18-21 Broadmead
This photograph shows Nos. 18-21 Broadmead in c1892-93. No. 18 is on the far left and was the
premises from which Richard Andrews ran his saddle-making business from c1813 until 1845. At
the time this photograph was taken it was a sweetshop run by Charles Henry Jones.
Richard's youngest
daughter Emma briefly ran an ale-house at No. 19 and was shown at this address in the 1861 census. In
the photograph above No. 19 was occupied by Richard Brooks, grocer, while No. 20 next door was the
premises of Fisher & Co, printers
. No. 21 can just be seen on the far right and at the time was part of
Thomas Woods' "dining rooms" which also occupied No. 22 next door; No. 22 was the 
premises used by
Richard Andrews from c1849 until his death in 1859.
These shops all survived the Blitz but were
subsequently demolished to make way for modern Broadmead.