisements in newspapers in Australia, New Zealand, America and Great Britain in an effort to find out whether he was still alive as he stood to inherit £17,000, but it is unknown if he or any descendants were ever found. In a letter dated 30th June 1914, John Porch HIPPISLEY of Tulney Point, New South Wales described how many years previously he had been contacted by a Charles Ernest HIPPISLEY who claimed to be a relative. Charles asked John to send him money so he could pay for transport so they could meet, but John declined, telling Charles he did not want to see "a hard-up cousin". This was presumably Robert Townsend HIPPISEY's son. 

Reginald HIPPISLEY (b. 1865) followed in his father's footsteps and became an attorney. He was admitted in 1890 and in 1891 he was working alongside his father at 41 Nicholas Street. His London agent was Rowcliffes, Rawle & Co of 1 Bedford Row, London. Reginald was also a Member of the Incorporated Law Society of the United Kingdom. He died on 6th November 1934 at the Wyndham Hotel, 73-74 Queens Gate, South Kensington, London.

Kate Evelyn HIPPISLEY (b. 1867) married Edward Brudenell-Bruce WILLIAMS, a Captain in the Rhodesia police, on 11th July 1906. Edward was born in about 1870 in Stowey, Somerset and was the son of Fenwick WILLIAMS and Flora MOORE. Kate and Edward had one daughter together - Nina Mary Hippisley, born 4th January 1911 in Clifton, Bristol. This is how the family appears in 1911:

Fairfields, Redmarley, Newent, Gloucestershire

Edward Brudenell-Bruce WILLIAMS aged 40 Officer British South Africa Police, Captain Retired born Stowey, Somerset
Kate Evelyn WILLIAMS wife 31 born Clifton, Bristol
Nina Mary Hippisley WILLIAMS daughter 3 months born Clifton, Bristol
Alice BELL nurse 47 Professional Nurse born Rowsley, Derbyshire
Doris Ethel WOODWARD servant 21 House Parlour Maid born Bromsberrow, Gloucestershire
Anna WHEELER servant 29 Cook born Newport, Monmouthshire

Edward WILLIAMS died in Headland View, West Parade, Bexhill-on-Sea, Sussex on 16th May 1929, and his widow Kate died on 2nd December 1950 at 33 Manor Road in Bexhill-on-Sea.

Mary Martha HIPPISLEY (1822-1898)

(click image to enlarge)

Mary Martha HIPPISLEY was born on 5th December 1822 in Chewton Mendip and was the only daughter of Edward HIPPISLEY and Mary BURGESS. Mary married Dr William Abraham COX on 4th June 1844 in Chewton Mendip. William was born in Bristol on 24th May 1813. He was the only son of William COX, an attorney-at-law, and Henrietta Jane Hardiman GORDON. William was a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons and became a licentiate of the Worshipful Society of Apothecaries on 27th April 1848. According to family tradition, William learned about anatomy by borrowing the local baker's delivery cart, taking the cart into Bristol where he would do a deal with the body snatchers, wheeling his prize back home and then returning the cart to the baker the following day!

William and Mary had thirteen children together - William Frederick Hippisley, born 21st March 1845, died 10th May 1846; William Ashley, born 20th June 1847 in Bath; Hippisley, born 15th August 1849 in Bath; Mary Hippisley, born 30th October 1850 in Bath, died 7th January 1852; Edward, born 31st January 1852 in Bath; Henrietta Gordon, born 12th September 1853, died 20th April 1855; Mary Burgess, born 13th January 1855, died 8th May 1855; Gordon, born 12th March 1856 in Bath; Robert Hippisley, born 7th October 1857; Bessie, born 3rd July 1859 in Bath; Graham, born 26th May 1861; Octavius, born 4th July 1863, died 8th July 1866, and Alice Mary, born 1st April 1867, died 25th May 1868. This is how the family appears in the 1851, 1861 and 1871 censuses:

New King Street, Walcot Trinity, Bath, Somerset (1851)

William COX aged 37 M.R.C.S. England, Licentiate Apothecaries Company, in General Practice born Bristol 
Mary COX wife 27 born Chewton Mendip, Somerset
William COX son 3 born Bath, Somerset
Hippisley COX son 1 born Bath, Somerset
Mary COX daughter 4 months born Bath, Somerset
Eliza BABY servant 25 Cook born Batcombe, Somerset
Harriet CLARK servant 21 Nurse born Glastonbury, Somerset
Anna CLARK servant 17 House Maid born Glastonbury, Somerset

54 New King Street, Walcot, Bath, Somerset (1861)

William A. COX aged 47 Town Councillor, M.R.C.S. Eng, L.A.C., General Practitioner born Bristol
Mary Martha COX wife 38 born Chewton Mendip, Somerset
William A. COX son 13 Scholar born Bath, Somerset
Hippisley COX son 11 Scholar born Bath, Somerset
Edward COX son 9 Scholar born Bath, Somerset
Gordon COX son 5 born Bath, Somerset
Robert COX son 3 born Bath, Somerset
Bessie COX daughter 1 born Bath, Somerset
Patience WILSHIRE servant 29 Cook (Domestic) born Dunkerton, Somerset
Sophia BACKHOUSE servant 27 Housemaid born Evercreech, Somerset
Mary Ann MASSETT servant 30 Nurse born Potterne, Wiltshire
Henry John GEORGE servant 17 Errand Boy born Bath, Somerset

54 New King Street, Walcot, Bath, Somerset (1871)

William A. COX aged 58 Surgeon M.R.C.S. born Bristol
Mary Martha COX wife 48 Surgeon's Wife born Chewton Mendip, Somerset
Emily WATTS servant 21 Cook (Domestic) born Bradford, Wiltshire
Louisa MUNDY servant 22 Housemaid born Bath

By 1881 William and Mary had moved to London, as seen here in the census for that year:

28 York Street, St Marylebone, London, Middlesex

William A. COX aged 68 Retired Surgeon M.R.C.S. born Bristol, Somerset
Mary COX wife 50 born Chewton Mendip, Somerset
Eliza MAGGI widow 42 Domestic Servant born Limerick, Ireland

Dr William Abraham COX
(click image to enlarge)

William Abraham COX died on 13th September 1882. In 1891 his widow Mary was living in Mitcham, Surrey with two of her sons:

Brookfield, Mitcham, Surrey

Mary M. COX widower aged 67 Living On Own Means born Chewton, Somerset
Gordon COX son 35 Solicitor born Bath, Somerset
Robert H. COX son 33 Surgeon born Bath, Somerset
Annie BOWLES servant 20 Housemaid (Domestic) born Manchester, Lancashire

Mary Martha COX died on 24th December 1898.

