I detail below my direct Biddle ancestors. Further information about others in the family and related surnames are provided in links.

 Thomas Biddle and Mary

My Biddle family history can be traced back to a Thomas and Mary Biddle born in the late 18th century.  They had at least  six children: Thomas, John, Thomas, George, William and Mark. Their two eldest sons (Thomas and John) died before the age of five. I know very little about Thomas and Mary other than that they spent some time living in Staines, since this is where their children were born/ died, and Thomas' occupation is shown as 'hairdresser' on the marriage certicate of his son Thomas (below). George also married but I do not know the fate of William and Mark. 

Thomas Biddle (c. 1800 - 1876) and Caroline White (c. 1821 - 1897)

Thomas Biddle Jnr was baptised on the 2nd March 1800 in Staines, Middlesex. His first wife was Elizabeth Marshall. They married in Staines in 1820 and had at least six children between 1823 and 1842: William, Alfred, Harriet, Priscilla, Jane and Henry. Elizabeth died c. 1845 and in 1850 Thomas married Caroline White at Holy Trinity, Windsor. Born c. 1821 in Egham (Surrey), Caroline was somewhat younger than Thomas. She also had a son, James, born out of wedlock who subsequently took the Biddle name. Thomas and Caroline had five children together bringing Thomas' number of offspring up to eleven. They were: Thomas (below, born c. 1851), twins Emily and Francis (c. 1855), Omer (c. 1859) and Frederick (c. 1873). Thomas lived with both families at Blackboy Lane in Staines. This lane no longer exists but what was situated near the High Street. He spent his working life as a shoemaker/ cordwainer and lived to a good age - into his late seventies. His death certificate simply records 'old age' as the cause of death. After Thomas' death, Caroline continued to live in Staines at Providence Terrace, Mill Mead, with some of their children. Her occupation is shown as 'charwoman'.  She died in November 1897 at the family home in Mill Mead of 'gall stones, jaundice and intestinal ulceration'. Her death was registered by her daughter, Emily, who was present at the death.

Thomas Biddle (c. 1851 - 1914) and Sarah Pearce (1851 - ?)

Thomas and Caroline's eldest son, also Thomas, was born c. 1851 in Staines. At the time of the 1871 census, he is found lodging at 'The Garibaldi' public house along Staines High Street, which still stands today. Like many other of the Biddle family, Thomas was a labourer at the local Linoleum factory where he worked as a floor cloth printer. The factory was situated just a short walk from the Garibaldi and Mill Mead where Thomas was to live later with his wife, Sarah. Linoleum was a prominent industry in the town and although the factory closed around 1970 and a shopping centre now stands on the site, a commemorative sculpture depicting Lino workers carrying a roll of Lino now stands in the High Street.

Thomas and Sarah Pearce married in October 1875 at Hackney, Middlesex. They had six children: Sarah, Louisa, Charlie, Alice, Alfred, Walter (my Grandfather) and John. Thomas died in January 1914 from 'Bright's Disease' - this term is no longer used but refered to various forms of kidney disease. He died at the family home in Station Path, Staines and his death was registered by his son Walter.  

Walter Biddle (1888 - 1960) and Edith Brown (1901 - 1992)

Walter Biddle - my Grandfather - was  born in May 1888 at the famiy home in Thames Street, Staines. His first wife was Clara Trowbridge and they were married in Caversham, Berkshire. Clara, however, died and they had no children. In 1934, Walter married my Grandma, Edith Brown (born 1901). Edith and her family were from Suffolk and the actual circumstances through which  Walter came to meet Edith are unclear though we believe that they were introduced by a mutual friend. They were married at Felixstowe in Suffolk but subsequently lived in Staines. They had one child - my father, Peter, born June 1935.  

Like his father Thomas, Walter also worked at the Linoleum factory. On one occasion while working at the factory, Walter's hand became trapped in some of the machinery resulting in the loss of several fingers! After this accident, Walter continued to work at the factory in the alternative role of lift operator. Walter died suddenly in June 1960 from myocarditis. Edith was widowed for 32 years before her death in 1992.