Please note: these photographs were taken by Richard Loxton and may not be reproduced elsewhere or uploaded to other websites without permission.

By the beginning of the nineteenth century the HIPPISLEY family held the leaseholds for three farms in Chewton Mendip:
Lower East End Farm (top left), East End Farm (top right) and Dudwell Field Farm (bottom left). William HIPPISLEY (1748-1827)
also appears to have owned Quarrs Farm (bottom right). The farmhouse at Lower East End farm dates from the 17th century and
the exterior has probably changed little since the HIPPISLEYs lived there, though for many years it was subdivided into separate
cottages. The current farmhouse at East End Farm was probably built in the second half of the 18th century suggesting that the
HIPPISLEYs initiated the work. The present farmhouse at Dudwell Field Farm dates from the early 19th century and it isn't known
if the HIPPISLEYs still held the leasehold when the farmhouse was built, though Edward Burgess HIPPISLEY was living at Dudwell
Field Farm in 1841. The farmhouse at Quarrs Farm also appears to have been built in the early 19th century, but as with Dudwell
Field Farm it isn't known whether the HIPPISLEYs were responsible for the work. The family also owned property in Bathway
which may have included Bathway Farm, though this has not yet been established with certainty.