William Ashley COX (b. 1847) called himself William Ashley COX-HIPPISLEY. He followed his father into the medical profession and became a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons. In 1881 he was living in Leicester:

18 Highcross Street, St Martin, St Martin, Leicester

Wm. Ashley Cox HIPPISLEY aged 33 General Practitioner M.R.C.S. Edinh. & Kings College born Bath
Ann ROWE servant 27 Domestic Servant born Coston, Leicester

William died unmarried on 17th January 1889 at 18 High Cross Street, Leicester.

Hippisley COX (b. 1849) became a mariner. He first served as an apprentice aboard the barque Haddington from 26th May 1864 to 12th November 1867 and then served as fifth mate aboard the S.S. Carnatic, a ship run by the Peninsular & Orient Steam Navigation Company, from 12th November 1867 to 29th January 1868. He served as fourth mate about the P&O ships S.S. Malta and S.S. Bengal, from 18th July 1868 to 15th July 1870, and was then appointed third mate while serving about the S.S. Poonah from 28th November 1870 to 16th June 1873. He served as third mate aboard the P&O ships S.S. Mooltan and S.S. Hindustan from 16th June 1873 from 9th May 1874, before joining the Pacific Steam Navigation Company, serving as third mate aboard the steamers Guayaquil, Peru and Ayacucho from 29th April 1875 to 5th November 1876. He served as second mate aboard the steamers Pacific and Oroya from 6th November 1876 to 8th September 1878 and then as first mate board the S.S. Bolivia from 9th February 1878 to 31st December 1879. Having served at sea for almost fourteen years, he was granted his Master's certificate on 25th March 1880.

Hippisley's whereabouts in 1881 and 1891 is as yet unknown, but in 1901 he was living in Ebury Street, London, as seen here in the 1901 census:

19 Ebury Street, St George Hanover Square, London

James CRANE aged 46 Daily Milk (Own Account) born St Albans, Herts
Florence CRANE wife 39 born Bridgwater, Somerset
Florie CRANE daughter 18 born St George Hanover Square, London
Violent CRANE daughter 6 born St George Hanover Square, London
Josephine MORGAN servant 23 General Servant (Domestic) born Hornsey, London
Hippisley COX boarder 51 Retired Master Mariner born Bath, Som

Hippisley married Isabel Hart ISAACSON on 12th April 1905 in St George, Hanover Square, London. Isabel was born c. 1851 in Chile and was the widow of Henry Whytehead ISAACSON and the daughter of Spencer Hart WILSON. Hippisley died on 30th December 1912 at the Winter Palace Hotel in Luxor, Egypt; his widow Isabel died on 2nd December 1937 at 161 Cromwell Road, Kensington, London.

Edward COX (b. 1852) changed his name to Edward Hippisley COX by deed poll. He married Sarah CROOK on 18th January 1876. Sarah was born in Clifton, Bristol in about 1853 and was the daughter of Jacob Henry CROOK and Elizabeth DANGER.

Edward Hippisley COX
(click image to enlarge)

Edward and Sarah had four children together - Edith Dorothea Hippisley, born 14th November 1876 in Bath; Arthur Hippisley, born 11th May 1879 in Bath; Frances Hippisley, born 28th February 1882, died 25th September 1883, and Edward Geoffrey Hippisley, born 29th August 1884 in Saltford, Somerset. In 1881 the family was living in Saltford, Somerset, as seen here in the census for that year:

High Street, Saltford, Somerset

Edward H. COX aged 29 Deriving Income From Dividends & House Property born Bath, Somerset
Sarah COX wife 28 born Clifton Bristol
Edith D. COX daughter 4 born Bath, Somerset
Arthur H. COX son 2 born Bath, Somerset
Emily J. BROWN servant 21 Domestic Servant born Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Alice HUMPHRIES servant 15 Domestic Servant born Saltford, Somerset

It seems as though Edward and Sarah separated shortly after the birth of their youngest child and from around 1890 Edward lived with Eugenie Harriet BROUNEAU. Eugenie was born in Edinburgh, Scotland in about 1856 and was the daughter of Frederick and Helen BROUNEAU; both her parents were born in France and her father was a dancing teacher. Edward and Eugenie have not been found in the 1891 census, but in 1901 it appears that they were living in Weston-super-Mare, though their surnames were not correctly recorded:

3 Victoria Terrace, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset

Mary GRAY aged 69 born Crediton, Devon
Emily GRAY daughter 39 born Walham Green, London
Edward H. BROWNING visitor 49 Retired Agricultural Engineer born Bruton, Somerset
Eugenie BROWNING visitor 45 born Scotland

In 1911 Edward and Eugenie were living in London:

15 Flat, 118 Long Acre, St Martin in the Fields, London

Eugenie Harriet BROUNEAU aged 55 Retired Teacher of Dancing born Edinburgh, Scotland
Edward Hippisley COX boarder 59 Retired Agricultural Engineer born Bath, Somerset

In the meantime, Edward's wife Sarah was living at 8 North Parade, Bath; Edward had owned this property since the mid-1880s and Sarah ran it as a guesthouse, as seen here in the 1891, 1901 and 1911 censuses:

8 North Parade, St James, Bath Somerset (1891)

Sarah COX aged 38 Lodging House Keeper
Arthur H. COX son 12 Scholar born Bath, Somerset
E. Geoffrey COX son 6 Scholar born Bath, Somerset
Edith D. COX daughter 14 Scholar born Bath, Somerset
Horace H. CROOK nephew 2 born Bow, London
Ann GRAY widow visitor 67 born Grantham, Lincolnshire
Edith GRAY visitor 28 born London
Eliza RUDON visitor 56 born London
Sarah L. McLEWIN visitor aged 36 Companion born Bath, Somerset
Mary REDMAN visitor 75 born Bath, Somerset
Emmeline HIGGS visitor 57 born Chipping Sodbury, Gloucestershire
Susan PERKINS servant 26 Cook born Kilmersdon, Bath
Annie SMITH servant 22 Housemaid born Bathampton, Somerset
Sarah PARFITT servant 19 Housemaid born Farmborough, Somerset

