Thomas Goldney II (1664-1731) was a Bristol Quaker who made his fortune through
a number of different ventures, including financing privateering raids led by Captain
Woodes Rogers against Spanish treasure ships, and making an investment in Abraham
Darby's ironworks in Coalbrookdale, Shropshire which led to the Goldneys acquiring the
controlling interest in the works. In 1722-4 George Tully rebuilt and enlarged Goldney's
house in Clifton. After the death of Ann Goldney in 1796 the house passed to cousins in
Chippenham before being bought by Lewis Fry of the prominent Bristol Fry family in 1864.
The house was recased, altered and extended for Fry by Alfred Waterhouse in 1864-5. The
belvedere to the right in the above picture was added at this time. After Fry's death in 1921
the house was owned by the Wills family until it passed to the University of Bristol
in 1956 when it became a student hall of residence.