8 North Parade, St James, Bath, Somerset (1901)

Sarah H. COX aged 48 born Bristol
Edward J. H. COX son 16 born Saltford, Somerset
Louisa C. BRADFORD visitor 60 Living On Own Means born Brighton, Sussex
Wm. Ernest GOOD visitor 24 Chartered Accountant born London, Middlesex
Emma J. KIDDLEGUTHY servant 31 Cook (Domestic) born Langport, Somerset
Rosina Ellen TYE servant 23 Housemaid (Domestic) born Bath, Somerset
Edith D. H. COX daughter 24 born Bath, Somerset

8 North Parade, Bath, Somerset (1911)

Sarah COX aged 58 Boarding House Keeper born Clifton, Gloucestershire
Dorothy COX daughter 34 born Bath, Somerset
Louisa BRADFORD boarder 70 born Brighton, Sussex
Ellen GUBBINS boarder widow 56 born Bengal, India
Annie PALMER boarder 42 born Mark, Somerset
Maynard A. CHARLTON visitor 19 University Student born N.S.W., Australia
Henrietta GRIFFITHS servant 21 Cook (Boarding House) born Luton, Bedfordshire
Rosina WHITE servant 16 Housemaid (Boarding House) born Bath, Somerset
Ada PITMAN servant 15 Housemaid (Boarding House) born Bath, Somerset

Edward, Dorothea & Arthur COX
(click image to enlarge)

Sarah COX (nee CROOK) died on 29th November 1918 in Camberwell House Lunatic Asylum, Camberwell, Surrey and Edward sold 8 North Parade shortly thereafter. Edward himself died on 30th December 1919 at 5 Johnstone Street, Bath. In his will he was described as "of 25 Hartington Road, Chiswick, in the County of Middlesex, and of River Bank, Bourne End, in the County of Buckingham, formerly of 8 North Parade, Bath, in the County of Somerset." Edward gave "to my ever faithful friend Eugenie Harriet Brouneau ... as a just acknowledgement of all her kindness and generosity to me during a period of 29 years, my bank balance in the National Provincial Bank, Bristol ... also my household furniture and effects of every kind belonging to me at my residence River Bank, Bourne End on Thames, Bucks together with a further sum of £500 sterling to be paid to her out of the sale of my house and furniture at No 8 North Parade, Bath or from the proceeds of the sale of other securities held by me." The remainder of his estate was divided equally between his two surviving children Edith and Edward. Eugenie BROUNEAU died on 24th February 1936 at 2 Sydenham Road, Croydon, Surrey.

Edward's eldest son Arthur (b. 1879) served in the Benin Expedition of 1897 as a Boy First Class aboard the HMS Forte. He was awarded the Benin Medal, but was lost at sea in the Bight of Benin aged only 20. Arthur's younger brother Edward Geoffrey (b. 1884) was admitted a solicitor in 1907 and specialised in Parliamentary work. He was a member of the Statute Law Committee and senior partner in Dyson, Bell & Co. In World War One he rose to the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel and served as Assistant Adjutant General at London District Command. From 1921 until his retirement in 1926 he commanded the Queen's Westminster & Civil Service Rifles and subsequently served as honorary Colonel of the regiment. In World War Two he again served as Assistant Adjutant General at London District Command. He was awarded the C.B.E. in 1919 and made a Knight Bachelor in 1938. In 1925 Geoffrey was named as the sole beneficiary in the will of John FRENCH, 1st Earl of Ypres, inheriting £25,101. The will caused great surprise at the time as the Earl's family, including his own children, were left out. It is believed that Geoffrey and the Earl became friends while they were both stationed in Saint Omer in World War One. In 1928 Geoffrey purchased Gournay Court in West Harptree. The 1939 Register shows him living at 23 Edwardes Square, Kensington, London with his occupation listed as 'parliamentary agent'. Sir Geoffrey was the father of Peter Denzil John HIPPISLEY-COX, Chairman of Equity & Law Life Assurance Society from 1977 to 1985, and Roger Michael HIPPISLEY-COX.

Gournay Court
(click image to enlarge)

In 1871 Gordon COX (b. 1856) and his brother Robert (b. 1857) were boarding pupils at the Moravian School in Ockbrook, Derbyshire:

Moravian Boarding School for Boys, Ockbrook, Derbyshire

Gordon COX boarding pupil 15 Scholar born Bath, Somerset
Robert COX boarding pupil 13 born Bath, Somerset

Gordon followed in his grandfather's footsteps and became a solicitor. He lived in London, as shown here in the 1881 and 1901 censuses:

69 George Street, St Marylebone, London (1881)

Gordon COX aged 25 Solicitor born Bath, Somerset
Sandford LESSEY 22 Student Of Medicine born London, Middlesex

161a Piccadilly, St George Hanover Square, London (1901)

Mary ELLIOTT servant widow aged 49 Housekeeper (Domestic) born Hampshire
Charlotte ELLIOTT servant 26 General Servant (Domestic) born Hampshire
George ELLIOTT servant 22 Manservant (Domestic) born Hampshire
Gordon COX boarder 45 Solicitor born Bath, Somerset
Melker F. RYDEN boarder 44 Mining Engineer born Sweden

Gordon COX never married and died on 11th September 1925.

Robert Hippisley COX (b. 1857) became a surgeon. He was the regular medical attendant to George Henry, 3rd Marquess CONYNGHAM and was living with the Marquess in Belgrave Square, London, in 1881:

36 Belgrave Square, St George Hanover Square, Westminster, London

Marquis of CONYNGHAM aged 56 Peer & Major General born London
Jane St Maur. S. CONYNGHAM wife 47 Peer's Wife born London
Blanche CONYNGHAM daughter 24 Peer's Daughter born London
Jane S. CONYNGHAM daughter 20 Peer's Daughter born London
Maud CONYNGHAM daughter 18 Peer's Daughter born London
Florence CONYNGHAM daughter 14 Peer's Daughter born Bridge, Kent
R.H. COX visitor 24 Physician born Bath, Somerset

The 3rd Marquess died in 1882 but Robert continued to serve the family. In 1883 the 4th Marquess, Henry Francis, suffered an attack of pleurisy and Robert's reports on his condition were printed in the London Standard. Robert served as a lieutenant in the medical corps of the Coldsteam Guards from 1886 to 1890, although he saw no active service overseas. He was also vice-chairman of the Prince's Racquets and Tennis Club in Knightsbridge and ran an exclusive restaurant in London called Romano's.

Robert married Helen de Lacy LACY on 12th January 1910. She was born in London in about 1880 and was the daughter of Charles Sethward de Lacy LACY of Apsley House, Hurstbourne Priors, Hampshire and Augusta Matilda PATERSON. In 1911 Robert and Helen were staying at the Inns of Court Hotel in High Holborn, London:

Inns of Court Hotel, High Holborn, London

Robert Hippisley COX visitor aged 52 Hotel Director, Romano's Restaurant and Inns of Court Hotel born Bath, Somerset
Helen de Lacy Hippisley COX visitor 31 born Ovington Square, London

Robert and Helen had two children together - Antony Dacres, born 21st March 1912, and Tacina Elizabeth, born 21st April 1918. In 1914 Robert's book "The Green Roads of England" was published in which he described the prehistoric earthworks and megaliths of  Southern England and the ancient trackways which linked them. He died on 29th April 1923 in Hurstbourne Park, Whitchurch, Hampshire, and his widow Helen died on 16th April 1968.

Robert and Helen's son Antony Dacres Hippisley COXE went to Dartmouth at the age of 14 but he was unable to join the Navy due to poor eyesight, so instead he joined the Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve, serving in the Second World War and rising to the rank of Lt-Commander. He also worked as a freelance journalist and wrote numerous books, including "Haunted Britain", "A Book About Smuggling in the West Country, 1700-1850","Galley Wise" with his sister Tacina and "The Book of the Sausage" with his wife Araminta. He also helped prepare plans for the Festival of Britain in 1951, during which he organised the first tightrope walk across the Thames, worked for the B.B.C.'s Oversees Monitoring Service, was head of press and publicity for the National Farmers Union and later head of media at Shell International. Antony loved going to the circus as a child and became a noted circus historian; he organised the first international exhibition of Circusiana at Simpsons of Piccadilly in London in 1948, was a member of the International Union of Circus Historians, wrote "A Seat at the Circus" and donated his collection of circus memorabilia to the Victoria & Albert Theatre Museum in 1978, of which he had been a devoted supporter. He also trained a troupe of performing cats called Coxe's Catrobats! Antony died in 1988 aged 75 and the following is from the obituary that appeared in The Independent, written by Alexander SCHOUVALOFF of the Theatre Museum: "He loved good food and wine and was a most generous and thoughtful host. He was a totally unpretentious man who always had a kind word for everybody. Adored by young and old, he had that rare quality - an old-fashioned, charming gallantry."

William HIPPISLEY (1797-1854)

William HIPPISLEY was born on 25th March 1797 in Chewton Mendip and was the son of William HIPPISLEY and Mary DUDDEN. William married Elizabeth WOOKEY on 15th June 1818 in Cameley, Somerset. Elizabeth was born on 29th January 1797 in Hinton Blewett, Somerset and was the daughter of John WOOKEY and Betty EVANS. William and Elizabeth had at least six children together - Louisa, baptised 25th August 1818 in Cameley; Elizabeth, baptised 8th March 1820 in Chewton Mendip; William Thiera, born 23th December 1821 in Chewton Mendip; George, born 26th October 1824 in Chewton Mendip; Mary Ann, born 18th November 1826 in Backwell, Somerset, and John, baptised 5th May 1830 in Wells.

Elizabeth HIPPISLEY (nee WOOKEY) died in 1833 and was buried in Chewton Mendip on 31st January of that year. William subsequently married Esther WOOKEY on 17th August 1833 in Temple, Bristol. Esther was born on 18th May 1806 in Hinton Blewett and was the younger sister of William's first wife. William and Esther had at least four children together - Ellen, born c. 1836 in St Philips, Bristol; Esther, baptised 25th July 1841 in Bromley St Leonard, Middlesex; Matilda, born 22nd August 1844 in Bromley, and Eliza, born 1st February 1852 at Bow Common, Bromley, Middlesex. In 1851 the family were living in Bromley:

No 1 Bow Common, Bromley St Leonard, Middlesex

William HIPPISLEY aged 54 born Chewton Mendip, Somerset
Esther HIPPISLEY wife 44 born Coley, Somerset
Ellen HIPPISLEY daughter 15 born St Philips, Bristol
Esther HIPPISLEY daughter 9 born St Philips, Bristol
Matilda HIPPISLEY daughter 6 born St Philips, Bristol

William HIPPISLEY died of consumption on 21st January 1854 at Bow Common, Bromley aged just 56. This is how his widow Esther appears in the 1861, 1871 and 1881 censuses:

1 Bromley New Town, Bromley, London (1861)

Esther HIPPISLEY widow aged 54 Infant School born Somersetshire
Eliza HIPPISLEY daughter 9 Scholar born Bromley, Middlesex

1 Chapel Row, Bow Common Lane, Bromley St Leonard, London (1871)

Esther HIPPISLEY widow aged 64 born Somersetshire

38 Tidey Street, London (1881)

Hester HIPSLEY widow aged 74 born Hinton, Somerset
Eliza WOODRUFF granddaughter 13 Scholar born Bow, Middlesex
Agnes DIXON widow lodger 63 Nurse born Glasgow, Scotland

Esther HIPPISLEY (nee WOOKEY) died in about 1883.

Elizabeth HIPPISLEY (b. 1820) married Simon DURBIN on 18th September 1838 in St Mary Redcliffe, Bristol. Elizabeth and Simon had at one child togther - Ruth Ellen, born 30th July 1846 in Sirhowy, Bedwellty, Monmouthshire, Wales. Simon DURBIN died in Sirhowy on 16th October 1846 and Elizabeth subsequently married Simon's brother James on 28th June 1847 in Abergavenny, Monmouthshire. Elizabeth and James had at least one child together - Simon, born c. 1847 in Bedwellty. This is how the family appears in the 1851 census:

Sirhowy, Bedwellty, Monmouthshire, Wales

James DURBIN aged 35 Water Man born Somerset
Elizabeth DURBIN wife 30 born Somerset
Ruth Ellen DURBIN daughter 4 born Monmouthshire
Simon DURBIN son 3 born Bedwellty, Monmouthshire

William Thiera HIPPISLEY (b. 1821) also moved to London where he appears to have had at least one illegitimate child by Jane MARTIN - Jane Constance, baptised 23rd October 1842 in Old Church, St Pancras, London. William married Jane MARTIN on 3rd December 1844 in St Dunstan, Stepney, London. Jane was the daughter of John MARTIN, a cooper. William and Jane had at least two more children together - Elizabeth, born c. 1846, and William Thiera, born 18th January 1852 in Devons Road, Bromley, Middlesex. William Thiera (b. 1852) died of pneumonia on 21st July 1852 in Bromley New Town aged just six months. This is how William and Jane appear in the 1851 census:

Mr Smith's Factory, Bow Common, Bromley St Leonard, Tower Hamlets, Middlesex

John CLARK aged 39 Carter born Startford, Essex
Mary A. CLARK wife 37 born Southwark, Surrey
John CLARK son 12 born Southwark, Surrey
Elizabeth CLARK daughter 9 born Southwark, Surrey
Edwin CLARK son 7 born Southwark, Surrey
Arthur CLARK son 4 born Southwark, Surrey
Alfred CLARK son 10 months born Southwark, Surrey
William HIPPISLEY lodger 29 Labourer born Somerset

Gun Row, Devons Lane, Bromley, Middlesex

Jane HIPPISLEY aged 28 Domestic born Middlesex
Jane HIPPISLEY daughter 8 Scholar born Middlesex
Elizabeth HIPPISLEY daughter 4 Scholar born Middlesex
Daniel BRYANT visitor 30 Labourer born Middlesex

Jane HIPPISLEY (nee MARTIN) died of phthisis on 15th February 1853 at Bow Common, Bromley aged only 30.

William Thiera HIPPISLEY
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William then emigrated to Australia where he worked as a miner. He married Margaret Anne ROBERTS on 2nd September 1865 in Sandhurst, Victoria. Margaret was born in about 1832 and was the daughter of Edward ROBERTS and Jane EVANS. William and Margaret had four children together - Amy Annie, born 1866; William Alfred, born 1868; Herbert Kettle, born 1871, and Eveline Ella, born 1874.

William Thiera HIPPISLEY died on 10th November 1889 aged 67. His widow Margaret died on 8th January 1923 aged 90.

George HIPPISLEY (b. 1824) married Ann WALLACE in 1847. She was born in Leith, Scotland in about 1831. George and Ann had at least six children together - George, born c. 1849 in Bromley; Ann, born c. 1850 in Bromley; Elizabeth, born 15th March 1855 in Bromley; John, born 19th April 1857 in Bromley; Esther, born c. 1859 in Barking, Essex, and Eliza, born c. 1862 in Barking. This is how the family appears in 1851 and 1861:

No 1 Moors Cottages, Bromley St Leonard, Middlesex (1851)

George HIPPISLEY aged 26 Labourer born Chewton Mendip, Somerset
Ann HIPPISLEY wife 20 born Leith, Scotland
George HIPPISLEY son 2 born Bromley, Middlesex
Ann HIPPISLEY daughter 7 months born Bromley, Middlesex

3 Vicarage Cottages, Barking, Essex (1861)

George HIPPISLEY aged 36 Agricultural Labourer born Enton Bluett, Somerset
Ann HIPPISLEY wife 30 born Scotland
Ann HIPPISLEY daughter 10 Scholar born Bromley, Middlesex
Elizabeth HIPPISLEY daughter 6 Scholar born Bromley, Middlesex
John HIPPISLEY son 3 Scholar born Bromley, Middlesex
Esther HIPPISLEY daughter 1 born Barking, Essex

George HIPPISLEY died in about 1864. His widow Ann was still living in Barking in 1871:

3 Vicarage Cottages, Barking, Essex

Ann HIPPISLEY widow aged 40 Laundress born Leith, Scotland
Esther HIPPISLEY daughter 11 Scholar born Barking, Essex
Eliza HIPPISLEY daughter 8 Scholar born Barking, Essex

Ann HIPPISLEY (nee WALLACE) died in about 1874.

Mary Ann HIPPISLEY (b. 1826) married William SPRINGALL on 27th January 1849 in Shadwell, Middlesex. William was born on 15th March 1826 in Bromley and was the son of William SPRINGALL and Elizabeth ALLEN. William and Mary had at least seven children together, all born in Bromley - James Robert, born 13th March 1849; William, born 20th June 1851; George, born 30th July 1854; Joseph, born 5th December 1856; John, born 3rd April 1859; Elizabeth Esther, born 16th July 1861, and Matilda Jane, born 31st May 1863. This is how the family appears in 1851 and 1861:

Gun Row, Devons Lane, Bromley, Middlesex (1851)

William SPRINGALL aged 25 Shipwright born Bromley, Middlesex
Mary Ann SPRINGALL wife 23 born Backwell, Somerset
James Robert SPRINGALL son 2 born Bromley, Middlesex

1 Spring Cottages, Bromley, Middlesex (1861)

William SPRINGALL aged 35 Shipwright born Bromley, Middlesex
Mary A. SPRINGALL wife 34 born Somersetshire
William SPRINGALL son 9 Scholar born Bromley, Middlesex
George SPRINGALL son 7 Scholar
born Bromley, Middlesex
Joseph SPRINGALL son 4 born Bromley, Middlesex
John SPRINGALL son 2 born Bromley, Middlesex

Mary Ann SPRINGALL (nee HIPPISLEY) died in 1866 and was buried in Hounslow, Middlesex on 28th December. This is how her widowed husband appears in 1871:

19 Chapel Row, Bow Common Lane, Bromley, Middlesex

William SPRINGALL widowed age 46 Shipwright born Bromley, Middlesex
Joseph SPRINGALL son 14 Brush Maker born Bromley, Middlesex
John SPRINGALL son 12 Scholar born Bromley, Middlesex
Ester SPRINGALL daughter 10 Scholar born Bromley, Middlesex

Ellen HIPPISLEY (b. 1836) married John Baylis WOODRUFF on 4th February 1856 in Poplar, Middlesex. John was born in Mile End Old Town, Middlesex in about 1835 and was the son of Stephen and Sarah WOODRUFF. Ellen and John had at least eight children together - John, born c. 1857 in St. Pancras, Middlesex; Esther Sarah, born c. 1860 in St Pancras; Ellen Martha, born c. 1863 in St Pancras; James, born c. 1865 in Bow; Eliza Matilda, born c. 1868 in Bow; Henry, born 13th April 1871 in Bromley; Elizabeth, born c. 1874 in Bromley, and Arthur, born c. 1877 in Bromley. This is how the family appears in 1871 and 1881:

Devons Road, Bromley St Leonard, Middlesex (1871)

John WOODRUFF aged 36 Bricklayer born Mile End Old Town, Middlesex
Ellen WOODRUFF wife 35 born Bristol
John WOODRUFF son 14 Brushmaker born St Pancras, Middlesex
Esther WOODRUFF daughter 11 Scholar born St Pancras, Middlesex
Ellen WOODRUFF daughter 6 Scholar born St Pancras, Middlesex
James WOODRUFF son 5 born Bromley, Middlesex
Eliza WOODRUFF daughter 3 born Bromley, Middlesex

81 Bow Common Lane, Bromley St Leonard, Middlesex (1881)
John WOODRUFF aged 46 Bricklayer born Stepney, Middlesex
Ellen WOODRUFF wife 45 born Bristol, Somerset
Ellen WOODRUFF daughter 17 General Servant born Camden Town, Middlesex
James WOODRUFF son 16 Carman born Bromley, Middlesex
Eliza WOODRUFF daughter 14 Scholar born Bromley, Middlesex
Henry WOODRUFF son 11 Scholar born Bromley, Middlesex
Elizabeth WOODRUFF daughter 7 Scholar born Bromley, Middlesex
Arthur WOODRUFF son 4 born Bromley, Middlesex

Ellen WOODRUFF (nee HIPPISLEY) died in about 1895.

Esther HIPPISLEY (b. 1841) was working as a housemaid at the Hackney Theological College in 1871. She married John CAMPER on 6th June 1889 in Bromley St Leonard, Middlesex. John was born in Bromley in about 1847 and was the son of James CAMPER. This is how Esther and John appear in 1891:

53 Bow Common Lane, Bromley, Middlesex

John CAMPER aged 44 Horsekeeper born Bromley, Middlesex
Esther CAMPER wife 48 born Bromley, Middlesex

Matilda HIPPISLEY (b. 1844) married William SAMMONS on 7th February 1871 in South Hackney, Middlesex. William was born in Romford, Essex in about 1846 and was the son of Joseph SAMMONS. Matilda and William had at least four children together, all born in Hackney - William, born 16th January 1873; Albert, born 2nd February 1875, Ellen Louise, born c. 1879, and Matilda Ethel, born c. 1882. This is how the family appears in 1881:

28 Holcroft Road, Hackney, Middlesex

William SAMMONS aged 35 Grocer's Assistant born Romford, Essex
Matilda SAMMONS wife 36 born Bow, Middlesex
William SAMMONS son 8 Scholar born Hackney, Middlesex
Albert SAMMONS son 6 Scholar born Hackney, Middlesex
Ellen Louise SAMMONS daughter 2 born Hackney, Middlesex

Matilda SAMMONS (nee HIPPISLEY) died on 5th August 1882 at 28 Holcroft Road, South Hackney, possibly as a result of childbirth as her death was recorded at the same time as Matilda Ellen's birth.

Eliza HIPPISLEY (b. 1852) was also working as a housemaid at the Hackney Theological College in 1871. She married her sister's widowed husband William SAMMONS on 27th July 1884 in St Michael & All Angels, Hackney. William and Eliza had at least one child together - Amy, born 2nd April 1889 in Hackney. This is how the family appears in 1891:

120 Well Street, Hackney, London

William SAMMONS aged 45 Grocer born Romford, Essex
Eliza SAMMONS wife 38 born Bromley, London
William SAMMONS son 18 Engineer’s Apprentice born Hackney, London
Albert SAMMONS son 16 Grocer's Assistant born Hackney, London
Ellen SAMMONS daughter 12 born Hackney, London
Ethel SAMMONS daughter 8 born Hackney, London
Amy SAMMONS daughter 2 born Hackney, London

William SAMMONS died on 11th September 1894 at 120 Well Street, Hackney. In his will he referred to Eliza as "Eliza Hippisley, sister of my late wife Matilda Sammons" and described his daughter Amy as "the daughter of the said Eliza Hippisley who was registered as Amy Sammons". This was almost certainly because the Marriage Act of 1835 prohibited a man from marrying his dead wife's sister, meaning that William and Eliza's marriage was in fact illegal and that their daughter Amy was illegitimate. This also probably explains why the 1901 census shows Eliza with her maiden name and her relationship to other family members as if she had never married William:

120 Well Street, Hackney, London

Eliza HIPPISLEY widow aged 48 Grocer born Bromley by Bow, London
Amy SAMMONS step-daughter 11 born Hackney, London
Ellen L. SAMMONS niece 22 Typewriter born Hackney, London
Matilda E. SAMMONS niece 18 Grocer's Assistant born Hackney, London

The 1907 Deceased Wife's Sister's Marriage Act removed the prohibition established in the 1835 Marriage Act, which explains why in the 1911 census Eliza appears with her married name once again:

10 Gloucester Road, South Hackney, London

Eliza SAMMONS widow aged 58 Grocer born Bromley by Bow, London
Amy SAMMONS daughter 22 Clerk born South Hackney, London
Ellen Louise SAMMONS step-daughter 32 Clerk born South Hackney, London

Eliza SAMMONS (nee HIPPISLEY) died on 13th December 1931 at 89 Harrogate Road, South Hackney, London.

George HIPPISLEY (1802-1873)

George HIPPISLEY was born on 3rd January 1802 in Chewton Mendip and was the son of William HIPPISLEY and Mary DUDDEN. George had three illegitimate children by Ann YORK, all born in Chewton Mendip - Christiana, baptised 9th March 1825; Samuel, born c. 1832, and Allan, baptised 12th November 1837. George and Ann lived in Nedge near Chewton Mendip as seen here in the 1841 and 1861 censuses:

Nedge, Chewton Mendip, Somerset (1841)

George HIPPISLEY aged 35 Independent Born in County
Ann HIPPISLEY aged 30 Born in County
Christianna HIPPISLEY aged 15 Born in County
Samuel HIPPISLEY aged 8 Born in County
Allan HIPPISLEY aged 3 Born in County

Nedge, Chewton Mendip, Somerset (1861)

George HIPPESLEY aged 59 Proprietor of Houses born Chewton Mendip
Ann HIPPESLEY wife 55 born Wells
Allan HIPPESLEY son 23 Agricultural Labourer born Chewton Mendip
William COLLINS grandson 6 born Wells
Sarah Ann COLLINS granddaughter 2 born Newport

George and Ann finally married on 13th September 1869 in Chewton Mendip when they were both in their sixties. By 1871 they had retired to The Folly in Chewton:

The Folly, Chewton Mendip, Somerset

George HIPPISLEY aged 69 born Chewton Mendip
Ann HIPPISLEY 65 born Chewton Mendip

George died on 9th January 1873 and his widow Ann died on 17th February 1883.

Christiana HIPPISLEY (b. 1825) had an illegitimate son, Owen, who was baptised on 15th March 1852 in Chewton Mendip. Sadly, Owen was buried in Chewton on 11th July of the same year. Christiana married John COLLINS in Wells in 1854 with whom she had two further children - William, born c. 1855 in Wells, and Sarah Ann, born 28th July 1858 in Portland Street, Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales. Christiana died in Newport on 7th August 1858 aged 33.

Samuel HIPPISLEY (b. 1832) married Eliza NORMAN on 13th July 1852 in Wells, Somerset, England. Eliza was born in Wells in about 1832. The previous year Samuel and Eliza had both been living with the HANCOCK family in West Horrington, as seen here in the 1851 census:

West Horrington, Wells, Somerset

Thomas HANCOCK aged 28 Agricultural Labourer born Horrington, Somerset
Ann HANCOCK wife 27 born Wells, Somerset
Eliza NORMAN visitor 19 born Hillgrove, Somerset
Mary HANCOCK daughter 1 born Hillgrove, Somerset
Samuel HIPPISLEY lodger 18 Agricultural Labourer born Horrington, Somerset

Samuel and Eliza had six children together - James, born c. 1858 in Emborough; Caroline, born c. 1860 in Wells; William, born c. 1863 in Wells; Edward, born 28th February 1867 in Bath Road, Wells; Ellen, born c. 1872 in Wells, and Alice Mary, born c. 1874 in Wells. This is how the family appears in the 1861 and 1871 censuses:

Bath Road, Wells, Somerset (1861)

Samuel HIPPISLEY aged 28 Agricultural Labourer born Wells, Somerset
Eliza HIPPISLEY wife 29 wife born Wells, Somerset
James HIPPISLEY son 3 born Emborough, Somerset
Caroline HIPPISLEY daughter 1 daughter born Wells, Somerset

1 Dells Court, St Cuthbert Out, Wells, Somerset (1871)

Samuel HIPPISLEY aged 37 Gardener born Wells
Eliza HIPPISLEY wife 38 Charwoman born Wells
James HIPPISLEY son 13 Scholar born Wells
Caroline HIPPISLEY daughter 11 Scholar born Wells
William HIPPISLEY son 8 Scholar born Wells
Edwin HIPPISLEY son 4 Scholar born Wells

Eliza HIPPISLEY (nee NORMAN) died of phthisis on 31st August 1880 at 1 Dells Court, St Thomas Street, Wells. In 1881 her widowed husband was living at 1 Dells Court with three of his children, as seen here in the census for that year:

1 Dells Court, St Cuthbert Out, Wells, Somerset

Samuel HIPPISLEY widower aged 48 Agricultural Labourer born Chewton Mendip, Somerset
Edward HIPPISLEY son 14 Labourer In Paper Mills born Wells, Somerset
Ellen HIPPISLEY daughter  8 Scholar born Wells, Somerset
Alice M. HIPPISLEY daughter 6 Scholar born Wells, Somerset
John HANCOCK nephew 14 Labourer In Paper Mills born Wells, Somerset

Samuel married Sarah Ann BISHOP on 13th April 1887 in Wells. Sarah was born in Congresbury, Somerset in about 1833. This is how they appear in the 1891 census:

56 St Thomas Street, St Cuthbert In, Wells, Somerset

Samuel HIPPISLEY aged 56 General Labourer born Newton Mendip, Somerset
Sarah A. HIPPISLEY wife 57 born Congresbury, Somerset
William LAVERS visitor 31 Currier born Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire
Matilda LAVERS visitor 23 born Tockington, Gloucestershire

Sarah Ann HIPPISLEY (nee BISHOP) died in Wells in 1899, and this is how the widowed Samuel appears in the 1901 census:

4b Back Lane, St Cuthbert In, Wells, Somerset

Samuel HIPPISLEY widower aged 64 Labourer in Garden born Chewton Mendip, Somerset
Emily BISHOP servant widow 42 Housekeeper (Domestic) born Godney, Somerset
Alfred BISHOP son 11 born Blagdon, Somerset

Samuel HIPPISLEY died in Wells Asylum in 1905.

Allan HIPPISLEY (b. 1837) married Elizabeth DURBIN on 5th July 1864 in St Philip & Jacob, Bristol. Elizabeth was born in Chewton Mendip in about 1842 and was the daughter of Thomas DURBIN and Ann DIX. Allan and Elizabeth had eight children together - Dora, born c. 1866 in Twerton, Somerset; Rosa Jessie, born c. 1867 in Wells; Bertha Ann Elizabeth, born 12th December 1869 in Wells, Somerset; Hubert Harry, born c. 1871 in Wells; Alice Mary, born c. 1874 in Wells; Arthur George, born c. 1877 in Wells; Dorinda Louisa, born c. 1878 in Wells, and Florry. In 1881 the family was living in the Coach & Horses Inn in Wells, as seen here in the census for that year:

Coach & Horses Inn, 54 St Thomas Street, St Cuthbert Out, Wells, Somerset

Allan HIPPISLEY aged 42 Licensed Victualler & Agricultural Labourer born Chewton, Somerset
Elizabeth HIPPISLEY wife 38 born Chewton, Somerset
Dora HIPPISLEY daughter 15 born Twerton, Somerset
Rosa J. HIPPISLEY daughter 13 born Wells, Somerset
Bertha A. E. HIPPISLEY daughter 11 Scholar born Wells, Somerset
Hubert H. HIPPISLEY son 9 Scholar born Wells, Somerset
Alice M. HIPPISLEY daughter 7 Scholar born Wells, Somerset
Arthur G. HIPPISLEY son 4 Scholar born Wells, Somerset
Dorinda HIPPISLEY daughter 2 born Wells, Somerset
William FOXWELL widower boarder 68 Lime Burners Labourer born Wells, Somerset

Elizabeth HIPPISLEY (nee DURBIN) died in Wells in late 1881. Allan subsequently married Mary Ann LOWMAN in Holy Trinity, Bath in 1885. This is how Allan and Mary appear in the 1891 census:

Grove Street, Bathwick, Bath, Somerset

Allan HIPPISLEY aged 52 Gardener born Somerset
Mary A. HIPPISLEY wife 35 born Bristol, Gloucestershire

The 1901 census shows Allan still living with a lady called Mary, though her age and birthplace do not match the Mary in 1891. This was presumably due to error and was not because Allan had remarried:

14 Tucker Street, St Cuthbert In, Wells, Somerset

Allen HIPPISLEY aged 64 Gardener born Wells, Somerset
Mary HIPPISLEY wife 67 born Chewton Mendip, Somerset
Harry PULLEN boarder 59 Labourer born Wells, Somerset

By 1911 Allan and his wife had retired to the Old Almshouse in Wells:

Old Almshouse, Wells, Somerset

Allen HIPPISLEY aged 74 Retired Gardener born Chewton Mendip, Somerset
Ann HIPPISLEY wife 77 Old Age Pensioner born Bristol

Mary Ann HIPPISLEY (nee LOWMAN) died in Wells in 1913. Allan HIPPISLEY died on 6th February 1917 at 76 Goodhind Street, Bristol.

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Henry HIPPISLEY (1803-1833)

Henry HIPPISLEY was born on 28th March 1803 and was the youngest son of William HIPPISLEY and Mary DUDDEN. Henry married Caroline CLAVEY on 26th November 1826 in Chewton Mendip. Caroline was born on 19th July 1804 in Chewton Mendip was the daughter of Thomas CLAVEY and Sarah BETHESEA. Henry and Caroline had at least four children together - Mary Ann Clavey, baptised 2nd December 1827 in Chewton Mendip, buried 4th April 1828 also in Chewton Mendip; Eliza, baptised 19th July 1829 in Hinton Blewitt, Somerset; Anne, baptised 7th July 1831 in Litton, Somerset, and Henry, born c. 1833. Henry HIPPISLEY worked as a shoemaker and later as a labourer. He died in 1833 and was buried in Chewton Mendip on 20th May in that year. In 1841 his widow Caroline was living in Emborough with her three surviving children:

Green Ore, Emborrow, Somerset

Caroline HIPPISLEY age 35 Born in County
Eliza HIPPISLEY aged 12 Born in County
Anne HIPPISLEY aged 9 Born in County
Henry HIPPISLEY aged 7 Born in County

Caroline married John WOOKEY on 27th October 1842 in Chewton Mendip.

Eliza HIPPISLEY (b. 1829) is shown as Eliza Dudding or Eliza Dudden HIPPISLEY on later records. She appears to have been working as a nursemaid at Ston Easton House in 1851, as shown here in the census for that year:

Ston Easton House, Ston Easton, Somerset

John HIPPISLEY aged 45 Magistrate & D.L. for County of Somerset born Lamborn, Berkshire
Georgiana HIPPISLEY wife 42 born Lower Slaughter, Gloucestershire
John HIPPISLEY son 19 born Shrivenham, Berkshire
Ann Catherine HIPPISLEY daughter 17 born Watchfield, Berkshire
Charlotte Mary HIPPISLEY daughter 15 born Nice, Sardinia (British Subject)
Frederick Thomas HIPPISLEY son 3 born Ston Easton, Somerset
Martha Sybil HIPPISLEY daughter 2 born Ston Easton, Somerset
Georgiana HIPPISLEY daughter 5 months born Ston Easton, Somerset
Francis DUPONT servant 49 Butler born France
William WILLCOX servant 20 Footman born Ston Easton, Somerset
John WILLCOX servant 17 Errand Boy born Ston Easton, Somerset
Mary WILLIAMS servant 33 Housekeeper born Killgidding, Llanvair, Monmouthshire
Jane WEBB servant 20 Housemaid born Wells, Somerset
Ann PEARCE servant 25 Cook born Ston Easton, Somerset
Eliza Martha ANSTEE servant 21 Housemaid born Timsbury, Somerset
Hannah HIPPISLEY servant 19 Still Room Maid born Litton, Somerset
Lucy HILL servant 25 Housemaid born Ston Easton, Somerset
Eliza Dudden HIPPISLEY servant 21 Nursemaid born Hinton Blewitt, Somerset
Elizabeth STOCK servant 21 Kitchenmaid born Emborow, Somerset

Eliza married Albert SCOTT on 14th February 1857 in the Moravian Chapel, Charlotte Street, Bath, Somerset. Albert was born in Bath on 12th December 1832 and was the son of George and Ellen SCOTT. Albert and Eliza had at least eight children together, all born in Bath - Henry Hippisley, born c. 1858; Fanny Hippisley Fisher, born c. 1862; Edward Hippisley, born c. 1864; Georgina Hippisley, born c. 1865; Laura Caroline Hippisley, born c. 1868; Sidney Albert Hippisley, born c. 1870; Jessie Hippisley, born c. 1872, and Adelaide, born c. 1874, died c. 1882. This is how the family appears in the 1871 and 1881 censuses:

4 Belvedere, Walcot, Bath, Somerset (1871)

Albert SCOTT aged 38 House Decorator born Bath, Somerset
Eliza D. SCOTT wife 39 born Hinton Blewitt, Somerset
Henry H. SCOTT son 12 Scholar born Bath, Somerset
Fanny H. F. SCOTT daughter 9 Scholar born Bath, Somerset
Edward H. SCOTT son 6 Scholar born Bath, Somerset
Georgina H. SCOTT daughter 4 Scholar born Bath, Somerset
Laura C. H. SCOTT daughter 2 born Bath, Somerset
Sidney A. H. SCOTT son 4 months born Bath, Somerset
Frederick BLUNDIN visitor 33 Wine Merchant & Chemist born Basingstoke, Hampshire
Mary Ann BLUNDIN visitor 29 born Lasham, Hampshire
Amelia CURTIS servant 16 General Servant born High Littleton, Somerset

4 Seymour Street, Walcot, Bath, Somerset (1881)

Albert SCOTT aged 48 House Decorator born Bath, Somerset
Eliza D. SCOTT wife 49 born Chewton Mendip, Somerset
Henry H. SCOTT son 22 House Decorator born Bath, Somerset
Fanny H. F. SCOTT daughter 19 Assisant born Bath, Somerset
Edward H. SCOTT son 16 House Decorator born Bath, Somerset
Georgina H. SCOTT daughter 15 Scholar born Bath, Somerset
Laura C. H. SCOTT daughter 12 Scholar born Bath, Somerset
Jessie H. SCOTT daughter 8 Scholar born Bath, Somerset
Sidney A. H. SCOTT son 10 Scholar born Bath, Somerset
Adelaide H. SCOTT daughter 6 Scholar born Bath, Somerset
Elizabeth SCOTT visitor 55 born Bath, Somerset

Eliza SCOTT (nee HIPPISLEY) died in Bath in 1889. In 1891 the widowed Albert was still living Walcot with three of his children:

4 Seymour Street, Walcot, Bath, Somerset

Albert SCOTT aged 58 House Decorator born Bath, Somerset
Henry H. SCOTT son 33 House Decorator born Bath, Somerset
Georgina H. SCOTT daughter 25 Housekeeper for her Father born Bath, Somerset
Laura C. H. SCOTT daughter 22 Foreign Stamp Assistant born Bath, Somerset

Albert SCOTT died in Bath in 1915.

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